DJ Competitions: Where to find and enter DJ contests

March 24, 2024
Written by
Buster Bennett
DJ Competitions: Where to find and enter DJ contests

Where to find and enter DJ competitions

Participating and hopefully winning a DJ competition can help DJs share their DJ skills and gain recognition. DJ contests and competitions are a powerful tool to help DJs further their DJ careers and achieve their ambitions as an artist. There are many DJ competitions in every country around the world and many of them offer incredible prizes. In this blog we help aspiring DJs locate and enter DJ competitions in their areas.

If you want to take your DJ passion to the next level and show the world your DJ skills you should be actively looking for DJ competitions to enter. Make sure you regularly search for competitions that are accepting submissions and use our guide to help you win.

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DJ Competition Prizes

DJ competitions sometimes come with incredible prizes and runner-up prizes. The biggest and best international DJ competitions might offer the opportunity to DJ at a music festival or well known club, perhaps warming up for a famous act. Others will go even further and offer an entire DJ tour, such as the elrow Up & Coming Talent contest. You might also be able to win DJ equipment, sponsorship or cash fo some kind.

No matter the prize it's the taking part that helps. You'll soon perfect the craft of applying to DJ competitions and preparing a suitable mix or video mix. The practice and the participation will make you a better DJ and also give you some great material to promote with.

The Biggest DJ Competitions in the World

So what are the biggest and best DJ competitions in the world? While there are thousands of DJ contests some of them stand out from the crowd. Here's out top four DJ competitions!

1. elrow Up & Coming DJ Competition

elrow is one of the biggest clubbing brands in the world and they run the most incredible events. Their annual DJ competition offers winners a life-changing prize of an entire year working as a touring DJ for one of the most iconic brands. Winners of this DJ competition will DJ for elrow events and festivals in Ibiza the UK and Europe.

Here are LSA we are honoured to be an official education partner and we will choose 7 of the global 150 finalists for this competition. Join LSA if you'd like to access the biggest DJ competition in the world.

LSA are official elrow education partners

2. Tomorrowland: Sound of Tomorrow

Tomorrowland is the most famous EDM festival and an iconic brand. The 'Sound of Tomorrow' DJ Competition aims to help provide a platform for new EDM DJs. Winners will be able to perform at Tomorrowland Festival.

3. DMC World Championships

The DMC World Championships are seen as the pinnacle of DJ contests. Focused on turntablism skills, this DJ contest seeks to uncover the world's top turntablists and skilful DJs. This competition is about DJ dexterity and advanced DJ skills and routines. If you're a turntablist this is the DJ competition of your dreams.

4. London Sound Academy: Future Talent

Here are LSA we also organise an annual DJ competition with a raft of prize including the opportunity to DJ at Ministry of Sound! Not only will you DJ at one of the world's most historic and famous venues supporting huge headline acts but you''ll win access to our community for even more gigs. Additional prizes include photoshoots, studio time and tuition. Follow our Instagram for our next DJ competition announcement.

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Where to find DJ Competitions

In this blog, we will explore some of the top ways for DJs to find DJ competitions and contests. Use these sources to find competitions and enter to challenge yourself, connect with the community, and elevate your DJing journey.

1. Check Google For DJ Competitions

One of the best ways to search for DJ competition is on Google search or any other search engine. You can type in many search terms and make sure you try combinations of these words and locations. A top tip is to search for the term 'DJ Competition' followed by a geographical area. For example; 'DJ Competition London' This way you can find DJ competitions anywhere in the world. Try these common search phrases for DJ competitions.

DJ Competition
DJ Competition (+ your area)
DJ Contest
DJ Contest (+ your area)
DJing Competition
Mixtape Competition
DJ mixing competition
DJ skills competition

When you search for DJ competitions you will find many out-of-date pages or past contests. However, this is okay and what you can do is find the name of the contest and then try and contact them about this years competition. Hopefully they are running this competition every year and you might be one of the first to apply.

2. Social Media DJ Competition Hashtags

Social media is often where DJ competition organisers will share news of the contest. Often, they will use the hashtag #DJcompetition make sure you search for this hashtag and other key search terms (use the ones from above). You can search on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Threads. You might even find some competitions on the more obscure social media platforms like LinkedIn and Tumblr.

Furthermore, there are many DJ community groups on Facebook and other platforms like Discord where you can find active communities. Many of these groups will host DJ meet ups or DJ competitions or at least be a forum where other DJs might share DJ opportunities with you. Find a local DJ group you can join.

3. Local DJ Schools and Academies

Many local DJ schools and DJ academies offer their own DJ competitions. Find your local DJ school and message them to see if they are running a contest. You might also ask them if they know of any you can join.

4. Events & Festival DJ Competitions

Many events and festivals organise their own DJ competitions in the form of a talent search. A common prize will be the opportunity to DJ at the event itself. Find events and festivals in your area and message them to ask if they are running any talent searches or DJ competitions. You might even spark the idea and they will create one.

5. DJ Associations and Organisations

Search online for DJ associations and organisations. Many colleges and universities will have an electronic music and DJ association. You might be able to join their club and enter DJ competitions. If you can[t find one in your local area perhaps start one! It would be a great way to meet other DJs.

6. Start Your Own!

Sometimes, you can't find something in your area or you're not able to apply for international DJ competitions. If this is the case you could consider starting your own. They all had to start somewhere. Organising a local DJ meet up group, community, forum or DJ contest is a great way to meet DJs in your area. You might even be able to approach local firms who could provide a stage, venue or prizes for the competition.


Remember to always review the rules and requirements of each competition before participating. Make sure you follow the advice and tick all the boxes for the best chance of winning. Even if you don't win you should treat this as great DJ practice and remember the fun is in the journey. Tell us about any DJ competitions you're joining this year and let us know how you get on. Follow us on Instagram and drop us a DM.

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