DJ Shops in London: Where to shop for DJ equipment in London

August 23, 2023
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Buster Bennett
DJ Shops in London: Where to shop for DJ equipment in London

DJ Shops in London: Where to shop for DJ equipment in London

Nowadays, many people will shop online for DJ equipment but sometimes going to an actual DJ shop, DJ store or DJ showroom is beneficial. Luckily in London, there are still some left!

In a DJ shop you can see DJ equipment in person and often try them out. In addition, you will be able to get advice from the shop staff about DJ kit and the learn about the differences, pros and cons of different types of DJ equipment. Visiting a DJ shop can help you find something to suit your type of DJing and budget quicker than searching endlessly online. You might find cheaper prices online but shopping for your DJ equipment at a local DJ shop will pay off in other ways. You might avoid spending hundreds on something which isn't suitable.

DJ shops are also incredible spaces for DJs to hang out, network and meet local people involved in the DJ industry. We love DJ showrooms, but they are a dying breed. We encourage all new DJs to find a local DJ shop, visit their showroom, get to know the staff and enjoy the range of DJ equipment on show. Here in this blog we list the few remaining DJ shops and audio visual stores in London.

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1. Westend DJ

Westend DJ is the main DJ shop and showroom in central London. They are well-stablished and seen as the main player within London. They are super easy to find nestled in the heart of London's Westend. The nearest station is Tottenham Court Road.

Although this shop is very small they have packed it with the latest DJ and music production equipment. Their staff are very knowledgeable and can answer any questions about a huge range of DJ equipment. We highly recommend visiting Westend DJ for their showroom and excellent staff.

Westend DJ - 10-12 Hanway St, Central London W1T 1UB

2. Juno

Just around the corner from our DJ academy in Camden Town you will find Juno, a real hidden gem of a DJ showroom and studio! They have a very covert entrance compared to most DJ shops in London but inside you will find a small showroom and some of the most welcoming and friendly staff of any DJ store. Not only do they sell DJ and studio equipment they also have a huge range of records both online and on location. You might want to call ahead to book a visit to Juno as they are mainly an online retailer but they still offer the opportunity to visit their showroom.

Juno DJ - 9 Greenland St, Camden Town, London NW1 0ND

3. FizzDJ

Fizz DJ is a small DJ shop selling DJ equipment both new and second-hand. They offer a cosy environment with excellent staff. In addition to selling DJ equipment they also sell audio-visual equipment for live performances, video performances karaoke and more. It's a one stop shop for audio visual equipment and DJ equipment for those local to South London. They also rent DJ equipment so if you're looking to hire DJ equipment you might consider visiting or calling FizzDJ.

FizzDJ - 16, Leigham Hall Parade, Streatham High Rd, London SW16 1DR

4. Bobby Joe's Music Bound

Not just a DJ shop, but a music store in general, Music Bound offers a range of music equipment including DJ gear. This is a great place for music enthusiasts, guitar players and those looking for bargain second-hand equipment. Staff are knowledgeable in music and it's a creative environment with an authentic buzz. Worth a visit but the equipment selection for DJs is very limited and mostly second hand older models.

Music Bound - 6 Seven Sisters Rd, London N7 6AH

5. Deck Converters

Deck Converters is one of the best DJ shops in South London, South East London to be precise. They offer a range of DJ and audio visual equipment alongside hire and rental services. They are also very well known for their excellent repair service. If you have some faulty DJ equipment or you need to service your DJ equipment Deck Converters are the leaders in London.

Deck Converters - Unit 5, Deck Converters, Business Park, 238-240 Green Ln, London SE9 3TL

6. ClubTek

Another South London gem is ClubTek. This DJ shop offers a range of audio visual equipment and DJ equipment. They have excellent reviews for their knowledgeable staff who can answer questions about DJ gear and DJ technology. They are an excellent local DJ store for those in South London and we recommend touching base with ClubTek. This shop is especially useful for mobile DJs.

ClubTek - 127 Stanstead Rd, London SE23 1HH

7. Knight Sound & Light

Knight Sound & Light offers a range of DJ equipment including both new and old. Their broad range of units make it the perfect place for asking advice and looking at various models both old and new. It's a very small DJ shop but certainly worth popping in to have a browse and see if you can spot a bargain or two. There aren't many audio visual and DJ shops in west London so this is place to support and keep alive.

Knight Sound & Light - 98-100 Uxbridge Rd, London W7 3SU

We hope you enjoyed our blog listing the last few DJ shops in London. Please support your local DJ store and help keep them alive. They offer vital places for DJs and people involved in audio visuals to meet and talk about DJ equipment and the DJ scene. They are fun to visit and you might find a bargain or two. You will certainly learn something from their staff so even if spend a bit more in person it pays off in other ways.

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