DJ Studio Hire. Practice on a range of specialist equipment, record and stream!

March 31, 2020
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Buster Bennett
DJ Studio Hire. Practice on a range of specialist equipment, record and stream!

DJ Studios For Hire at LSA

LSA prides itself on providing the most advanced DJ courses in the UK, so why would we stop there? Our DJ studios are the best available in the UK and available for hire. All studios are fully equipped with everything an aspiring DJ could want from just £20 an hour.

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  • Private Studio Just For You
  • Sessions Available Seven Days A Week From 10am-10pm
  • Latest Industry Standard Equipment
  • Specialist Equipment and Turntables Available
  • Records Your Mix
  • Stream You Set
  • Film and Photography Options
  • Creative Environment

DJ Studio Availability

Our DJ studios are available to rent seven days a week. Bookings are taken in two-hour blocks and are available daily at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm. We have locations in East London and North London which are both near tube stations. Our Camden Town studio in North London is the most popular location with free parking in the evenings and weekends!

A Wide Range of DJ Equipment Available

All of our DJ studios have industry-standard Pioneer CDJs and mixers. The top of the range is the Pioneer CDJ2000Nexus2 and the DJM900Nexus2 set up but we also stock older models which you still find in many clubs. It's important to make sure you practice on the latest equipment and the older decks so you're ready for any club set-up you come across while gigging. We also stock alternative brands like the Allen & Heath mixer range which is popular in many clubs. Unlike other studios we stock turntables in every DJ studio, with needs. You'll find Technic 1210's or Pioneer PLX1000's. On top of the usual set-up we provide you can also put in a request to use any of our specialist DJ equipment including the Pioneer DJS1000 samplers, Pioneer RMX1000 FX unit, Korg FX units, Roland drum machines and many more! Just contact us for specialist equipment.

Record Your Mix

Many DJs want to record a mix for promotional purposes. We can record in high quality for you making sure the levels are correct. When you book at LSA there is always a tutor on hand to help set up.

Stream Your Set

You can now stream live from our studios using your phone and our high-speed internet connection. There are many apps that can help your stream, the easiest is the Pioneer DJM-Rec app which works with the latest mixers we use in the studio. Ask us for advice is you want to stream from the studio.

Filming DJ Sets

You can also film DJ sets professionally in our studio or do photoshoots. For these options just contact us with your needs and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Want to book a DJ studio outside of London?

If you're looking for a DJ studio for hire or rent outside of London check our DJ Gym, our regional network of DJ studios and Recording Studios with various locations across the UK.

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