DJ Studio Hire in London

May 30, 2022
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Buster Bennett
DJ Studio Hire in London

DJ Studio Hire in London

Outside of the club, finding a controlled environment to practice your DJing isn’t always easy. Yes, the bedroom in your shared house may be your go-to, but with that come many unwanted constraints that can stifle creativity. If you’re looking for a professional environment to practice your DJ skills you can hire a DJ studio at London Sound Academy. We are the only DJ studio in London with staff available throughout the day. 

When practicing at home the biggest issue is often that your housemates or neighbours won’t want to hear the noise. Most DJs also don’t have the budget or space for industry-standard DJ equipment at home. It’s actually more cost-effective to hire a studio where you can practice your DJing on a whole range of equipment, where help is on hand. 


The biggest and best DJ studio available in London

Many DJs who book our studios also like the fact that when they book here they are dedicated to the task at hand and not distracted. There are so many distractions at home that often your decks might just gather dust. When you come to our beautiful studios you’ll be inspired to be creative and productive. It’s the perfect studio to hire in London for DJs wanted to practice and meet other like-minded music fans. 

When you’re learning or practicing anything that requires time, dedication and often a soundproof room, it’s important to feel relaxed and focused so you can bring your absolute best. So whether you’re looking for a place to nail down your first promo mix, practice for your first club appearance or simply want some technical advice, London Sound Academy has got you covered with our professional DJ studios for hire.

Practice your DJ skills on the CDJ3000s or CDJ2000s with a range of Pioneer mixers

We have a range of rooms and equipment to choose from large open spaces to small cosy booths. We have all the latest Pioneer DJ equipment and also all the older models. It’s important to practice on the entire range so that when you do perform in clubs you’ll be ready for any equipment they give you. We also have other brands available like the Allen & Heath mixer range, Technics turntables and various additional bits of kit like samplers, synths and FX units. 

We’re celebrating the importance of DJ practice with a special offer. To celebrate our new studios in Camden Town, London, you can purchase 20 hours of studio time for £169, (just £8.45 an hour) Stock up while you can! 

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DJ studio hire is available seven days a week at London Sound Academy at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm. Slots are two-hours each, or multiples of. You’re allowed to bring a friend to the session too! If you’d like to bring more people down we can also accommodate that, just email us for info on group practice, small events, live streams and listening parties. 

You can also buy the DJ practice package deal for a friend or loved one as a gift voucher. Contact us to arrange this

Our brand new Camden Town location hosts state of the art equipment, so you can get club-ready. Try your hand on the latest Pioneer CDJ3000s in our custom-made white DJ stand, which is perfect for filming! Our beautifully decorated main studio room, is perfect for live streaming a mix or going b2b with your friends.

A huge range of DJ equipment available in a beautiful space

Looking for a Vinyl DJ Studio with turntables in London?

Maybe you’ve found a new love for collecting records and want to practice mixing with them? We are the only DJ studios in London with turntables in every room. We have an extensive collection of Technics turntables including the 1210s, Mk 2 and Mk 5 turntables and the Pioneer PLX1000s. Bring your wax down or use ours. We even have a record store in the studio where you can pick up some amazing releases and rare records. 

All our DJ studios have vinyl turntables, both Technics and Pioneer!
We even have records for sale in reception!

DJ Studio For Filming

Our main DJ studio is also available for filming and live streams. Many famous DJs will book this room to practice, film, record and stream their DJ sets. Some will do this from a phone and other will bring entire film crews! This room is massive so we can accommodate all your needs. We have specialist coloured film lights too, so you can pick the colour for your show!

Click here to contact us for more info on hiring a DJ studio for filming at London Sound Academy.

We have coloured lighting - Choose your own colour!

Tips For DJ Practice

Practice is undeniably the essence of success as a professional DJ, and we’d encourage every aspiring DJ to do as much as they can. Is there a button you’ve never noticed until now? An FX you’ve never tried before? Try them, nothing bad can come from experimenting with your equipment and the worst case is, you know what not to do for next time. You should make sure you know every button and function on your gear, so take the time to study them. Practice doesn’t always mean hands-on experience either - sometimes it’s good to read up on equipment that you’re using, or have never used before. User manuals can often be as useful as trying out the gear for yourself and are almost always available online. They can also be super useful for troubleshooting tricky technical areas. Also never underestimate filming your mixes! It can be very helpful to have a visual, timestamped reference point to look back on so you can understand where you might have gone wrong and improve upon areas of your mix.

If you ever feel like your practice sessions are getting stale or you feel uninspired at the studio, how about switching up the genre? Different genres often require different styles of mixing and will engage your ears into thinking more about how to build up and drop the tracks of this new genre you are practicing. You may also find that this new genre works with some tracks you know already! Experimenting with genres that you’re not used to can prove advantageous when it comes to getting gigs. Often you’ll find yourself tasked with being the warm-up DJ, so it helps to practice with genres that are less about getting people up and moving and more about easing the crowd into the night ahead.

You can also make sure you get the most of your DJ studio hire by going back to back with another DJ or friend is also a great way to practice, whether it be for a set you’re doing together or for just plain fun. One person’s track choice can determine the way the other person brings in their track, and it can be good practice for understanding the dynamic of two DJs with varying music tastes.

You can also try out any of the DJ equipment we have, just ask at reception and we'll be happy to guide you or email us ahead of booking. Click here to contact us.

We also offer DJ lessons and DJ courses on all the latest equipment from beginner to advanced levels

DJ Studio Hire Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can I record my DJ practice?

Yes. iPhone users can download the Pioneer DJM Rec app and easily connect their phone to the USB port on the Pioneer nexus mixers to record the audio. If you want to record onto a laptop you can also do this or we can help you record if you ask in advance of your session. Book your session and then let us know if you want help recording. We can even master the recording for an additional fee. 

  1. Can I bring my friends? 

Yes. With a standard studio hire session, you can have a maximum of two people at no extra charge. If you would like to bring more people please contact us for a quote so we can book the bigger rooms for you. 

  1. Can I have a choice of rooms? 

Yes. You can choose which room you want. Email us and let us know if you have any special requirements before booking. We will give you a list of times your favourite room is available. 

  1. Can I drink in the studio? 

We have refreshments for sale in the studio at reception including soft drinks, tea and coffee. It’s not allowed to drink alcohol in the studio. When drinking or eating only use the seated areas where tables are provided. Never have drinks near the deck stand itself. If you do spill a drink on the equipment you would be billed for the repair/damage or replacement. 

  1. What ages can book studio hire? 

Studio hire is unsupervised and available for those 18+. If you are below 18 you will need to book a lesson where you are supervised by a tutor. 

  1. How do I access the studios? 

Go to the address on your booking confirmation and ring the bell. All our studios are fully staffed so if you have any questions, get stuck or need help we will be there. Remember it’s not a lesson, if you want a tutor book a lesson. 

  1. I’ve never used DJ equipment before, can I still book a studio hire?

No. If you don’t have any experience with professional DJ equipment please book lessons before you book studio hire. Click here for our DJ courses. 

  1. What equipment do you have in the studio? 

We have various rooms with lots of different types of DJ equipment available including the latest Pioneer CDJ3000s, the 2000Nexus2’s the 2000Nexus, 2000s, 900nexus, XDJ1000s, DJM 850, DJM900, DJM900Nexus2, DJMV10, Allen & Heath Xone 62 and Xone 92. In addition, we have turntables (both Technic and Pioneer) and we also have additional units like the Pioneer DJS 1000 sampler, RMX 1000 FX unit and more. We also have a range of DJ controllers for Serato, Rekordbox and Traktor. If you want something in particular please contact us before booking. Click here to contact us. 

  1. How loud does it go? 

Our staff will set the volume level for you. We have hardly any neighbours so noise is not a problem but we don’t go to club levels. This is a studio, not a rave! Keep to the levels that we set to protect our speakers, and your ears and keep it professional. If you’re looking for a DJ studio where you can have a party this is not the studio for you. 

  1. What’s the availability like? 

We have sessions available seven days a week at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm. 


Practice makes perfect! It’s even better when it’s in a professional and inspirational creative environment. If you want to practice the best way with the best kit book a DJ studio at London Sound Academy. Click here to book. 

Remember, if you need to ask any questions feel free to contact us. You can call us on 02035904429 or click here to email us. 

Want to find out more about London Sound Academy, our studios and our courses? We offer a huge range of courses and graduate benefits. Feel free to contact us to find out more of visit our homepage here.

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