DJ Summer Camp: DJ Lessons for Schools and Summer Camps

July 1, 2024
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Buster Bennett
DJ Summer Camp: DJ Lessons for Schools and Summer Camps

DJ Summer Camp Services by LSA

LSA's DJ Summer Camp programme is now available for schools and event organisers throughout the UK. If you're looking for an enriching activity for kids and school groups this could be the perfect opportunity. We'll tailor a unique DJ program to fit your summer camp schedule for any number of children.

DJ lessons give children an extraordinary experience that combines technology, music, performance and fun! The DJ Summer Camp programme makes an excellent and unforgettable addition to any summer camp or school event.

DJ classes are suitable for all ages and pupils don't need any experience to start DJing. Expert LSA DJ tutors will teach all the essential beginner DJ skills so they can start mixing the music they love. As a hands-on activity it will help build their confidence in many areas including inter-personal skills.

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DJ Summer Camp Skills Boost

During our DJ lessons students will acquire a host of important skills and expand their knowledge of music. Areas of growth include:

  • Music Knowledge - Learning about different music genres
  • Music Theory - Learning about tempo, pitch, key, and more!
  • IT Skills - How to use professional DJ software
  • Dexterity Skills - How to DJ with professional DJ equipment
  • Analysis Skills - How to analyse a good or bad mix and improve
  • Performance Skills - How to perform to an audience
  • Interpersonal Skills - How to work in a team

Experienced DJ Tutors From a Professional Academy

All our DJ tutors actively work in the music industry and make great role models for aspiring DJs. All LSA tutors hold enhanced DBS checks, extensive tutor training and follow child protection policies. LSA also have the appropriate risk assessments and insurances to carry out successful DJ Summer Camps with outstanding results.

We can tailor a learning experience for groups of all sizes and offer a range of customisations. Summer camps are available on location or at our studios. Contact us to arrange and consultation.

All the necessary DJ equipment will be provided by LSA either at our studios or at your site. As a Pioneer DJ Education Partner we work with the best DJ equipment you can get.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our DJ Summer Camp programme offers a tried-and-tested curriculum designed to help beginners start DJing in a short space of time. They will learn fundamental theories and skills to enable them to DJ with confidence. LSA has a reputation for launching the careers of many famous artists, who knows, they might just be the next big thing!

Here's an example of a typical one-week DJ Summer Camp. We can also provide shorter day courses or longer programmes!

Day 1 - Introduction to DJing:

Introduction to your tutor, classmates and the concept of DJing

Learn about different styles of music, where to find music and how to prepare playlists

Learn about Key and Harmony

Learn how to use professional DJ software

Basic Beatmatching and Mixing

Day 2 - Time the Mix:

Improve your beatmatching and mixing within your group

Learn about musical phrasing

Learn about radio edits and clubs edits

Correctly time your mix

Day 3 - Blend the Mix:

Practice your DJ skills with your teammates

Learn more about sound frequencies

Learn about volume and EQ

Blend your mix using the EQs

Day 4 - Get Creative:

Mix as a group to practice your DJ skills

Learn how to use advanced tools

Learn how to use DJ effects

Learn how to use loops

Day 5 - Perform like a Pro!

Today is graduation day! Perform a group mix back-to-back with other students

Get valuable feedback from your DJ tutor

Receive a report and Beginner DJ certificate

Why Choose LSA’s DJ Summer Camp?

  • Customisable Programme: We'll tailor a DJ Summer Camp program to suit your event.
  • Expert Instruction: London Sound Academy DJ tutors actively work in the industry as professional DJ instructors.
  • Comprehensive Learning: A curriculum that emphasises hands-on learning with great outcomes.
  • Certification: Students will receive an LSA Beginner DJ Certificate.

Enquire Today!

Contact us if you're interested in learning more about our customisable DJ summer camp programmes. We can tailor a curruclum and activity to suit any size group at any location. Talk to one of our team now by calling 02035904429.

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