DJ Team Building Day Activity

November 29, 2022
Written by
Buster Bennett
DJ Team Building Day Activity

DJ Team Building Day Activity

Corporate team building activities have become a little predicable! We're here to shake things up and offer a joyful team building experience like no other. Our group DJ classes are the perfect way for your team to unwind and get creative in our beautiful central London studios! This could be the experience day you're team deserves!

Average prices are from £100 per person making it one of the most affordable and unique team building experiences in London.

During an unforgettable day your team will learn how to DJ and complete a group DJ mix. Our expert tutors will start by introducing you to our cutting-edge studios located in Camden Town. The studio is a fantastic creative environment that will spark a passion for electronic music. Many people are impressed with our warm welcome and dedication to the art of DJing.

We'll guide your team step-by-step with love and attention and teach them all the fundamental beginner DJ skills. Everything they need to hit the ground running!

There will be plenty of hands-on time with the latest Pioneer DJ equipment and lessons are taught in a fun and engaging way. The lesson is suitable for any ability level and any style of music. All types of learners are welcome and we can accommodate the needs of a diverse team. The group lesson is the perfect ice-breaker for team bonding and includes many skills involving technology, dexterity, creativity and communication!

If you're searching for the perfect company away day or team building experience this could be the perfect option! Our team building activities are affordable and customisable. We can complete the DJ classes in our studios or at your location!

There is ample space in our studio for meetings, group talks, catering and more. Refreshments are provided but you're welcome to have your own bar or food provision.

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Corporate Team Building - The DJ Experience

During a standard two-hour DJ group DJ class your team will learn how to DJ and complete a group mix, back-to-back. It's the perfect amount of time to learn a new skill and have an awesome time in the process! The schedule can be adapted and customised but will include the following key skills and activities.

  1. Introduction to the LSA studios and our custom DJ booths
  2. Introduction to your DJ tutors and the lessons objectives
  3. A brief overview of where to source music and how to create playlists
  4. How to load the tracks onto the decks in harmonic order
  5. How to beat-match & phrase-match
  6. How to mix and blend the music together seamlessly
  7. Group DJ Mix - We will record the audio!
  8. Group DJ photos and videos! Great for content creation and memorable snaps!

If you team really love the experience why not buy them some more lessons! Your team might benefit from our 1-2-1 lesson gift vouchers that make the perfect corporate gift.

LSA has a five-star rating on all review platforms including Google!

The Studio

The London Sound Academy studios are the most beautiful DJ studios in London located in the heart of Camden Town. Great love and attention has gone into the decor of the studios to create a welcoming and creative environment perfect for learning a new skills.

There are several DJ rooms which means we can accommodate group sizes of up to 20 students at any one time spread across multiple rooms. This means we can divide your team into smaller groups to give them more time of the decks and more attention from their tutor. At the end of the session we can bring the whole team back together to perform their back-to-back mix in the main studio on our custom DJ booth which is perfect for photos!

If you have a larger group we recommend staggering the booking so that one group of 20 have a lesson and then after another group arrives for their time slot.

DJ Team Building Day Clients

We have many forward-thinking corporate clients who have enjoyed their time at our beautiful studios. From hedge funds to tech companies, retailers and hot new start-ups, we've welcomed a huge range of companies to LSA! Corporate clients include WeWork, Google, Microsoft, Boom Cycle, Xero, Selfridges and more!

Google Staff Enjoying Our Group DJ Lessons
Getting Expert Advice From Industry Pros!
Lots of hands-on time with the latest DJ technology!
The team celebrating a great mix!
Learn the skills and perform a mix! Zero staff in action here!
We can teach on both digital and vinyl decks!
Lessons are fun, engaging and memorable!
We can also set-up our experience in your office! Pictures here are from Boomcycle!
Learn how to DJ and get creative with music!
Discover a new passion!
Plenty of time for photo and content creation!

London Sound Academy in the Press

Founded in 2008 by Buster Bennett, London Sound Academy has built a global reputation for excellence in electronic music education.

"It’s fun, it’s challenging, creative and musical" - The Telegraph
“It was a brilliant experience to learn how DJs do different things, and they do a lot! We strongly recommend coming to London Sound Academy” - BBC
“The go-to destination for music industry tuition” - Notion Magazine
“Award-winning DJ School” | “If you also have a long-held desire to transform from a musical zero into a superstar DJ hero, I urge you to enrol at LSA!” | "Equality and representation are at the core of what they do" - Mixmag
“All the gear - finally - more of an idea!” - The Arbuturian
“LSA offers a radically different approach to institutionalised education” - Noctis Magazine.
“Led by some of the best in the game” - Data Transmission
“It doesn’t matter who you are; LSA teach people of all ages from all walks of life on a one-to-one basis in your own personal studio” - The White Isle

How to book our DJ team building day

If you would like to book a team-building DJ experience at London Sound Academy or at your location please contact us with your needs. We need to know how many people, rough dates and also if you have any special requirements or customisations! Don't hesitate to call us during office hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm or click here to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

DJ team-building day costs at the studio are based on the how many rooms and tutors we need for your group. Prices average at £100 per person. Please include the number of potential students in your email or phone call.

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