DJs For Hire London

June 8, 2022
Written by
Jamie Platt
DJs For Hire London

DJs For Hire London

Summer is fast approaching - meaning people all over London and the country are getting ready to blow off some post-covid steam. In the upcoming months there are going to be festivals, house parties, boat parties, raves, you name it, it’s happening. So with the demand for parties going through the roof and as things heat up, you can imagine there’s also a rising demand for one other thing too - DJs! 

As the premier electronic music academy in London we have access to thousands of talented DJs available for hire.

It’s one thing to recognise that you need a DJ for your party or function, and another to hire one that’s a good fit. The DJs mixing ability and use of FX might be smooth, but if it’s not the crowd's genre of music or they don’t hear songs they can sing and dance to, the party will fall flat and people might leave earlier than you intended. It can also occur the other way around too. The music at your event might be great, but if it's badly mixed and mistakes are being made by the DJ, your crowd will tend to notice and it will disrupt the rhythm. Especially if your DJ is playing on large speakers like a PA sound system. With these important factors in mind, it can be difficult to narrow down your choice of DJ. Luckily, we can do the heavy lifting for you!

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Many people don’t know that we are able to facilitate the hiring of DJs and their equipment for people in the London area. Because we are one of the best DJ schools in London, training up hundreds of students a year, we also have a huge, diverse network of alumni. These alumni have all been students of ours and some have even gone on to become very successful DJs! We uphold a strong curriculum at LSA, so you can ensure that our graduates have been taught with care and precision. There are so plenty of DJs with varying styles and experiences to choose from, and we can narrow your choice down according to your needs. You could hire a multitude of DJs including:

DJs for all occasions - Trained and certified

Trained & Certified DJs

All the DJs available to hire in London via LSA are trained and certified at our world leading DJ academy. When you approach us for DJs we will post the job in our private group and filter the responses to make sure you get the best of the best. Every DJ we put forward has gone through rigorous training and also have live DJ experience playing at huge London clubs including Ministry of Sound. Our DJs are of the highest calibre.

Our DJs play at Ministry of Sound

Types Of DJs Available For Hire in London

Home Event DJs

Many of the DJs in our alumni group are travelling DJs, meaning that they carry all the equipment necessary to put on a good party - including lights! They’ll be well equipped whether your party is a birthday, anniversary or just a good old fashioned raver! Contact us via email with your requirements and we’ll get you a quote. 

Wedding DJs

If you’re looking for a DJ that can elevate an already magical day, we can provide many suitable options. A lot of our DJs specialise in open formatting, meaning they are extremely proficient at playing varying genres of music within a short time period. Don’t worry, they will also take requests!

Corporate DJs 

We can say with confidence that whatever industry or company you work for we’d be able to supply a great DJ for the occasion. Some of our Alumni have played at events for huge corporations in fashion, finance and many more across the world.

Retail DJs

Buzzing retail environments like that of the flagship stores on Oxford Street require a DJ that can really read the room, setting the pace for shoppers and providing that extra experiential element. 

Bar DJs

A DJ in a bar can really lift up the customer experience, and can often draw crowds if they can be noticed by passers by. They can often be as open-format as you like, or they can focus on a couple of specific genres if you’re trying to create a certain vibe in your bar.  

Sporting Event DJs

Sporting events draw huge, passionate and lively crowds. It’s at these events that DJs have the opportunity to play in front of thousands who will be listening while there are breaks in the event. A good sporting event DJ understands the sport and is able to read the crowd and choose a track that could even start a stadium-wide chant! 

FAQs For Hiring a DJ in London

  1. How much does a DJ in London cost?

DJs are self employed and they will set their own price ranges. Typically for the new DJs on the scene you can expect to pay a minimum of £50 p/h for bar or small club work. For event DJs that will come to your location with DJ equipment or lights you can expect to pay more to cover those costs and insurances. The best thing to do is make sure you give us your budget when contacting us so that we can match you to the right DJ.

  1. Does LSA make money from these bookings?

No. We only put you in touch with the right DJs, we do this free of charge. There are no additional fees or agency fees and you will be able to pay the DJ directly. This means that there is no middle man, so you get a better price! It's good for you and good for the DJ!

  1. Can I choose the style of music the DJ plays?

Yes. We have thousands of DJs in London who play all styles of music and are all exceptionally talented. They all have LSA certification so they have completed all our advanced DJ courses.

  1. Can I hire a DJ from LSA for outside of London?

Yes. We have DJs based all over the UK. Most of them are in or around London but we also have studios in other locations with DJs dotted all over the UK!

  1. Will the DJ have their own DJ equipment, lights and insurance?

If you want, yes! We have a range of DJs including DJs who have lights, sound systems, insurance and more. Just let us know what you're looking for and we can help advise you.

How To Hire A DJ in London

To hire a DJ via LSA you should contact us and let us know the dates, times, address, budget, wether or not your need a DJ with their own sound system and styles of music you are interested in. Click here to contact us.


Finding a DJ that fits the atmosphere of your function is arguably as important as the event itself. Remember there are many different DJs to choose from, and they are always capable of providing a tailored service to ensure your event is successful. Click here to contact us if you'd like to hire a DJ in London. You won’t find a larger group of talented, passionate DJs anywhere else in London than at LSA.

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