Hip-Hop, RnB and Open Format DJ Course

October 14, 2023
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Buster Bennett
Hip-Hop, RnB and Open Format DJ Course

Join Our Hip-Hop DJ Course and Graduate at Ministry of Sound!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new eight-week hip-hop and open-format DJ course complete with graduation DJ gig at Ministry of Sound! This new DJ course is perfect for aspiring DJs who want to learn how to mix between genres including hip-hop, rnb, afrobeats, bhangra remixes, reggaeton and more. Graduates of this DJ course will be fast-tracked to their first ever DJ gig at the legendary Ministry of Sound!

The ability for DJs to mix flawlessly between various genres and different styles of music is called 'Open Format DJing.' It's a particular DJ skill that covers a complex range of transitions and DJ mixes. Our open-format DJ course is designed for total beginners or novice DJs who want to learn this skill and get their first DJ gig with LSA.

Over the course of eight weeks you will learn how to correctly source and prepare your playlists using Pioneer's Rekordbox DJ software. You'll be taught how to mix including beatmatch, EQ, phrasing, mix-timing and effects. In addition, you will learn the art of open-format mixing including the use of advanced DJ features such as loops, hot cues, acapella, samples and more. This course covers everything you need to become a digital open-format DJ. Your graduation gig will be at the legendary Ministry of Sound in their Loft room. It's an incredible and exclusive opportunity to launch your DJ career with one of the most famous venues int he world.

LSA Open Format DJ Course

Our open format DJ course is taught in small groups of no more than eight students. Everything is provided in our state-of-the-art DJ studios in Camden Town and you'll be using a range of Pioneer DJ equipment including the latest CDJ3000s. You don't need any experience or equipment to join this course. Here are some of the benefits of this course.

The course is £599 for a limited time only.
Click here to book (Limited Spaces)
  1. Learn to DJ in a small group
  2. Learn in-person at London Sound Academy
  3. Use state-of-the-art Pioneer DJ equipment
  4. Learn the art of open-format DJing from the best tutors in London
  5. Graduate in eight classes with LSA certification
  6. Graduation DJ gig at Ministry of Sound

DJ at Ministry of Sound in the Loft Room Pictured

Hip Hop & Open Format DJ Course Schedule

This course will be taking place over eight weeks on Sundays at 12pm from Sunday the 29th of October with beloved LSA tutor Ollie Rant. Your graduation DJ gig at Ministry of Sound will take place in spring 2024. Here are the dates for your diary!

Sunday 29th October - 12pm-2pm - Introduction to playlisting, Rekordbox and Pioneer DJ equipment
Sunday 5th November - 12pm-2pm - Basic mixing and beatmatching
Sunday 12th November - 12pm-2pm - Introduction to musical phrasing and mix timing
Sunday 19th November - 12pm-2pm - EQ and smoother transitions
Sunday 26th November - 12pm-2pm - Using FX to transition
Sunday 3rd December  - 12pm-2pm - Advanced open-format transitions 1
Sunday 10th December - 12pm-2pm - Advanced open-format transitions 2
Sunday 17th December - 12pm-2pm - First DJ Gig Preparation
First DJ Gig at Ministry of Sound - Spring 2024

Our second term will commence on Sundays 12pm from the 7th of January 2024. If you would like to join our second term please contact us.

Course Fees - Limited Spaces

We will only be accepting eight people onto this course. Booking is first-come-first-served. The entire course is only £599 for a limited time and comes with a guaranteed DJ gig at Ministry of Sound.

It's a truly unmissable opportunity to launch your open-format DJ career. Spaces are still available. Once the course is full we will update this page.


Once you have booked the course we will email you a booking confirmation within 24 hours with all the details you need. You don't need to bring anything with you to the first class. On your first day we will give you notes for your course so you can track your progress.

Don't worry if you miss a class or two, you can easily catch up with your course notes and by booking studio time to practice.

If you would like to pay with two instalments please contact us.

We can't wait to see you learn the awesome skill of open-format DJ and see your rock it at your first DJ gig in one of the most famous venues in the world!

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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