How to be an eco-friendly DJ

March 31, 2020
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Buster Bennett
How to be an eco-friendly DJ

Learn how to be an eco friendly DJ

The UN have called for global action on climate change and we all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint, especially DJs who are some of the highest polluters. Here's a handy guide on what action you should take to limit your damage to our environment.

The Main Ecological Impacts of DJs

  1. Travel

Travel is the number one issue for DJs when it comes to emitting carbon dioxide which causes climate change. The nature of DJing is that you travel around the world for gigs, but flying inflicts the most damage to the planet. Of course, if people stayed put in one place and didn’t travel it would be like going backwards as a society, and so we believe that instead of restricting the travel of people, it should instead be offset by the individual.

According to Michael Barnard a Low-carbon Innovation Strategist, to offset the carbon emitted from a New York to Berlin flight you would need to plant 11, 21 or 213 trees, depending on how you choose to consider the sequestration capacity of planted trees.

  • If you go with a robust tree planting carbon offset program, 11 is most likely.
  • If you stick a seedling in a field and walk away, I'd go with 213. Due the fact the majority of these saplings would die.
  • If you stick a seedling in a decent field, properly spaced in a place unlikely to be lumbered and walk away, go with 21.

So for each flight a DJ should plant at least 11 trees. One of the easiest ways a DJ can do this without getting their feet muddy is to use the Ecosia search engine, for every 45 searches they will plant a tree with the revenue they make from advertising. It’s a lot like Google but much better for the planet! It's an easy change which will make a great impact on offsetting your carbon footprint overall.

Another way to offset is to add a surcharge onto each gig which will be donated to a charity which plants trees or protects forests. We highly recommend The Woodland Trust. You can also organise your own events to support such charities. You can also help by taking shared public transport when available, like trains and buses rather than private vehicles.

  1. Food

The food you eat has the second largest impact on your carbon footprint. Here are some tips for keeping it to a minimum.

Eat less or no meat and reduce consumption of animal products
Eat locally sourced food
Never waste food
Buy food with little or no packaging
Recycle any packaging you do buy
Avoid buying products with non-recyclable packaging
Walk to the supermarket
Use reusable bags
Reduce your purchasing of out of season or imported foods

  1. Housing

Housing is the third largest contributor to a dirty carbon footprint, your energy supply and use being the main polluter. Here are some tips for reducing your impact.

Live smaller
Use a clean energy supplier like Bulb you can use our referral code (
Use insulation and double glazing
Wear layers and reduce your use of heating or reduce your use of air-con units
Don’t use lights during daylight
Don’t leave tech on standby
Don’t keep a pet
If you have a garden or outside space fill it with nature
Buy ecologically safe alternatives to chemical cleaning products
Use a washing line rather than a dryer
Conserve water

  1. Technology

All your stuff, the items you buy and use have their own impact on the planet, try and reduce that footprint with the following advice.

Use the Ecosia search engine instead of Google
Don’t buy into fast fashion
Repair things when they break
Buy quality products that will last
Buy computers you can upgrade
Share your stuff with other people
Hire stuff instead of buying it
Make gifts rather than buying them

  1. Hotels

DJs are always travelling and staying in hotels. Some simple changes can help negate the impact on your carbon footprint.

Consider using AirBnB or staying with friends, hotels use a lot of energy compared to normal housing.
Don’t over-use the air-con or heating in the room.
Bring your own toiletries
Conserve water
Don’t get them to clean your room more than needed
Don’t get them to clean your towels more than needed

Do you know of some other handy ways to reduce a DJs carbon footprint? We'd love to hear your advice so we can keep the blog regularly updated. Thanks for reading!

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