Press your ashes to vinyl

March 31, 2020
Written by
Buster Bennett
Press your ashes to vinyl

Becoming vinyl

For the small price of £3,000 you can now have you pressed to vinyl!

The aptly named And Vinyly have began pressing vinyl with the ashes of cremated loved ones added into the mix. They offer a full package of the vinyl containing the ashes, pressing whatever recording you would like pressed to the vinyl, album artwork (also containing the ash), and applying pre-selected backings to your voice recordings.

A basic cover is included with the initial price with the letters R.I.V. (rest in vinyl), your date of birth and your date of death printed on the front. The album artwork comes at an extra cost of £3500 per painting for which the artist will produce a canvas print, painted with the ashes you provided, which can be done up from a photo or you can arrange a "one hour pre-death sitting".

Do you think this is something that will catch on?

I can imagine, one day in the future, logging onto discogs and seeing a vinyl pressing of 'Flat Beat' Selling for £1,000,000 containing pieces of Mr Oizo.

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