How To Get Your Parents To Cover Your DJ Expenses

March 31, 2020
Written by
Mark Butcher
How To Get Your Parents To Cover Your DJ Expenses

If you’re a young person starting out as a DJ it is likely that your Saturday job isn’t going to cover the expense of every bit of DJ equipment you have your heart set on and many of you will have to apply to the bank of mum and dad for a loan or evenbetter a cash investment into your future in order to pay for it all.

Using our knowledge and experience, LSA reveals the perfect how to guide for convincing your parents into buying you all the DJ beginners essentials and with a bit of skill all the extras as well.


Before approaching your parents with a wishlist of expensive DJ equipment they are likely to not have heard of before you should identify the type of DJ setup that is ideal for you so you can be sure about what equipment you need. This will show them that you have taken the time to think about becoming a DJ seriously and show them how important it is to you. Are you going to mix with CDs or Vinyl? Which mixer is best for you? Maybe you have some equipment already such as headphones. Your parents will notice if you request something you already own so if you have a pair of functioning headphones don’t make the mistake of asking for new ones. It will come across as though you are being wasteful and it could put them off the whole idea all together. Once you have your list of equipment you need to get online and start searching for where you can buy it all for the best price. Preparing in this way will help you to put together a well-researched list of DJ equipment for the best possible price that is perfect for any DJ that’s just starting out.


You also need to think about how you can convince your parents that the expense of buying you all this equipment is well worth their hard earned money and in order to do this they will need to see that the expense is actually an investment into your future.  The best way of doing this is to prove to them that this newly discovered passion isn’t just some passing fad or just a simple hobby. You need to prove that it’s a life changing opportunity that will give you a collection of transferable life skills essential for your future success. Requesting a course of beginners DJ lessons is the best way of showing your commitment to perfecting your skills and the perfect way of presenting your parents with examples of how DJing can a give you a whole bunch of transferable skills you can use in your professional life. Many young people are forging careers out of a passion for DJing and now it is possible to do a GCSE in DJing there is no reason why you can't do the same. Check out 11 year old DJ Lukey Boy and 10 year old DJ Switch to see what I mean, perfect examples to show your parents. LSA have listed 4 transferable skills that can be gained through DJing and also put to good use in your professional endeavors as well.

4 Transferable Skills Gained Through DJing 

Perseverance – As a DJ you will need to persevere at developing the many skills involved in music production from researching and collecting music in the genres of music you are interested in. to learning the skills involved in DJing itself, from beatmatching to reading your audience when playing a set. You will also need to get yourself gigs and in time, as you refine your skills on the decks, a residency.


Practice – Any successful DJ will tell you that no matter how skilled you get you will always need to find time to practice. If DJing truly interests you will want to do this naturally anyway. Learning to push yourself to practice even when you are not really feeling it will teach you that it’s the best way of changing your mood and realising that once you start you can get into it even when you feel like you wont.


Patience – Like with any skill, to obtain it requires patience. If you put in the hours, over time and with a regular, consistent effort you will begin to see results.


Confidence – As you gain skill you will gain confidence and although your first gig will be a bit nerve-racking you can prepare by playing sets to your friends at house parties to get a feel for playing to an audience and with every gig you play you will gain a bit more confidence. Its important to remember that feeling nervous isn’t a bad thing at all. It shows that you care; it gets your adrenaline pumping and pushes you to make every effort to give it your best.


If you present your parents with these transferable skills and explain how they can assist you in other areas of your life as you prepare for a future career and show them the work you have done to find everything you need to start DJing you will not only have their attention but you will also be showing them how important learning to DJ is to you.

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