Learn the secret to using Facebook to launch an event!

March 31, 2020
Written by
Buster Bennett
Learn the secret to using Facebook to launch an event!

How to scale your event, the easy way.

Do you often wonder how other promoters scale their event? They seem to effortlessly go from a small party to packing out huge clubs while you struggle to fill the dance-floor at your own events. Do you copy what they do, flyers, posters, Facebook adverts, Instagram, book headliners but still fall flat? Don't worry, there is another secret tool you can use to create a community and a solid fanbase for your event.

The industry secret is to harness the power of Facebook groups.

In the early days of Facebook you could easily promote an event and reach a huge audience, they were the golden years of running parties using social media. Since then Facebook has become over saturated with advertising and different forms of promotion. Facebook have also introduced algorithms that make it even less likely your posts will be seen, even if you pay to advertise them. There is however one last safe haven for club promoters, use it while you can, it won't last forever.

Why use Facebook groups instead of a Facebook Page post?

Using Facebook groups will allow you to build a community of fans and engage them on a human level. Facebook groups are subject to algorithms that can reduce their reach but will still give you far better results and tools than any other way of promoting online. Facebook Pages are really good for brand awareness and for giving the public a means of contacting you and reading about you. They are also great for hosting videos and photos and other content, but they don't work as a forum. A forum, like a Facebook Group is better because people can chat within it, make connections and form a better community. You should ideally have both a Page and a Group but use the group to build the fan base.

Your group can be invite only or public. Personally I prefer invite only because it then allows you to control the crowd that comes to your event and exclude undesirable people that might go against the ethos of your event. Having an invite only system also means that members who are within the community feel special and more attached to the community overall.

Use Facebook Groups For...

  • Invite a select audience and control membership
  • Create a sense of belonging rather than just observing
  • Build an active community around your brand instead of a passive one
  • Engage on a human chat-based level with your fans
  • Post videos, photos, events and other content while avoiding the harshest of Facebook algorithms
  • Keep your posts seen by tagging members in recent posts

Your social tool-box.

Facebook Groups are one of the most powerful tools to promote your event but it's not the only one. An Instagram profile is like a Facebook Page in being an incredibly strong tool for promoting a brand. Resident Advisor is a great platform to host your event details and sell tickets online while engaging with the RA community. Youtube is a great platform to post videos of your event. Soundcloud and Mixcloud are great platforms to host mixes from the DJs related to your event. Snapchat is the best tool for engaging the younger audiences. Facebook messenger and Whatsapp are awesome tools for creating group chats. Make sure you are using all of these tools and any others that might add power to your promotional strategy.

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