How to Verify Yourself as an Artist on Google Using Google Knowledge Panel

March 31, 2020
Written by
Michael E. Ball
How to Verify Yourself as an Artist on Google Using Google Knowledge Panel

How to Verify Yourself as an Artist on Google Using Google Knowledge Panel

Google has rolled out a new feature in which artists can now claim their profile, get it verified, show up in search results and update it constantly with news, pictures, videos and much more. This is great for up and coming artists as it gives them a professional look when they are searched on Google and it allows their fan base to stay up to date with their latest news. We recommend all upcoming DJs and Producers make use of this service and keep it updated! Read this blog to find out how to use the Google Knowledge panel to set up your artist profile.

STEP 1: So you have released a couple of songs and they can be found on digital stores such as Beatport, Spotify and Apple Music. If this sounds like you, you probably have an artist profile on google that has been created for you by Google that will look a little something like this when you search for yourself: 

Google Knowledge Panel Example

The first step to claiming your profile and getting verified is to scroll down after you have searched for yourself and click “claim this knowledge panel”: 

STEP 2: Okay great! Once you have clicked on “claim this knowledge panel” Google will then take you to another page that looks something like this: 

Once arriving upon this page you will want to click the button “Get Verified”

STEP 3: Now that you have found your profile and proceeded to do the above, Google will generate a form which you will want to fill out. Assuming you are the artist in question you will want to select this: 

Google will ask you to fill out a bunch of straight froward questions such as links to your social media platforms, websites and anything to verify that it is you claiming this profile. At the end of the form it will ask you to upload a selfie with your Government issued ID for further proof:

Great! Now you are done and the form has been sent off to Google for review. This process can take anywhere between 2-5 days so don't worry if you don't receive approval straight away. I would advise that you check your spam folder for the email! When you finally receive an email from the google team approving your Knowledge Panel they will send you an email that looks like this:

Once you have received this email, all you have to do is click "get started" and you're off! You will be able to update your profile picture and add videos and stories to your knowledge panel. You will also have the option to change your artist name just incase Google have misspelled it! Here is my final product:

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