1-2-1 Vinyl DJ Course at LSA

March 31, 2020
Written by
Buster Bennett
1-2-1 Vinyl DJ Course at LSA

Learn how to DJ on turntables at London Sound Academy

We have a specialist vinyl-only DJ Course for those who want to learn to DJ the classic way on turntables, with vinyl!

Why is vinyl DJing an important skill in the digital age?

Vinyl DJing is an envious skill many DJs and fans look up to. It sets you above the rest and is an honour of achievement in the DJ community. We would even go one step further and say it’s an essential skill for any DJ who wants to be at the top of their game. DJing with records as opposed to CDs, USB or laptop controllers is a difficult skill to learn but our founder and chief Buster Bennett has created a 1-2-1 vinyl DJ course which will have you beat-matching and mixing on vinyl within eight hours of tuition! The secret formula is one of a kind and taught nowhere else.

How to DJ on turntables with records

The secret to DJing on vinyl and turntables is being able to pitch-shift perfectly by ear, that means being able to beat-match any two tempos (BPM's) together blindfolded, without computer assistance. Modern DJ equipment has screens that show you visually how to beat-match, and some brands go one step further by offering a sync function. However, sync does not always work and depends on how well prepared your playlist is. If you want to avoid any embarrassing mistakes you still need to learn how to confidently and quickly beat-match by ear. Beat-matching by ear is also an essential skill for anyone who wants to learn how to scratch, beat-juggle or produce a live DJ set using multiple decks, gadgets and controllers. Any DJ worth their salt has this skill.

Guaranteed Success Or Your Money Back

You might think learning how to beat match on vinyl, a skill that normally takes years of tedious practice, can’t possibly be taught in eight hours of learning. That is why we are offering a full money back guarantee if you leave this course unable to beat match and mix on vinyl! What have you got to lose?

Course Requirements

You don’t need any experience or equipment to enrol but if you already have your own some records please bring them to the class or use our records in the studio.

Taught by our Founder Buster Bennett

This course is truly unique because it’s taught by our founder and chief Buster Bennett. Learning with Buster has many advantages because he is the most connected member of the LSA team and in a prime position to help you in your fledgling DJ career. He’s taught more celebrities and high achievers than any other member of our family. There is very limited availability for this one-of-a-kind course so please contact us for more information.

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