Learn how to scratch in London

September 6, 2023
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Buster Bennett
Learn how to scratch in London

Do you want to learn how to scratch?

Scratching, or turntablism, is the art of using your DJ decks like an instrument. It goes beyond the average DJ skills and elevates the craft into an art form. The pinnacle of which is the annual DMC championships, the Olympics of DJing.

Launched in 1985 The DMC Championships have become the mecca for all DJs who want to win a world-beating title and a place in the hall of fame of DJs. Many DJs aspire to learn how to scratch and become a turntablist so they too can one day enter.

Click here for the DMC championships website.

Do you want to become a DMC Champion? Read on!
DMC Champion DJ Perly

How do you learn how to become a scratch DJ?

Firstly, in order to become a scratch DJ or turntablist you ideally need to learn the basics of DJing first. Most of our students will first complete the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced DJ courses at LSA and then take a custom course on turntablism taught by one of our scratch experts. This is important because to become good at scratching you first need to know your equipment inside-out, know how to beat-match and how to mix music together alongside all the usual DJ skills. Click here to view our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced DJ Courses.

Once you've completed those courses you'll be ready to progress from being a normal DJ to a turntablist!

I'm a DJ, and now I want to learn how to scratch!

If you're already a DJ and you want to push your skills to the limit you can learn how to scratch at LSA on our custom turntablism course with DJ Allmoe. The course consists of four two-hour lessons, so that's eight-hours of tuition with the expert. It's everything you need to learn and includes all the fundamental turntablist skills:

History, Culture & Vocabulary
All About Turntables or Digital Players
Deck Set-Ups & Battle Modes
Handling & Dexterity
Baby Scratch & Patterns
Tears & Baby Combos
Fader Scratching & Chopping
Combo Scratching Skills
Battle Routines

What DJ Equipment Do I Need To Scratch?

You can scratch on any DJ equipment but the best way to learn is on vinyl or digital vinyl. You can then apply all the skills to any digital DJ controller or DJ equipment. You don't need any DJ equipment of your own to enrol on this course. Popular set-ups for scratch DJs include:





How to Book & Fees

Our custom turntablism course is the same price as our normal DJ courses. £349 for four two-hour lessons (8 hours total.) To book the course please click here to contact us. Lessons are available seven days a week!

Practice Makes Perfect!

Remember, as with any advanced DJ skill you should dedicate a lot of time too practicing. The more the better! It takes a while to build up the dexterity, the right rhythms and muscle memory. If you don't have DJ equipment at home you can book studio hire at LSA to practice on digital players or turntables in our studios. Click here for studio hire with turntables in London Sound Academy.

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