LSA Graduate DJs at Printworks London

March 31, 2020
Written by
Michael E Ball
LSA Graduate DJs at Printworks London

LSA graduate Ryan Spicer has played at Printworks in the main room!

Printworks one of London's most talked about venues. It's a huge printing factory turned nightclub. It echo's the layout of the great turbine hall at the Tate Modern and is famous for hosting legendary performance and light shows. It is now seen as the capitals seminal venue, overtaking Fabric. So, you can imagine how proud we are that one of our graduates, Ryan Spicer scored a set in the main room for the epic club-brand Together for their 20th anniversary event. We caught up with Ryan to ask him more in his first interview.

LSA Graduate Ryan Spicer performing for LSA at Ministry of Sound

When did you first start DJing? 

I first started DJing at house parties and also for local events when I was about 16/17. I then got my first residency at Empire Casino in Leicester square when I was 18 and started getting more gigs in Shoreditch and made my debut at clubs like Egg and Ministry at the age of 19! 

Playing Printworks for the first time, were you nervous? 

I was excited more than nervous. Having been a part of the team who had promoted the event, I have been working hard and looking forward to the event for some time. To be a part of the line-up and performing two sets including opening the main room is pretty mad!

You ended up taking lessons with us here at London Sound Academy, do you feel that LSA provided you with some necessary insight into the current industry? 

Yeah! I had some lessons a few years back now, just some freshen up lessons and to gain some more insight into the industry and DJing in general in the city. LSA's courses definitely helped me learn a lot more and gain more insight into DJing and the music industry.

What would be a piece of advice you have for upcoming DJ’s on the scene? 

Just always go to events, chat to who you can and try and get as many gigs as possible as well as learn your sound and make a great couple of set lists you can always use. DJing for free as well is a must and enjoy it also!

How would you say LSA helped to improve your DJ’ing?

I worked with Gabriel for a few sessions who showed me a few different tricks and ideas which I wouldn’t have thought about.

Is there something you think about before playing a gig like Printworks? 

Yeah just excitement and to enjoy every moment. That’s the most important thing.

What is the DJ setup you swear by? 

Pioneer setup of course, I have an XDJ-RX at home also which I also transport if I need to so that is my go to and think it’s a great all in one system.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? If you could travel back 10 years what would you say to yourself now? 

In 10 years just want to look back with no regrets and that I had a good time and made people have a good time also. Just enjoying myself at the minute and being a part of the team and working with Lock N Load Events who give me these opportunities is incredible. If I travelled back, I would just say enjoy the next 10 years because it’s going to be mental!

Would you say that having an image is important in the current scene? 

Yeah definitely, as long as you’re not over the top. Just being yourself is the main thing.

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