London Sound Academy Partners with Itaca Ibiza to Organise DJ Gigs in Ibiza

May 25, 2024
Written by
Buster Bennett
London Sound Academy Partners with Itaca Ibiza to Organise DJ Gigs in Ibiza

Want to DJ in Ibiza? Now is your chance!

London Sound Academy will take over the upper tier of Itaca in Ibiza every Monday from the 27th of May till the end of September with our in-house brand Harmony. Resident party SOKO will occupy downstairs creating a two-floor offering unique to the city.

SOKO showcases some of the island's best resident DJs, the kind of DJs who will one day be headlining Ibiza’s iconic superclubs and the world's music festivals. It’s the perfect event to discover new emerging artists from the electronic music scene.

SOKO at Itaca Ibiza - Supporting upcoming DJs in Ibiza

Upstairs we will provide a platform for upcoming DJs and LSA DJ course graduates to experience the thrill of DJing in Ibiza. In addition, start-up event brands will be invited for occasional take-overs helping us create a party series that aims to establish a strong community of DJs and party planners on the island. Our party will also be open-doors to anyone who wants to find a gathering of like-minded music fans with a passion for electronic music.

These twin parties encourage inclusivity and we welcome DJs and patrons from a diverse range of scenes, backgrounds, ethnicities and genders! Harmony seeks to harmonise the dancefloor and we actively encourage our artists and ravers to engage and celebrate our differences. San Antonio is also lacking an LGBTQI bar so we would like to create a safe space for the LGBTQI community and their allies upstairs at Itaca every Monday. All are welcome at Harmony.

The music will span all the intricacies of House with a distinct Balearic theme. The music will be uplifting, vocal and never repetitive!

DJ Networking in Ibiza

Our regular party also aims to become a meeting point for DJs and producers to network and collaborate. We invite the island's artists to join us every Monday and we have a special forum for attendees. If you would like to join our community and networking group please contact us.

Click here for more details about DJ networking in Ibiza

In the spirit of inclusivity, Harmony Mondays upstairs at Itaca are totally free!

Interested in DJing in Ibiza?

If you would like to DJ at Itaca Beach Bar with London Sound Academy and Harmony get in touch! Enrol on our DJ course program, complete beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for your opportunity to DJ in Ibiza.

LSA organises DJ gigs in both the UK and Ibiza for all our DJ course graduations. In addition to our Monday event at Itaca we also DJ every Friday on the Ibiza Boat Club parties.

Click here for more information.

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