Music Production College vs. Online Courses: Pros and Cons

December 18, 2023
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Peter Pixzel
Music Production College vs. Online Courses: Pros and Cons

Music Production College vs. Online Courses: Pros and Cons

Music production courses come in all forms and shapes and choosing the right format of setting can be crucial to how much you will learn. At LSA we offer 3 different types of music production courses. If you would like to browse our music production courses click here.

The first type is group classes, usually consisting of 8 students all being taught at the same time. Group classes are fun and social so if you want to meet other music productions group classes are a great option. However, there is less flexibility with group classes as they have set term times. If you want flexible booking you can either book one-to-one music production lessons in our studio in London or online from anywhere in the world.

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To start the journey into music production in the right way it is crucial to choose the right environment to learn in. This is usually a very personal choice and can play a massive role in how much information you will be taking away from the chosen courses.

If you are an aspiring music producer in the UK or abroad and you have landed on this blog, get ready,. as I will here list the pros and cons of in-person/online lessons and hopefully guide you to the best choice for you.

Online Music Production Courses:


1. Time-Management

One of the major advantages of studying music production courses online at LSA will be that is its convenient. Classes start at 10 am and run for 2 hours per class for 12 hours a day. This allows the student to freely choose the preferred time a day to balance out other commitments like work, studies and or family.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Although the online and physical classes at LSA cost the same it can be a much more budget-friendly option for students and people not physically based in London as there will be no additional costs for travelling, or accommodation

3. Learn From Anywhere

Studying online has opened up the door for people from all over the world to access education at their most desired schools and at LSA we have helped students from all over the world getting to grips with the intrigued world of music production. From Tokyo to Las Vegas to Sao Paulo and back again, don't let your physical location stop you from achieving your dreams of becoming a music producer.

3. Any Style of Music

If you book one-to-one music production lessons we can tailor the lessons to suit your style of music. Group classes focus more on use of the program than producing one particular sound. Since they are taught one-to-one, online music production lessons can also be tailored to suit your genre of music.


1. No Physical help and guidance

Properly one of the main disadvantages of online music production courses is the lack of hands-on experience. Music production courses at LSA are carried out over Zoom and involve using a lot of very complicated software, and most students will find it more challenging to master difficult techniques without physical help and guidance from a professional instructor.

2. Technical glitches and internet speed

Although most online music production classes run without a glitch it does happen that internet bandwidth from time to time slows down and the results of learning the full class content will be lower than in in-person classes. At LSA we use the program Zoom to run the classes so make sure this is installed before attending a class and also make sure you are at a location with good internet speed to avoid any time waste.

3. Fully understanding your instructor

All of our teachers at LSA are professional music production instructors but for some subjects, it can be harder for both teacher and student to express them selves over a small screen on the internet. In In-Person classes the teachers will often draw diagrams and physically explain techniques which is harder over Zoom.

In-Person Music Production Courses:

Learn how to produce in a professional recording studio


1. Physical Learning

In-person production courses will provide the student with physical learning. Whether this is showing a student how to physically install a program or how to use a specific function in the production software at LSA you will have a professional instructor to show you in person how to do this. Often this practical knowledge is extremely valuable for developing the right workflow for the student. 

2. Faster feedback and corrections

In a face-to-face setting instructors can often correct wrong actions in the class much faster than online as the instructor will be able to see each action the student does much clearer. At LSA we have run one-to-one music production classes for more that a decade and we know the extended value of in-person classes to help the students understand complex subjects very fast.

3. The social experience

Attending production classes at LSA whether it be one-to-one or classroom settings its aways great to be physically present. By coming to a physical school you will naturally soak up the vibe of the place and potentially meet other peers which could lead to collaborations and or creative exchanges. At LSA we encourage students to chat as much as possible with each other to create new friendships and potential work relationships.


1. Limited time

In-person classes are for obvious reasons a lot more time-consuming unless you live very close to LSA. Often travelling back and forth can take several hours even if you do live in London. This can be challenging for people with a lot of commitments.

2. Extra costs

In-person classes can be slightly more costly as you will have to travel back and forth from the physical classes. Depending on where you are coming from this might matter more or less but if you are coming from abroad it might be worth taking into consideration as travelling to and staying in London can be costly.


Choosing in-person or online production courses with LSA is ultimately something for the individual student to decide and to consider heavily. For me personally, i think that if you are able to attend classes in person, you will take more away from the courses than online. But I also think online is a great alternative in case you are far away from the school. Think even sometimes having some classes physically and some classes online can be a great way to get the best out of a course in case you can't be there physically for all the classes. 

If you would like to find out which music production course is best for you, be it online or in-person please contact us.

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