Learn to use FL Studio with our Online 1-2-1 Course

March 31, 2020
Written by
Buster Bennett
Learn to use FL Studio with our Online 1-2-1 Course

Online 1-2-1 FL Studio Course Now Available

You can now take our online music production course with FL studio! Unlike video-only courses it's taught one-to-one, but online through a program called Zoom. You just need to log-in and share your screen with your tutor who will guide you. It's a revolution in home learning!

We can teach you any genre, and work with any ability level. Beginners are welcome. You can choose your own lesson times and learn at your own speed.

The course will teach you all the theory and skills you need to make your own tracks ready to submit to LSA records and any other label.

Online FL Studio Course Free

How our online 1-2-1 FL Studio Course Works

Once you have booked the FL course using the link above (book now button) we will contact you to arrange a set-up call. You will need to have FL studio installed on your computer and Zoom, which is a free program. Then during your lessons we just connect to us and you can see your tutor, share screens and audio. It's very easy to set-up.

Our FL Studio tutor Jerome will be available Monday and Thursdays at various times.

Key Points of the FL Studio Online Course

1. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Levels Only £329 each
2. 1-2-1 Online Lessons with Jerome on FL Studio
3. Choose Your Own Lesson Times & Schedule
4. LSA Accredited Course
5. Certification on Graduation
6. Release on LSA Records

What Your Learn, Course Duration & Fees

Our FL Studio 1-2-1 course is tailor-made to suit your genre of music and learning style. We teach you all the fundamental theory and skills taught in our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced music production courses. Click here for more information on the course content. In a nutshell it teaches you everything you need to know to start making your own professional tracks, ready to submit to a record label for release.

Each level is £329 and consists of four 2-hour online sessions (eight hours in total). Once you have completed the Beginner level you can move onto the Intermediate and Advanced in order to complete everything and graduate a pro!

Once you graduate you can join our growing online community and have the chance to release on LSA records.

How To Book The Online FL Studio Course

Step One
Book the course and schedule your first lesson by clicking HERE.
Step Two
We'll contact you to arrange a set-up call.
Step Three
Once you have completed the Beginner level you can book the Intermediate and Advanced courses online using the same link.

For more information just CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US.

About Your FL Studio Tutor: Jerome

Jerome is a DJ and Producer from Lithuania where he successfully integrated into the cities music scene running his own events. Jerome's first-ever track ‘Dream About You’ was aired on Power Hit Radio and he gained instant recognition as one to watch. Further success came when he collaborated with Lithuanian DJ ‘Modess The Sound’ on the track ‘Burn Out,’ that topped the Lithuanian radio chart. Since touching down in London, Jerome has regularly secured gigs at Ministry of Sound as well as primetime shows on Select Radio. You can listen to his latest release 'Golden Shades' on Spotify which has now been distributed on Universal and Sony.

Teaches: All music production courses
Genres: All
Ages: All
Languages: English & Lithuanian
Specialities: Commercial House & FL Studio
Best for: All levels of student from beginner to advanced

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