Open Format DJ Masterclass: Learn how to mix with Radio Edits

April 29, 2024
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Buster Bennett
Open Format DJ Masterclass: Learn how to mix with Radio Edits

Open Format DJ Masterclass

If you want to learn how to mix different styles of music and radio edits this DJ masterclass is for you! Once a month we run a special DJ masterclass for open format DJ skills. You'll learn how to create an energetic set that spans multiple genres and tempos. Our open format masterclass will equip you with advanced DJ transitions that will wow the crowd!

What is Open Format DJing?

Open format DJing is when a DJ plays multiple styles of music within one seamless DJ set. The open format skill is to be able to mix between different BPM ranges and genres of music. Open format DJs will mix between hip-hop, rnb, pop, rap, EDM and dance music selecting the best tracks for the audience. Reading the crowd and adaptation are core skills of an open format DJ.

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Learn how to mix in a small group at LSA

Learn How to Mix Radio Edits

Open format DJs primarily use radio edits. Radio edits are short tracks designed to be aired on the radio. They are often two, three or four minutes long. Many radio edits have very short DJ intro and outro (beat intro,) typically only four or eight bars. Some radio edits start with the vocals or the main melody making them harder to mix together. An open format DJ will know how to mix with radio edits or longer club edits and be able to transition between different BPMs.

If you learn how to mix in the open format style you'll be able to DJ with any type of music regardless of it it's a club edit or radio edit. You'll also be able to jump from genre to genre but in a way that still keeps the dancefloor grooving. Open format DJs will be able to integrate requests and spontaneous track selections into their DJ set with ease and confidence.

Open Format Masterclass at LSA

Many DJs who are confident mixing one style of music, such as House music, want to branch out. It's wise to learn how to mix different styles of music because you can then find more DJ work. Open format DJs are in demand and command higher DJ fees for their performances. They keep everyone happy on the dance floor! If you want to master the skill of open format DJing join our new Masterclass series.

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Once a month we hold a special open format DJ masterclass from our studios in Camden Town, London. In this three-hour session, we'll guide you through the art of mixing between genres like Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Commercial, Rap, Reggaeton, Afrobeats, EDM and more. We'll help you unlock essential skills to DJ a diverse range of styles, perfect for those who aspire to seamlessly mix radio edits, a skill set often overlooked by House and Techno DJs.

This small group class promises a fun and hands-on experience! You'll love working alongside expert LSA tutors in our beautiful DJ studios!

Thanks for your interest in our open format DJ masterclass. We hope you book and experience the London Sound Academy studios soon.

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