LSA partners with Perfect Havoc Records!

March 31, 2020
Written by
Buster Bennett
LSA partners with Perfect Havoc Records!

LSA have partnered with established record label Perfect Havoc!

Our new partnership will allow us to send our best music production alumni to the label for possible release. If you are a London Sound Academy music production graduate with demo tracks you can now submit them to LSA and we will introduce the best submissions to the label directly. Your track must be 100% original and copyright cleared and any samples you have used must be royalty free.

Who are Perfect Havoc?

Perfect Havoc is a dance, house and pop record label founded by industry stalwarts Adam Griffin and Robert Davies. Adam Griffin worked in marketing at Sony Music for 12 years looking after major US artists in the UK including Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Faithless, and Usher, and was responsible for commissioning remixes for the main pop label, RCA, as well as product managing numerous hits including Madcon ‘Beggin’, and Rogue Traders ‘Voodoo Child’. Adam also spent time as a club promoter at the legendary Hanover Grand.

Robert Davies began his working career in music at the early age of 16, starting his own label / production company whilst also completing a degree in music business at ACM before moving on to do work experience at companies such as Shadow Globe (radio station) followed by Sony Music, where Robert met fellow business partner Adam Griffin. Robert then moved to gaming and digital marketing & eCommerce for Electronic Arts, working on titles such as ‘Need For Speed’, ‘FIFA’, ‘The Sims’ & more. Following on from EA Games, Robert began his career in management and PR within music and entertainment.

What kind of artists are they looking for?

Perfect Havoc is a dance, house and pop record label and they are looking for tracks which would be suitable for the label. Check out their Spotify and Soundcloud playlists to get an idea of their labels sound. You will need to have solid foundations including a prolific work commitment, social media following (although not important), a graphic identity and important of all.... great music!

How to submit to Perfect Havoc?

If you want to submit your track you must first send it to LSA by emailing us. We will then offer you feedback on the track and make sure it's ready for submission, you may only get one chance so don't blow it! If your track is suitable and you are ready as an artist we will put you directly in touch with the heads of the label, cutting our the middlemen.

Do your research!

Make sure that you research the label, follow them on social media and listen to all their releases. You can use the following links.






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