Pro DJ Certificate: Become a Certified DJ

June 20, 2024
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Buster Bennett
Pro DJ Certificate: Become a Certified DJ

DJ Certificate Programme at LSA

The LSA Pro DJ Certification programme enables aspiring DJs to learn how to DJ and gain a recognised DJ qualification. On completion of the programme, students will be awarded the LSA Pro DJ Certificate and have the opportunity to perform a live DJ set. Obtaining professional DJ credentials and benefiting from real-world DJ experience allows graduates of the programme to establish themselves in the DJ industry.

Our DJ diploma is presented on completion of the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced DJ courses at LSA. Students who want to learn how to DJ and receive a DJ certificate to prove their skills should click here to enrol.

Advantages of Earning Your DJ Certificate

There are numerous advantages to gaining certification. LSA is one of the world's leading electronic music academies with extensive industry connections. LSA-accredited DJ courses are renowned for their excellence. As such, LSA has launched the careers of many DJs and can boast a high success rate. If you want to become a professional DJ and start a DJ career LSA's DJ certificate programme is a must.

When it comes to entering the world of DJ work and securing DJ gigs, live performances and DJ bookings a recognised qualification goes a long way. Promoters and DJ agencies will be impressed that you've dedicated the time to learn how to DJ properly and been graded against an industry benchmark. DJs who can display their DJ skills will automatically be granted better opportunities and find it easier to find DJ work.

In addition to receiving their DJ certificate students at LSA will also have access to a range of DJ gigs. These DJ performances will help DJ course graduates overcome hurdles faced at live events and hone their craft as DJs. LSA works with famous brands including the Ministry of Sound, Egg London and elrow and these companies actively support LSA Pro DJ Certificate holders.

Get your Pro DJ Certification at London Sound Academy

Accredited by Pioneer DJ

As a leader in the field of electronic music education globally, London Sound Academy is a Pioneer DJ Education Partner. There are only a few DJ academies in the world partnered with Pioneer DJ (AlphaTheta). This accolade means that DJs who have the LSA Pro DJ Certification have completed a DJ course that is reviewed and approved by the world's biggest DJ company.

If you would like to book a DJ course and work towards becoming a qualified DJ click here to contact us.

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