Recording Studio Experience

November 22, 2021
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Buster Bennett
Recording Studio Experience

Recording Studio Experience

If you're looking for a recording studio experience day or gift for a loved one look no further! We have a range of experience days that we can organise in our central London recording studio.

London Sound Academy is the UK's leading DJ and Music Production academy based in Camden Town, London. We offer private one-to-one DJ lessons, music production lessons and recording studio experiences. We have hundreds of five-star reviews from happy students because we give a personalised experience in our awesome designer studios in the hearth of one of the most creative music centres of the world!

Learn in a boutique studio in central London!

Recording Studio Experience Gifts

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a music lover, aspiring music producer, DJ or singer this experience will tick all the boxes. You can buy any number of hours as a gift voucher and they can exchange their voucher it for one-to-one DJ or production tuition at London Sound Academy.

Recipients can choose their tutor and their lesson times. Lessons and experience days are available seven days a week throughout the year from 10am till 10pm! Booking is super flexible.

If you want us to plan something special for your loved one click here to contact us or call 02035904429. Otherwise, you'll find that we have three options ready to buy on our gifts voucher page.

Click here to view the Gifts Voucher page

Two Hour Taster Session

The two-hour 'taster' session will give any music lover an insight into DJing or music production. The lesson can be tailor-made to suit any ability level, total beginners welcome! We also welcome all ages six upward! Lessons are available seven days a week from 10am till 10pm so booking is very easy.

If the student is a beginner they will learn how to use a music production program, either Ableton, Logic or FL Studio. We will show them how to use the program to create their own music from scratch. This two-hour session will spark an interest in production and allow them to hit the ground running with their own productions. If the student is more advanced we will tailor-make the lesson to suit their ability level.

This two-hour session can also be exchanged for a DJ experience.

Two-hour sessions are only £100 making it incredible value for a one-to-one experience in professional recording studios!

Recording Studio Experience Day in London

Four Hour Recording Studio Experience Day

If you want to give your loved on a special half-day experience in our recording studios book the 'Essentials' voucher. In this four hour session they will get to grips with more than just the basic skills. The lessons can be geared toward DJ skills or music production skills. The recipient can choose or we can plan something special to suit any type of learner.

This voucher is only £180 making it incredible value for a one-to-one experience in our professional recording studios!

Full Course Experience

If you want to buy something very special try our full course voucher. This voucher can be exchanged for any eight-hour course that we offer including the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced DJ Course or the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Music Production Courses. These hours will then count toward gaining their LSA Pro DJ Certification or the LSA Pro Producer certification.

This is our best value voucher at only £329 for eight-hours in the studio!

Group Recording Studio Experiences

If you want to book a recording studio day experience for a small group of people, perhaps siblings or partners get in touch. We can accommodate groups of up to 10 people. Advance booking is recommended for this! We also offer team building days in the studio and corporate events. These can be DJ lessons or group production lessons in the recording studio.

Group DJ Lessons or Group Production Lessons Available

Any Questions?

Any questions about our Recording Studio Experience Days or gift vouchers? Give us a call on 02035904429 or click here to contact us.

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