Private Singing Lessons in London

August 28, 2020
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Buster Bennett
Private Singing Lessons in London

Singing Lessons in London

Learn how to sing and control your vocals with expert guidance by renowned vocal coach Sofia Maffei at London Sound Academy.

Our new one-to-one singing lessons are designed to help you learn how to sing from any level. Tailor-made singing lessons are available for beginner to advanced singers and we welcome any ability level. Sofia is a kind and chilled vocal coach who will teach you how to get the best from your voice, hit those notes and sing harmoniously.

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Your Private Vocal Coach - Sofia Maffei

Sofia Maffei is an experienced vocal coach specialising in speech level singing, a renowned technique used by hundreds of Grammy winning artists. If you're looking for a fun and relaxed tutor who gets the best from your voice without hurting your confidence Sofia is your best option! Her kind and empathic teaching style will nurture your creativity and give you the foundation you need to blossom. Let your creativity unfold and learn to sing!

A Modern Singing Course

Using the London Sound Academy studios as your base you'll also be able to learn how to sing in a music making factory! You'll be able to use all their cutting edge equipment including microphones and acoustically treated rooms. You can sing to your hearts content in a sound-proof vocal pod!

In addition, you can learn how to produce your vocals too! It's really important for singers to be able to record their own vocals and learn how the music production process works. Currently, we are the only singing academy offering this service! It's optional to the singing lessons but if you want to work in recording studios with producers we highly recommend adding on some vocal mixing lessons with an LSA record producer. What's more is LSA have their own on-house electronic dance music record label. Singers are invited to collaborate with producers from the LSA alumni and work together on new projects for release!

Singing Lesson Structure & Fees

Singing lessons are £60 per hour or you can buy a block of four hour-long lessons for £200. The lesson will be 50-55 minutes long so that your voice is not strained. We will the use the time between lessons to sanitise the equipment to keep the studio COVID secure.

For Beginner & Intermediate Singing Students

First Part of the Lesson: Posture and Breathing

Understanding the basic anatomy of the larynx and vocal cords
Recognising vocal strain and how to avoid injuring our cords
Learning the breathing technique (from scratch for beginners or correcting some mistakes for intermediates)

Second Part of the Lesson: Working on the Piano/Keyboard

We will work on technique through the practice of vocal exercises on the piano. Exercises will be tailored to each student’s needs, but will follow a similar pattern focused on the Speech Level Singing Technique. Students are encouraged to record this part of the lesson and use it to help them do vocal warm ups during the week.

Recognising and engaging with the different resonators and placements
Chest Voice, Head Voice and Mixed Voice
Smoothly transitioning between the voices
Understanding and expanding the range
Developing a clear and healthy sound

Third Part of the Lesson: Repertoire

The student will bring a song they want to work on for each lesson. If they struggle finding material, We will provide some ideas we think would fit that particular student in order to work on different vocal aspects through the songs.

We will work on:

Microphone technique
Improving confidence and stage presence
Applying the technique learned in the warm up to the material
Stylistic choices, these will depend on the music genre of each song.

For Advanced Singing Students

The lesson will be structured similarly, but the focus will become much more technique and detailed focused, working on specific vocal concerns the student already has about their voice. We will work on a tailored plan for each advanced student and ‘fine tuning’ their already trained voice so as to polish what needs further work.

We will also work with advanced students wishing to transition to a different genre of music (i.e, a singer used to doing pop and wishing to start working in musical theatre).

Lessons will likely be structured in two parts for advanced students: vocal exercises on the piano and repertoire work. If the student should require help with breathing and posture, we will restructure the lesson accordingly.

Singing Lesson Availability / How to Book!

Sofia is very flexible and available many days of the week. To book a lesson with Sofia please click here to contact us!

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