Sixty-Day Content Calendar For DJs, Producers & Musicians

October 31, 2023
Written by
Buster Bennett
Sixty-Day Content Calendar For DJs, Producers & Musicians

Sixty-Day Content Calendar For DJs, Producers & Musicians

Do you have an upcoming music release and want to know how to maximise it's reach, how to get noticed and how to build a fan army? Our sixty-day content calendar will inspire you to master social media, gain fans and build a foundation of engaged followers. Our content ideas will help you climb to the next stage in your music career by creating buzz around your release and by helping you connect on a deeper level with your fans. The maximise your musics potential you should follow this sixty-day promotional guide including sixty content ideas.

Content Creation Roadmap

During the lead-up to your release and the weeks after the release, you should be sharing content online to help maximise your projects exposure. Content is shared with the aim of attracting engagement including shares, saves, comments and likes. When a fan engages with your content you can reach out to them and make conversation. Creating connections is the foundation of building your initial fan base. We explore many ideas in this guide to help you create a promotional plan of action and deliver fan-base growth. 

At first growth is slow but soon skyrockets

Your first releases will be the hardest to promote but if you stick at it you’ll soon start gaining momentum. Launching yourself as a new artist often follows an exponential growth pattern. At first, it seems like nothing is happening, but over time it steadily grows at a slow pace and then one day it really takes off! It’s not to say that this is the case for every artist but this is certainly the aim.

This why it's important to make the effort to message and talk to every person who interacts with your content with the aim of making them a fan and supporter. Your aim is to capture as many fans as possible with your content and then funnel them into active conversation and thus higher engagement and support. This level of engagement will trigger the algorithms to push your content to an ever-increasing audience size. Start your curve with these simple steps...

1. Make a Plan

‘A dream without a plan is a delusion!’ Wise words that ring true for music producers who want to release their music and build a fan base. The most essential promotional skills an artist needs to develop are strategy and planning. Having clear goals and a path to them will make everything easier. To help you, we have created a sixty day content plan for you to copy which can be found at the bottom of this article. 

Our sixty day content diary should help you learn how to follow a plan but you also need to start making your own plans and strategies. Be proactive and develop productive habits like list-making, diary use, plans, goals and strategising.

2. How to Start

We suggest that you create a calendar on Google to act as a promotional diary. You can use this calendar to write notes and schedule different posts. You should be giving yourself at least two months to promote a release and you should be working on the promotion every single day in the lead up to release day. This should give you roughly sixty days of promo. If you don’t already have a Google account simply make a free Gmail account and then use their Google Workspace apps to create a calendar and cloud to store files. 

3. Gather Your Materials 

You should gather all the promotional materials you need to create your sixty days of content in advance of your sixty-day campaign. Gather the materials and tools your need an learn how to use them. There's tons of content on YouTube which is can help you learn how to edit audio and video to create professional content. You should also stock up on the equipment and apps you need to turn every suitable moment into a content creation opportunity. These materials will include the following:

High-Quality Camera Phone: The smartphone is the most useful tool to create content and promote your release. It’s important to make sure your camera is of the highest quality because social media algorithms boost higher-quality content. If your images are low quality, badly lit and distorted they won’t be boosted by the algorithm to reach larger audiences. Make sure you invest in a high-quality device, ideally the top-end of camera technology.

Lights: In order to create eye-catching videos and photos you need to learn how to paint with light. This means using lights to make your image more interesting and higher quality. The professionalism of your content will directly reflect your own professionalism so aim to be the best. We suggest that you get a high-end ring light on a stand for video content, a ring light for your phone and a mini LED tube light to create atmosphere and different colours. Having different lighting options will also allow you to vary your content or, if you prefer, standardise the lighting and your aesthetic. 

Wardrobe: You should think about how you present yourself and make sure your outfit choices further your personal brand image. Many successful artists harness the power of fashion and create looks and styles that align with their artistry. You’ll want to have several looks for your sixty days of content. Remember, many people look up to pop stars, musicians, producers and DJs not just for their music but for the lifestyle they live. The most successful artists who master the art of stage presence, wardrobe and artistic expression become idols. Embody the lifestyle of an artist and you’ll inspire more fans to engage and attract more attention. 

EPK (Electronic Press Kit): An EPK is an essential bundle of files to help you promote yourself, especially to promoters, bookers and music journalists. Your EPK is often a folder of files hosted on your cloud and will contain a range of professionally shot press photos in high-res suitable for print. You should have a wide variety of images in different formats including colour, black and white, portrait and landscape. Your EPK should also contain an artist biography in a basic text format (something easy for someone to copy and paste without any formatting). Often, artists will include a digital presentation which includes their photos and an extended biography and other graphics to help sell them as an artist. 

Website: Many artists create their own websites to host their tour dates, and release information, mixes, photos, videos, merchandise and links. Many websites act as a funnel to encourage new fans to join your mailout. A website can also be e-commerce-enabled to help you sell your music and merchandise directly to your fans. 

Mailout: A mailout is absolutely essential. It’s one of the main ways artists can organically grow a fan base and stay in touch with them about new releases and gigs. There are many mailout providers and most of them allow you to send mailouts for free up to 500 subscribers. Mailchimp is a good example. 

Apps: You need to install all the apps you will need to make the content and distribute it onto your smartphone. Here are our suggestions:

Spotify - To share the links to your track
Capcut - To edit your video content 
Instagram - To post content and for messaging fans 
TikTok - To post content and for messaging fans 
Facebook - To post content and for messaging fans 
Tumblr - To post content
Pinterest -  To post content
Flickr -  To post content
LinkedIn -  To post content and network within the music industry
Soundcloud - To post music and message fans
Reddit - For groups and chats
Telegram - For groups and chats
WhatsApp - For groups and chats
Discord - For groups and chats
Threads - To post content and for messaging fans 
X (formerly Twitter) - To post content and for messaging fans 
Bandcamp - Sell your music and merchandise 
Patreon - We website to help you get paid for your content
Linktree - An app that allows you to create a website that hosts all your links
Canva - Web app for graphic design and content templates

4. Know your audience and how to reach them

Before you decide on what type of content to release you should research what other similar artists are doing online and what is successful and not. You can easily learn from other mistakes by looking through their social media profiles and seeing what content is getting engagement and what content isn’t. Take note of what format they are using, video, photo, captions, hashtags, graphics etc. Once you have done your research write down your ideas. Obviously, you’ll also want to create original content, don’t just replicate what others are doing but let it help guide you. 

5. What is your demographic? 

You need to understand who your fans are. Even if you don’t have any yet. By looking at similar artists and fans of your genre you can gauge what age range they are, and what their other interests and hobbies are. Now go further and think about what their dreams and aspirations are. People buy into something based on irrational desires and later on justify it with logic. What are the driving emotions and desires gravitating people toward your idol's music and how can you also use this strategy to your advantage? 

6. Funnel Plan 

Content is there to get you noticed and help you reach a larger audience but it’s not a means to an end. You need to harness its power by converting your new fans into long-term followers invested in your music and career. The main way to hook people in is to connect with them on a personal basis and keep the conversation going. You should personally message every single person who interacts with your content and make conversation with the aim of getting them to sign up for your mailout, join your group chat, and allow you to use their number for a text out. Make a strong connection and collect new fans by befriending them. 

In future, your audience may grow beyond your ability to stay in touch and later snowball. At this point, you can behave like an established artist and let the music do the talking. If you get to this point it’s likely that you’ll have a record label or PR representation to handle all of this work. 

Now that you are well prepared you need to create the content and have sixty days worth (or more). Here is our example of a sixty-day promotion plan. Please use this as a template but of course, you can adapt it, build on it and improve it! 

Sixty Content Ideas for DJs, Producers and Musicians

Sixty Days of Content Diary

Use our sixty day guide and focus on content creation and responding to engagement. Don’t forget you have to actively reach out to every single person who engages with a private message. You first fans are the foundation that all your future fans stem from. Make sure your give them the nutrients they need to help you thrive. 

Please read this entire guide before starting your sixty day campaign. Some of these ideas require pre-planning so be sure to read everything in detail before attempting to follow this plan.

Day 1 - Photoshoot

One of the first things you need to do far in advance of release day is to send a press release but you can’t send one without having good press photos. Book a photoshoot with a photographer experienced in taking musicians' portraits. ( We recommend Thomas Hensher. )

During the photoshoot, you should also create BTS (behind-the-scenes) photos and videos to use as content. You can even document the entire day. Fans love to live the life of artists vicariously through your lens, give them what they want! 

Cover all bases when you gather BTS footage and content during your photoshoot and other content creation days. Make sure you have a variety of formats including: still photos, videos (long and short), boomerangs, timelapse footage and various angles like wide angle or portrait shots.

Day 1 Evening 

The first thing we want you to do is make a note of all your follower numbers on your different social media platforms. At the end of the sixty-day period, you can compare and see how the plan has unfolded. 

Tonight, distribute social media content at peak time which is normally the early evening 6pm-8pm. Make sure it funnels into your DMs (direct messages), mailout or some other way of capturing fan info to keep them informed. We suggest you share your BTS footage from the photoshoot while being careful not to divulge too much and spoil the later release of the final images. Try and attract attention by not disclosing what the shoot is for, and stir up some engagement by teasing the audience. Only release one piece of content. A video would be more suitable, likely in reel format or story format which is a compilation of your BTS clips. Make sure it’s no longer than it needs to be as most people don’t want long videos on social media unless it’s for their own self-interest or advancement. Use captions where possible as many people watch content without audio.

Day 2 - Write Your Press Release

A press release is an official statement (text document, sometimes with images and links) that is sent to the media in the hope of getting interviews and press coverage. If you’re not sure how to write a press release you can simply use AI like Chat GPT and then adapt it. When writing your press release try and think if there is any narrative. A narrative is a story related to you or your release that would perhaps garner more attention. For example, perhaps you’ve created a new style of music, you have an attention-grabbing controversy or a racy music video. If you have a narrative you’ll find it easier to get press attention. 

The press release needs to have the name of the track, the artist and the release date. Additional information would include a short description of the release and the artist along with any record label information. You will often include a link where they can listen to a private promo copy of your release. Private Soundcloud links are great for this purpose.

Day 2 Evening 

Assuming you already have your music release in the distribution queue, you should have a release date and a pre-save link. This evening you should share a video online teasing your release date and the pre-save link. Use a ring light and talk directly to the camera. Announce to your followers that you’ve been working very hard on a new piece of music and you’re excited to share it with the world. Remind them that making music and releasing music in 2023 is very challenging and anything they can do to help will be greatly appreciated. They could help by liking, commenting, sharing and saving. Talking directly to the camera is one of the easiest ways to get your video seen by your immediate followers, if they watch the majority of the video and engage it will be boosted and shown to a larger audience. Don’t feel afraid to be human and show some vulnerability in your videos. Share your challenges and allow your fans to connect with you on a human level. 

Top Tip: Distrokid is a great distribution platform if you’re doing a self-release.

Day 3 - Send Your Press Release

Did you get your press photos back? If not you should wait until they arrive to complete this task. As long as you have your biography written and your press photos you should now draft the press release emails. Start by going to a newsagent and looking at every music magazine. Find the contact information for the editor or any other person who might write about you in the magazine. In addition, search online for music blogs and websites that write articles about new artists or releases. Gather these email addresses in a spreadsheet and start building a database of contacts. Draft your press release emails and make sure you BCC all the email addresses to keep them hidden and discreet. We recommend you write one email for each magazine, blog or journalist and personalise the message to make it relevant to their publication. You don't want to them to think you've just copy-and-pasted the text or sent it to hundreds of other people. Make sure your press release is concise, clean and grammatically correct. Include links to your EPK, Music and social platforms. Now send your press release and make a note in your diary to follow up each email in around five working days time.

Day 3 Evening 

Do another video directly speaking to the camera. Update your followers on your journey to promote your release and maybe cut in some footage of you flicking through music magazines or researching.Talk to them about how you’re excited to have sent out a press release and hope that a blog, big or small will cover the release. Perhaps there is a music journalist in your follower base who can help you so why not make an open call for help in your video? In your video let the audience know that tomorrow you will release the artwork of your upcoming release and that you’re excited to show them and see what they think! 

Day 4 - Artwork Release

Assuming you already have your artwork you can plan some social media posts to reveal it to your fans. Remember, moving images and film have more reach than photos so avoid just posting a still image of the artwork. One way of announcing the artwork release is to print it, having a printed version will give you a prop to hold in a video while you discuss the art. Why not pop to a local printer and ask them to print it out 12inch x 12inch, aka like a vinyl record sleeve? You can then attach it to the front of a record sleeve to make it sturdy. If you don’t have a record sleeve go to a charity shop and get one. Another option would be to show them on another device screen within the video. Treat the artwork as a whole project in itself, describe its meaning to your audience and maybe even show them other artworks you like that inspired it. Finally, you can link to your website or other platform where they can see the full image in high-resolution. 

Day 4 Evening

Always try and release your best content at peak hours. For most people that will be in the evening time when people are home from work or school and are scrolling on the couch. When you make the post, be sure to reply to any comments and DM anyone who interacts, even if it’s just a like. Make real connections with your fans and supporters and encourage them to join your mailing list of text lists. A text list is simply having their phone number so you can text message them when you have a new release or gig. A personal phone number and text message is often the best way to cement a relationship with a fan. You may wish to even have a dedicated phone just for your music career which is separate from your day-to-day phone. 

Day 5 - The Making Of 

When you're producing a project, writing lyrics or recording you should always try and get some BTS footage. This makes for great content in the run-up to a release. Today's post could be a sneak peek into the production process, giving your fans an insight into your creative practice. Fans love to see behind the curtains, you can spur their curiosity by revealing a world they are not usually privy to. It would be great if you could compile several clips and talk directly to the camera again. 

Day 5 Evening 

Another sort of BTS footage that helps fans see behind the curtain of your life and creative practice is documentary content based on your own experiences. If you’re stumped for ideas just hit the town. Try going to some open mic, open decks or club nights and show your fans how engaged in the music community you are. Remember, they love to live vicariously through your camera lens so take them on a journey and live transparently within the public eye.

Day 6 - Press Photo Drip 

By now you would certainly have your press photos back from the photographer. However, hold your horses! We know you want to share all your photos with the world but you need to be patient and learn how to drip-feed your best content. Don’t flood the market and always keep an ace up your sleeve. Today you might want to show just one of the images or a few that are very similar, but save your best for nearer the release date when you have more followers. As press photos are static images you might want to find a way to animate it or perhaps create a short photoburst video. Whenever you do a post make sure you try and encourage engagement, perhaps ask the question ‘What do you guys think of this look’ or ‘I bought these shoes from a charity shop, what’s your best charity shop find?’

Day 6 Evening

Post your content during peak hours and always remember to tag the photographer and any designer, stylist, make-up artist or studio that was involved in the shoot. This will give you more reach and show professionalism and respect toward other creators. 

Throughout the campaign, you can drip-feed your best press photos but be careful not to make too many posts in a single day. 

Day 7 - Negative Hooks

Did you know that negative hooks get far more engagement than positive ones? A hook is a tagline or title that will instantly grab attention in as few words as possible, ideally just three or four words. For example ‘I hate it when…’ People love to hate, and these types of titles always get a bigger emotional response. However, you don’t need to cave into negativity, why not take a self-deprecating humorous slant on the idea and show your human side by telling people funny anecdotes about perhaps writing a whole song then accidentally deleting it, or when snot comes out of your nose when you try and sing on camera, or when your mum tells you that your track needs to be more like Adele but you're more Nicky Minaj. Find something funny to share with your fans but use a negative hook to introduce the piece. 

Day 7 Evening 

Make sure you post your negative hook video at peak time. 

Day 8 - Day In The Life Of

Today you can make a ‘day in the life of’ video. Plan an exciting day out at deliberately visually appealing hotspots. Remember fans desire to live the life of a pop star or musician so if you can live that life, even just for one day, they will follow you for inspiration. Make an agenda and remember to use great camera equipment and lighting. You might need your portable LED light for this or a ring light for your phone.

See if you can include other musicians or creatives in the video so it’s not just you, the more people in the post the better. When you release the content be sure to make a collaborative post so that it reaches even more people. Collaborative or partnership posts are one of the best ways to cross-pollinate audiences and dramatically increase your exposure. 

Day 8 Evening 

This evening why not try some live content? There are many platforms that will allow you to go live including YouTube, Mixcloud, Instagram and TikTok. What you do with your live is up to you but some of the best lives involve multiple people. A great type of live is a discussion in a podcast or interview format. Why don’t you organise a live discussion? Other ideas can be live BTS of your creative process and live singing, producing or DJing. Either way, make sure you encourage engagement and discussion in the chat and acknowledge all your commenters and fans. 

Day 9 - Day In The Life Of Editing

You’re going to need a whole day to recover from your hangover and edit your film. Just kidding about the first bit! Use editing software like Final Cut for bigger more intricate projects or something like CapCut for smaller editing tasks. Start by looking at other 'a day in the life of' videos from other influencers for inspiration. You may also be able to find pre-made editing templates.

Day 9 Evening 

If last night's live was a success you may wish to go live again. Other content you can post this evening can be more press shots or BTS from your photoshoot. If you want something fresh a good idea is to tease a tiny bit of the audio of your release but don’t give too much away, just a few seconds is enough. 

Day 10 - Spotify Playlist 

Today you should create a Spotify playlist of music you love. Plan it so the playlist will one day be updated to contain your release. You should create a catchy title and artwork for the playlist. Try and include artists who would engage with your content when you post about it later. Avoid the massive artists, they are unlikely to help you. A great playlist should have around 40 tracks and be updated regularly and shared as much as possible to gain listeners. As well as Spotify you can make playlists on many other platforms including Beatport. 

Day 10 Evening 

This evening you should plan another video talking to the camera, perhaps in live format. You should talk about your playlist and speak about every track one by one. Talk about why the artist or song inspires you and why you decided to add it to your playlist. Tag the producers and singers of the tracks in question. Encourage your followers to listen to the playlist and save it. Tell them that you will add your new song to the playlist once it’s released and if they like your music choices and curation they can message you to be added to your mailout. 

Day 11 - Merchandise 

Today you’re going to have fun designing some merchandise. Let’s be real here, you probably won’t sell any when you’re a new artist but creating it can be free and still makes for good engaging content. Perhaps you can also share this journey online and ask your followers which designs they like from a selection you have made and what options they prefer. Think about making stickers, pin badges, t-shirts and tote bags. You could use your logo or another graphical motif related to you as an artist or your release. You never know, it might even spin off into its own brand. Try and print-on-demand service where you don’t need to hold actual stock. It will only be produced and shipped when someone buys it. 

Top Top: Printful is a great print-on-demand merchandise service

There is another type of merchandise that will give you far more engagement with pull on the heartstrings of your fans. Home-made merch. Why not try and print your own tees with sustainable technology, create your own artwork prints hand-signed or stitch your own embroidery? Spend the evening getting crafty and find a merch concept that suits your type of artistry. 

Day 11 Evening

Post your merch-related content or links to any merch you've already set up with a print-on-demand service. Remember video is better than still images so do a real video and talk to the camera, hold the actual merchandise in your hands or images of it. You might also want to show the production of the merch. Many Djs, producers of muscians will spend a day visiting the factory where their vinyl records or t-shirts are made.

Day 12 - Competition 

One of the main ways to grab the attention of people scrolling endlessly through social media is to appeal to their self-interest. A competition where they can win a prize or experience is a great way to drive growth and make new connections. Perhaps your prize could be some of your new merch, a ticket to your gig, a creative lesson or even you baking a cake for them. The more whacky the better!

Plan your competition in a way that people need to engage in your post and tag other people who also need to engage to enter. This will amplify your reach. It’s up to you how long the contest lasts but another great piece of content is the winner announcement and the prize being awarded. 

Day 12 Evening

Once you have posted your competition see if you can find any groups online where you can share the post or simply ask fans to one-by-one to share the post with you. Your fan base can be an army at your disposal and asking them directly is the easiest win. 

Day 13 - Memes

One of the best forms of viral content on the internet is the humble meme. While there are thousands of memes already doing the rounds, very few people actually take the time to create new ones. The few that do benefit the most. Spend the day researching memes that strike a chord with your target demographic. Now brainstorm some funny memes of your own and create them using a program like Photoshop or Canva. Be sure to add your tag to the image or video you create so if anyone copies it they will be sharing your tag.

Day 13 Evening 

Now you have your meme weapons you should share them far and wide and be sure to use the correct tagging so that other meme addicts can find them. Simply the tag #meme is a good one. 

Day 14 - Tutorial 

As we already know, one of the best forms of content is something that appeals to the viewer's self-interest. One of the biggest segments of this type of content is in the form of educational tutorials. Everyone has a skill to share. Think of what skill you can turn into a mini-tutorial. Perhaps you want to show them how to produce a certain type of sound, record vocals, sing, warm up your voice, hook up a mic etc. There are really endless tutorials that every artist can think of.

The tutorial doesn't even need to be about music. You could show them your favourite recipe and while talking them through the steps drop in your release info. Spend the day brainstorming your ideas, filming and editing the content. 

Day 14 Evening

When you post your tutorial make sure to encourage your viewers to follow, like, share and subscribe for more. Remember to personally message every single person who interacts with your content to create a deeper relationship. 

Day 15 - Top 5 List

Lists are a very popular and easy-to-digest format of information. Think of a top five that would resonate with your follower demographic. Perhaps your top five techno clubs, top five record players, top five pop idols, the list goes on! Remember a video would have more engagement, how can you put your top five into an interesting video concept? For example, if it's your top five record shops why not compile a video using clips of your visiting them.

Day 15 Evening 

Tonight you can post your top 5 list and make sure you are available to engage with your followers, reply to comments and personally message those who liked it. Make sure you tag anyone related the actual subject of the top five. For example, if it's your top five venues make sure to tag them in the video for a reshare.

Day 16 - Shout Outs

Everyone loves praise. A quick way to create a post that helps you reach other people's audiences is by creating a piece of content they will share themselves because it praises them. Again, we are appealing to people's self-interest, it always works! Find a list of people you know that inspire you create shout-out posts and praise them. Hopefully, they will share the content on their own profiles. The best way to do this is by talking directly to the camera with captions. 

Day 16 Evening

Tonight you can share your shoutouts and be on hand to reply to those who are engaged. It’s a good idea to check your database. Haven’t got one yet? Make a spreadsheet with the platform and the user name of every fan you have ever conversed with. You’ll be messaging them one by one when the track is released. 

Day 17 - Trending Videos 

Today you’re going to research trending videos and topics. Instagram and TikTok often have viral trends and X (Formerly Twitter) has trending topics. Following a trend and then adapting it or evolving it can be low-hanging fruit. See if there is a trend you can copy and keep an eye on developing trends. It’s always far better to be the first on a trend. If the trend has already been circulating for a long time try and avoid it, and find a fresh trend. Once you've found a trend try and replicate it but in a unique way.

Day 17 Evening 

You can spend the evening distributing your trend content, creating stitches, video comment replies and riding the TikTok or viral video wave. 

Day 18 - Show & Tell 

Today you’re going to find an object that helps your fans get to know you better. A show and tell of a personal item is a great way to connect with people's human side. Perhaps it's a family heirloom, a record you love, or a photograph that relates to a memory or anecdote. It could even be your car, your apartment (think MTV cribs) or your city. What can you show to your fans? 

Day 18 Evening 

Today you can post your show and tell and perhaps even do it as a live with questions and answers. See if the conversation can expand and bring in more interest. Make sure that you're building up your spreadsheet database of fans who are actively interacting with your content. Ensure you spend time individually messaging every single person and striking up conversation. Politely ask them to join our mailout or text out or just ask them for permission to message them around the release of your track.

Day 19 - Spa Day

Everyone knows that the life of a creator is a hectic one, so why not take a spa day? 

It’s important to relax, indulge yourself and look after your well-being. Perhaps book a yoga class, go to a spa, have your hair or nails done, meditate, take a hike etc. It’s nice to show your fans another side of you, something they can relate to, something to encourage empathy and support. Be careful not to look spoilt in these types of posts and avoid preaching, just politely ask them along for the ride. Remember, a fans mentality is to desire to live vicariously through your lens. Induldge them, and yourself with a spa day! Post this content as you go.

Day 19 Evening

Take the evening off and put your feet up! 

Day 20 - Favourite Movies 

A nice way to follow up on a spa day is a movie day! Everyone loves talking about the movies and fans want to know where you take your inspiration from. Spend some time making a short list of movies you like and see if you can create some content for your watching, perhaps with popcorn and snacks in hand. Create an interesting video with clips of you watching intersected with you talking about why you love these movies and how they relate to your artistic endeavours. If you're not much of a movie person you can substitute with TV shows or books.

Day 20 Evening 

As always, post your content during peak hours. Later tonight you are going to try and live video. This live will be you just going about your life, perhaps watching one of the movies you like. You should open up the chat to questions and answers from your fans and encourage conversation. Make sure you bring it back to your music at multiple points.

Day 21 - Release Update 

We’re a third of the way through the process! You should update your fans on your upcoming release. Let them in on your promotional campaign because people love to hear stories from people who are going out there and taking risks, people who are truly striving for the dream. Keep it real and down to earth and let them enjoy the journey with you. Share the artwork, the press photos, the audio snippets and crucially the pre-save link!

Day 21 Evening 

If you’ve not already done so make sure you directly message everyone you know and all your fans, one by one and ask them to use the pre-save link. You may also wish to tag your new followers and thank them for their interest in your music.

Day 22 - Time Lapse 

Today you’re going to experiment with filming a time lapse video. Simply set up a camera while you do something. Music producers might film themselves filming, singers might film themselves recording or you might film yourself packing merchandise orders or records into sleeves. 

You should then think of some captions and audio to lay over the time lapse. This might be a quote or perhaps you simply describing what we are seeing. Remember to prompt followers to use your pre-save link. 

Day 22 Evening

Post your time lapse content and be available to reply to engagement. Late at night you might want to go live again to grab the night owl crowd.

Day 23 - Animate Your Track

Audio as a format on its own is hard to share on social media so the best option is to use it in the background of a video or animation. Moving images will catch more attention than something still so today why not try and animate your upcoming release? One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a spinning record animation app like SpinVid. If you have a track out on Beatport or Traxsource you can also use Klippr.

Another way to animate the music is simply to screen grab the video of you playing the track on Soundcloud. You could also download any gif or stock video and edit your audio on top. 

Day 23 Evening

This evening try and share an animated sneak peek of your track with your pre-save link. Be careful not to give too much away! 

Day 24 - Fake Poster Campaign

There are many funny ways to put yourself on a fake billboard. It’s a fun way to create engaging content. Of course, you don’t need to lie and it does look fake but it’s a great way to manifest your goals. It does get attention only and you can inform your followers they are fake and ask them if they rate your potential future billboard. Maybe do your top five fantasy billboards or top five funny billboards. You can even research successful poster campaigns throughout music history and help educate your follower base.

Click here for some billboard generators 

Day 23 Evening 

Tonight you can share your future poster campaign and encourage your followers to comment if they like the images or not. Always use questions and text that encourage people to comment and spend more time viewing your posts. A poll is also another great way for people to interact. You can then also share the results of the poll. 

Day 25 - Set Up Bandcamp

If you’ve not already created an artist profile on Bandcamp it should be high on your list or priorities. Bandcamp is a website where artists can sell their music and merchandise directly to fans and keep most of the proceeds. Many artists survive on their income from Bandcamp. Today you should set up your Bandcamp and prepare for a special flash sale. 

Day 25 Evening 

Tonight you will try and direct your fans to follow you on Bandcamp by talking to the camera on a live or reel. Inform your followers that it’s hard for musicians to make money to pay their bills on Spotify because Spotify only pays £0.0034 per stream. This is not enough to support artists to make great music and pay their bills unless they are doing billions of streams.

Fans need to realise we need their support. Don't preach this message to your followers but rather help lead them to the conclusion. One of the best ways fans can support artists is by buying music and merchandise directly from Bandcamp. To encourage them to use Bandcamp by selling your music on the platform before general release. You could even hold a pre-release flash sale.

Top Tip: Look out for Bandcamp Fridays and other Bandcamp promotions where they offer even more of the proceeds to the artists. 

Day 26 - Pitch To Playlists

One of the ways a new release can reach new audiences is by being placed on a playlist on a streaming platform like Spotify. Once you’ve set your release up you’ll be able to log into your Spotify for Artists account and see it as an upcoming release. At this point, you can then pitch it to playlists. Spend today learning how to do this and watch videos on YouTube for advice. Make sure you also target playlists on all other platforms like Tidal, Amazon, Apple etc. 

Avoid paying for placements on playlists using services like Fiverr. These are scams and the negatively affect your music. Algorithms can tell is plays are fake and activity is unusual. Once detected they will simply stop pushing your music to bigger audiences. You'll essentially kill your profile.

Day 26 Evening

This evening you should spend the time searching for playlists on Spotify that would suit your upcoming release. Some of the playlists will have contact information and often a link to an Instagram profile. Find the ones that do and reach out to the owner of the playlist and try and strike up a conversation. Ask them if your track is suitable for their playlist, don’t assume, and then ask them politely how you can submit your track for consideration and ask them how you can support the playlist in return. 

You might also want to take the opportunity to make an open call to other playlist owners via your Reels or Lives and see if you can make some new connections. Another good research tip is to search for hashtags on social media for your style of music and strike up conversations with other people interested in the same music. 

Day 27 - Pitch To Blogs

Today you should spend some time following up on all the magazines and blogs you sent your press release to. Ask them if they received it and if they think it’s suitable or have any feedback for you. If they are not interested try and understand why so that you can successfully pitch something next time or at least cross them off your list. In addition today you should experiment by writing a blog article about a related subject. Many magazines, blogs and trade magazines are seeking high-quality content from volunteer writers. This can be a good way to get your foot in the door. For example, perhaps a DJ blog is looking for people to review new releases. In return, after a few articles, they may review your piece. 

Day 27 Evening

This evening why not spend some time working on your blog ideas and making a database of potential blog partners You can also document your music journalism pursuit on social media and ask your followers for feedback on your ideas or blog subjects. Your fans will appreciate any insight into your life and creative process so you may wish to live while you work.

Day 28 - Self Interview 

A great way to help your new followers get to know you is to make a dummy interview with yourself. Simply think of a list of questions and then film your responses. Instead of having an interviewer, you can simply use captions on the final video edit. Captions are important for all your videos where you speak to the camera. Create many video interviews with yourself so that you have lots of pieces to drip-release over the duration of your campaign.

Day 28 Evening

Tonight you can post your interview content and continue to build your fan database.

Day 29 - Your Perfect Gig List 

Today you can try making a post about your perfect gig list or fantasy gig list. This would be a list of venues or places where you would love to perform in the future. Find the videos, maps or images to go with the post and edit them into a digestible list-format piece of content. You can diversity this concept by proposing a list for the near future and the long term.

Day 29 Evening

Post your fantasy gig list tonight and encourage discourse on the post by engaging anyone who is interacting. Make sure you tag the venues or locations you want to perform at. You never know, they might get back to you or share the content. 

Day 30 - Create Or Join A Meet-up

Being active in a community group will help you promote your music. It often takes a tipping point of interaction on a new release in order to boost it further. All the connections you can make online and in person are important. The bigger your friend circle the easier it will be to promote your release and content. Find subjects that you’re interested in and go to community events advertised on meet-ups. Focus on building friendships. If the meet-up is related to music then even better as in-person networking is vital for furthering a music career. 

Click here to find local meet-ups

Day 30 Evening

See if you can do some in-person networking and document it for your followers. Make sure you have some kind of business card when networking in person. If you don't already have one spend some time making one or use an NFC business card.

Day 31 - Highlight Positive Feedback 

Now you’ve hit the halfway point and have been posting great content for 30 days you should have received lots of comments and interactions. Now is a good time to collate some of these replies and compile them into a piece of content. The aim here is to thank them publicly for their support and hope they again share your thank you piece. Find a eye-catching format to compile your content and create a template you can use again for your next release. In general, when making content try and refine your practice so that you can do things quicker and better for your next release.

Day 31 Evening 

Spend the evening going through all the comments and replies to your former posts and make sure you have replied and given thanks. Chase up with messages and work on cementing more friendships and connections with your followers and fans. 

Day 32 - Bust An Industry Myth 

Today’s content will be a ‘myth-buster’ format. Music fans love to see insights into how the music industry works. You can leverage this interest by creating ‘myth-buster’ content. For example, a video detailing a widely known piece of advice that simply doesn’t work in real life. One myth might be that Record Deals mean that you’ve made it. Maybe expose how many record labels are in fact scams and often sign artists into unfair contracts. Maybe even find some examples to show your audience.

Remember to always funnel the conversation into your own music career to help new fans follow you. The act of myth-busting will increase trust between you and your followers. 

Day 32 Evening 

Have a moan. Get on social media and have a good moan about things in the music industry. Expose some truth bombs and create a conversation about how the future music industry should work. See if there is anything controversial that you can latch on to to drive the conversation into viral territory.

Day 33 - Share Controversial News 

Another type of content that receives lots of attention is controversy. Many famous artists will deliberately chime in on controversial news and give their own opinions. Masters will create controversy for their own aims. This type of content can of course backfire so to avoid any risks you may wish to share something controversial that your audience will disapprove of.

Remember, people respond more to negative headlines. Perhaps share a controversial story from the music industry, there are many! One can be the record profits of companies like Spotify while artists are struggling to keep the lights on. Read some trade journals and magazines, get to know the industry and the music business and share your knowledge and opinions with your audience. This tactic will also help you become a voice of authority within the music industry and help you get attention from people other than fans, people who actually work behind the scenes in the industry. 

Why not find something that concerns you and pen a letter to the relevant body, your local MP for example.

Day 33 Evening 

Tonight you might want to share your controversial material and perhaps create a live piece of content or a video reel. Make sure you encourage people to comment and react to your posts. Everyone loves to comment on something controversial so give them that platform to do it. 

Day 34 - Achievement Post 

It’s time to take a look back at your achievements and pat yourself on the back. Find something in your past or in your career that you're proud of. Make a post centred around your achievement and how you want to celebrate it or reward yourself for your hard work. Show your human side and that you’re proud of your achievement. Share the obstacles you’ve overcome and let your human side be seen.

It doesn’t even need to be a big thing, it could simply be getting out of bed ‘I’m proud of myself for getting out of bed and getting on with the work.’ I spent a week reading more, I spent a month eating better, and I went for a run today. The list is really endless so you should be able to find some gems to report on that help you build a rapport with your fans.

Day 34 Evening 

Tonight you can post about your achievements and open a discourse asking your fans and followers what they are proud of. Discuss mental health openly and be supportive of other people. Try to empathise with their achievements and encourage them to use your forum to communicate their emotions. 

Day 35 - Five Things You Wish You Knew Earlier 

Today you can create a piece of content or a series of content based around the idea of ‘Five things I wish I knew earlier’ This can relate to your music, music career or just your personal life. As we already know, lists are a very engaging and popular way to deliver content. They hook people in because they are easy to digest and people love to see how different things rank in importance for other people.

This piece is a double-whammy because not only is it a viral list but it’s also a BTS look at your experiences and the music industry. There are many formats your piece could take so research other viral list videos and either copy a format that works or create your own interpretation. 

Day 35 Evening

Tonight you want to post your ‘5 things…’ content and make sure you engage with everyone who responds. Make sure you include good SEO keywords and tags so that your post reaches the right audience. One of the easiest ways to do this is to look at a similar video and see what descriptions and tags they are using. 

Day 36 Your Back Story 

Fans love to know everything about their pop star idols. Indulge them by revealing your background and include engaging videos and imagery. Kids' photos are always popular because people love to see how your looks have changed over the years. Kids photos are also super cute so perhaps dig out an old baby photo or picture of you in a cool kids outfit. Keep it relatable and fun.

This could be a short piece or you could really go into your whole life history. Start with a little introduction piece with your baby photo and a short version of where you are from. 

Day 36 Evening 

Share your back story content and spend some time replying to comments and likes individually. Always remember that you should message every single person who interacts with your content. Make conversation and keep them in the loop for future developments. 

Day 37 Collaboration Takeover 

Today you might want to experiment by collaborating on a takeover or social media swap. Find an artist, brand or friend you trust and swap logins for your Instagram accounts. You might spend the day together or apart. The aim is to reach a new audience. The format normally follows the ‘A day in the life of’ concept but can really be anything. Make sure when you do the stories and posts you always link back to your own profile as the aim is to build your follower base. 

Day 37 Evening 

Tonight just carry on the swap as long as it’s working well and record all your engagements in your database.

Day 38 - Five Things You Hate

Here we go again, its that ‘five things’ format. It just works! This time we are combining it with a negative hook because remember, angry people click more. Hook your audience in with a negative headline but then maybe placate them with something humorous. The five things can be literally anything, it could be something about yourself like your various neuroses, your toxic traits or just things in your wardrobe. You can even consider spinning it as ‘Five things I love to hate.’ See how you can work the format here. This is an idea you can rinse and repeat. If you want to keep it relatable then explore self-deprecating humour, where you laugh at your own funny quirks. 

Day 38 Evening

Post the content you have made and spend some time brainstorming more ‘Five things’ lists you can share in the future. 

Day 39 Help Me Pick an Outfit 

Today you’re going to have fun with fashion. Think of a 90s movie montage where the star has a wardrobe sequence showing different outfits before a party. Make your own version but video various looks you might wear to your gig or performance. Show off your style and outfits. The more creative the better! Your fans will love to a sneak peak into your wardrobe and style. You'll even pull in those who are interested in how you organise your wardrobe.

Edit the footage together and encourage people to comment about the different looks. For example, you could say comment ‘1’ for this look or ‘hot or not’ ‘hit or miss’ etc. You could event tempt more people into the conversation by saying you’ll burn the worst look, that would make for some entertaining follow-up footage! (Remember to always be safe and responsible when making content!) 

Day 39 Evening 

Post your content during peak time and make sure you’re available to interact with the posts. If you’ve had fun with fashion today why not spend some time researching more looks and outfit ideas for press photos, content, interviews and performances. 

Day 40 - Countdown 

Your release is coming out soon! Now is really the time to start the countdown and increase the frequency of updates on the release process. You can utilise actual countdown widgets on platforms like Instagram or just make your own video content. Perhaps a story every day holding the number or writing the number somehow. You could perhaps write one day in ketchup in a greasy spoon cafe, another day use an inflatable balloon, another day spray paint the number.

Think of an engaging way you can report the news but also hook viewers into a sequence. Think of your countdown like an advent calendar and give your fans a visual treat everyday. The whole time you are making posts you have to funnel people toward your pre-save, your DMs, your comments and your mailout. 

Day 40 Evening 

Make sure you spend this evening chasing up all the people who have interacted with your content and remind them to use the pre-save link. Ask them kindly from a human perspective and communicate that it’s difficult for new artists to break into the mainstream. Everyone loves an underdog and helping someone feels good. You’re actually doing them a favour by asking, you’re giving them a lovely boost of endorphins! Never feel guilty for asking politely. 

Day 41 Share Your Workspace

Today you’re going to make some content where you reveal your workspace. This could be a home studio, recording studio or even just a wardrobe where you record your vocals next to a mattress. It could even be just a seat in the corner of a cafe because sometimes humble posts are more authentic and likely to engage your fans. Of course, you could show off a fancy office or stunning view but we don’t all have that. Just share what you have to work with and maybe detail some of your creative processes or tools. Give your fans some interesting insight into how you work. 

Day 41 Evening 

Tonight share your workspace content and perhaps take questions on your creative practice. You can even make spin-off content based on the earlier posts, like asking your fans what they think you should do to improve your workspace. 

Day 42 - Recommendations 

As we know, scrollers love a list. They also love recommendations and insights into people's opinions about other people and businesses. Scrollers are the ultimate digital curtain twitchers and you can help satisfying their curiosity. In return, they will watch your content and help it grow.

Today make a list of people or businesses that you really love and why you love them. Create separate video testimonials which are designed to be posted along with a tag directed toward them. This will give you favour in their eyes and they will likely repost the content, which in turn expands your reach. This is a form of brand alignment so be careful who you rub shoulders with. Don’t associate with unscrupulous companies, negative people or anything too controversial as their negative vibe could accidentally rub off onto you. 

Day 42 Evening 

Tonight you can share your recommendations and hopefully good a good deed in the process by supporting great businesses and people. If it works out well they will re-share the content. Win-win. 

Day 43 - What’s In My Head

Today you’re going to compile a ‘What's in my Head’ style post. This is a video or compilation of images that reflects what’s on your mind. It’s often done in a humours way. Jodie Harsh is a master of this format and often posts carousels of images she has gathered that reflect her brand, queer identity and sass! 

Day 43 Evening 

What’s in your head is essentially a bitesize brainstorm for Instagram. Spend the evening gathering more images, memes, videos and content you can share for future ‘Whats in my head’ posts. Pinterest is a great source of images along with Google searches, Tumblr and Instagram.

Day 44 - Share A Vulnerable Moment

It’s time to pull on those heartstrings again! We all love to see someone’s human side on social media. It helps us relate and ultimately stay glued to their content. The best way to build rapport with your audience is a candid reveal of a traumatic moment or vulnerable moment that has happened to you. This might be an accident, grief, a painful breakup or anything that might strike some accord with your fans and followers.

It can be as personal as you wish but make sure you don’t come across as attention-seeking or playing the victim card. That can easily put people off. Sharing personal information is not for everyone so you need to make the call if you want to divulge your personal life in the public domain or not. Remember also that you shouldn’t exposure any information about another person that cause them upset or harm. It would be wise to discuss your post with anyone who is related to what you’re about to say. 

Day 44 Evening 

Sometimes creating self-reflecting content can be emotionally draining. Make sure you check in with how you’re feeling and make sure you’re not stepping over a line which you don’t want to cross. Music is your passion but you don’t have to sell your soul. Everyone has their own limits so spend some time reflecting and set yourself some boundaries to work within. 

Day 45  Reintroduce Yourself 

You’re now more than two thirds of the way into your sixty day content blitz! You should now have gained some followers and it might be time to reintroduce yourself and perhaps recycle some of your older content. Some of your new followers might now have seen your posts about your release or background and it’s a good idea to make a post reintroducing yourself. The best format for this is a video where you speak directly to the camera with captions. Make sure you always use captions because the majority of social media content is watched by people with the volume turned off! 

Day 45 Evening 

Have a look through your older stories and posts and repost some of the most successful ones but in another format. For example, if a story on Instrageram was popular why not share it as a video on TikTok. You might even do a stitch with yourself. 

Day 46 Create a Quiz or Challenge

Another popular form of content is a simple quiz. Many social media platforms have in-built tools that allow you to make an interactive quiz or multiple choice question. These are great but making your own quiz normally gets more attention. You can do this as a live video and ask people to answer the questions in the comments. The more questions you have the more comment answers you get and the more viral the post becomes. If your quiz if working then you can repeat this form of content regularly. If you're looking for a subject start with music trivia that is related to your genre of music and your fan base demographic.

Hosting a challenge is a great way to have interaction with your fans on social media. A popular form of challenge would be a cover, remix, stitch, comment shoutout or dance. The best challenges involve a video comment or a video response. Think of viral dance challenges, ice buckets and hot chilly chips. There are potentially endless challenge ideas you can come up with but be sure to keep it safe. 

Day 46 Evening

Share your quiz or challenge post this evening and double-up with a live quiz in the later hours of the night. As always, record those who engage with you and follow up with DMs.

Day 47 - Q&A or FAQ

Today you should prepare for a live Q&A session, FAQ or simply just a conversational live stream. You don’t need to plan what to say but you should plan the shot. Make an interesting video shot by thinking about the lighting and background. You might also want to be doing something during the video to make it more lively. It’s common for people who are performing in live streams to play an instrument, sing, DJ, cook, braid hair etc. What can you do while striking up a conversation with your fans? 

Day 47 Evening

Tonight you should go live with your Q&A format and try to stimulate as much conversation and direct engagement with your followers as possible. Remember to follow up with individual DMs and pre-save links. 

Day 48 - Listening Party / Preview Party

Today you will host a listening party. A listening party is a preview of your upcoming release normally either in person or during a live stream. If in person, you may wish to gather a small group of friends or go big and rent a venue, bar or club to preview your track on a louder sound system. You can document the event with photos and videos. You can also do a live stream of the track to engage your followers in the event. Be sure to reward yourself and celebrate this moment. Perhaps decorate the place you’re previewing the track, make it into a meal, BBQ or party. Encourage the people who are there to share the content and the pre-save link. 

Day 48 Evening

You'll likely be hosting your event this evening so be sure to use your business card to network in-person and collect BTS footage. It's a good idea to enlist the help of friends when running a larger event like this.

Day 49 - Track Breakdown

If you’re a music producer you can film a track breakdown and show fans how you created your track. You may even film a time-lapse of the creation of the production. One idea is to think of it as a tutorial to help other music producers or you can just entertain fans by showing them some BTS video content about how music is created. If you’re not a producer you might want to create a breakdown of your lyric writing process or composition process. 

Day 49 Evening

Post your track breakdown content and see if you can target your reel or video post to attract people interested in making their own music. Remember to use the best keywords in your post descriptions to enhance your SEO.

Day 50 - YouTube

Today you want to take some time to focus on your YouTube campaign. YouTube is not as relevant as it once was but it’s still a powerful tool to reach new audiences and build a follower base. It’s very popular for tutorials, lists and music videos. If you want a music video but you don’t have the budget you might want to get some stock footage video footage, like an animated graphic, and put your music on the video. If your track has lyrics you can consider making a lyric video. If you want to outsource the whole process there are plenty of service providers on Fiverr who can help you make this type of content. 

Day 50 Evening 

Spend some time posting about your fledgling YouTube channel on all your social media platforms and invite your fans to subscribe to your channel. In addition, you can brainstorm some ideas for future video content to keep your channel active. 

Day 51 - Radio Plugging 

Today you’re going to build a database of radio stations and shows you can send your promo to. Start by making a spreadsheet and collect the demo or promo submission email addresses or telephone numbers. You should then send them your press release and a copy of your upcoming release. Contact big a small radio stations because any exposure is good. 

Day 51 Evening

Create some content about your favourite radio shows. Speak to the camera and use the testimonial or list format. Hopefully, the station or the host of the show will repost your content if you tag them. You can also make a video of your top five radio presenters or stations.

Day 52 - Quotes

Quotes are another great viral meme-like piece of content. You can recycle quotes from other people (with credit) or you can make your own. Many people often quote themselves by screen grabbing a tweet or thread comment. Canva, which is like online photoshop, is a great way to create quotes using a variety of templates. Spend the day researching quotes from others and brainstorming your own quotes. Use a great template and make a years worth of quote content. You can also recite your quotes directly to the camera.

Day 52 Evening

Post your quote content and try and encourage debate and comment replies. Ask a question and follow up with all yoru fans to cement the relationship. Send them the pre-save link and let them know there is only ten days left till the big release day! 

Day 53 - Fantasy Music Video 

Today your content can revolve around the planning or mood-boarding of your fantasy music video. This content could reference classic music videos you like and create discourse around them. Everyone loves a bit of retro nostalgia so perhaps borrow some of that interest. Early 2000s and 90s are vey popular at the moment. See if you can find some hidden gems and document your brain-storming process.

You don’t have to actually go through with making the music video but you can show your fans what your future or fantasy music video would be like. Ask them to comment and give you ideas or their opinion or suggestions. By involving them in the process they will feel a deeper connection with you and your creations. 

Day 53 Evening

You can post your mood-boarding or brainstorming content about your fantasy music video. You can also use this content for other fantasies, like fantasy artwork, fantasy photoshoot etc. Some content makers will also use this as an opportunity for a live stream where they scroll videos on Youtube and discuss music and music videos with their fans. 

Day 54 - Final Week Before Release

It’s now the final week before the release of your track. You should start a seven day countdown and maybe compile some of the milestones you’ve crossed in the lead up to the release. Everyone loves a before an after! Summarise your achievements and your journey so far and encourage fans to help you in the final sprint to release day.

Make sure you’re always DM'ing whoever engages on your content and replying to likes, comments and shares. Strike up real conversations and ask them politely to share the pre-save link and share it to their followers. 

Day 54 Evening

Spend some time making sure your spreadsheet database of followers is up to date. Make sure you enter every single follower who engaged with your content over the past weeks so that you can contact them again when the release it out. If you've not privately messaged them try and do so now. You can't message more than 50 people per day so spread it out.

Day 55 - Gym Day 

Today you’re going to prepare yourself mentally and physically for release day. You’re going to base your video content around a visit to the gym or some other form of exercise. Music is an important element of people’s fitness routines so why not reflect this and create content around the marriage of fitness and music. You can also discuss fitness and mental health within music industry professionals. One idea would be a time lapse run, or some shots of you lifting weights. You could create a fitness playlist and ask your followers what they listen to at the gym? What’s the best music for your style of fitness? 

Day 55 Evening 

Work on your fitness playlists and see if there are any companies that supply music for gyms. They often will license music to play in gyms rather than paying PRS.

Day 56 - Elder Advice 

Another type of engaging content is advice videos. You can give advice or receive advice. Everyone benefits from the wisdom of over people who have more years of experience. This could be an older relative or a peer within the music industry. Arrange a phone or video call with an older peer and ask them for advice either about life in general or for your music career or release. Your followers will respect that you seek advice and value the experiences of older people and they will also find it fascinating themselves. It makes for value-added content. Film or record your content today and prep it for release in the evening time. 

Day 56 Evening

Spend the evening posting your advice content and engaging with your followers. You can also make a list of other people you can make advice videos with in future.

Day 57 - Tags

You’ll need to get more people looking at your profile in the run up to release day. The easiest way to do this is with tags. You can’t tag too many people so be selective. Look back over your database of the followers who engaged with your content over the last sixty days. Now look at their follower count and how much engagement they are getting with their own posts. Engagement is more important than follower counts but often people with more followers will naturally have higher engagement.

Find the best 20 of these and create some content where you can either take them individually or in small groups and thank them for your support. You might also want to recepptcate the support and support them with some time of shoutout or testimonial. The idea is that they see the tag, visit your profile and hopefully share your content again. 

Day 57 Evening

Spend the evening tagging and responding to tags. Figure out who your most powerful followers are and see if there is anything you can do to keep them engaged and encourage them to support your further by sharing your content to their followers. This is one of the best ways to amplify your impact. 

Day 58 - Three Days To Go! 

Just three days to go till your release! It’s time for another shout out with the pre save link. Re-form some of your key content into a smaller video including your photoshoots, track snippet, artwork etc. Everything directly related to the release. By this point you may also have some notable supporters or so make sure you report on any successes. For example, your track may have already been played on the radio, featured in a DJ set or playlist, shared by a notable person, been given feedback from a notable person or label etc. 

Day 58 Evening Time 

Make sure you are well prepared for release day by checking you have a database spreadsheet of all the people who interacted with your content over the past sixty days. You’ll be using this to individually message each and every person one-by-one on release day and the days following. 

Day 59 - Release Eve

Focus on pre-save today. The pre-save or pre-order link will dictate how much reach your release will have and if it wil trigger the algorithms to push your track to a larger audience or not. If you’re releasing your music for sale it will also dictate whether or not you enter any charts.

Firstly, make sure all your close friends and family have used the pre-save link. They are your first line of promotion. You should also ask if they will support you on release day. If you don’t ask you don’t get. Next, you should focus on checking in with any fans and followers you have created over the last sixty days and politely ask them if they have pre-saved yet, if not give them a little nudge. Don’t pester them, but a little polite nudge filled with compliments and thanks will go a long way. 

Day 59 Evening

Tonight make sure you’ve prepared a mailout to be sent on the release day with the news of the release and the listen/purchase link. Design a nice looking but simple newsletter and send it via a service like Mailchimp. You may also wish to draft a text message that you can send vix text and DM on social media. Schedule your mailout for release day during the hours that matter for your demographic. 

Day 60 - Release Day 

Today you need to devote all of your awake time to the release. Be careful not to over-post because that will affect the reach of the most important piece of content, the track link. The best time to make a social media post is when most people are online scrolling. For most people that will be the evening time after work Monday-Thursday 7pm-9pm. This is the ideal time for the most important posts you make. Try and avoid posting Friday evening because people are at after work drinks socialising. It’s also best to avoid weekends because most people might be out enjoying themselves.

If you want to most engagement talk to the camera. Make sure your video is of high quality, bright with excellent quality, not too long and not too short. 7-15 seconds is great. Hold a dummy of your release artwork thank your fans and encourage them to click the link to download, listen or purchase the track. 

Throughout the day you should be individually messaging everyone who interacted with your posts over the previous 60 days. Give them the link to the track and ask them nicely to help you by clicking it, liking it, saving it, commenting on it sharing it etc. Be really nice in the message, over-polite and express immense gratitude for anyone helping you. 

Of course you should also ask for help from your friends and family. 

Be careful not to send too many messages on Instagram and other networks though. Most of them have a limit to how many interactions you can do in a single day. Keep it under 50 on each platform. If you have more to do save it for tomorrow. 

After Release Day

After release day you should report successes to your fans, including notable shares, chart positions, stream numbers, download numbers etc. Continue with your content planning and make sure you’re varying your content to keep it inventive and interesting. Some of the 60 days of content ideas you can recycled, but focus on the ones that gave you the most engagement and growth.

While you follow your sixty-day plan some of your content will land and deliver engagement and some simply won’t. When you find a format that is working for you focus on it and refine it. Most viral content creators are specialists in very niche subjects or types of content. Find your niche but make sure it always funnels toward your music career and builds your fan base. I can’t stress enough that personal engagement with your fan base is the most important thing. Don’t be afraid to individually message every single person who positively engages with your content and politely ask them if you can inform them when the release is out. Keep your eye on the prize and climb the curve. 

Finally, start working on your next tracks. You might also want to think about making an EP or even an album. Remixes are also a great way to network with other artists and cross-pollinate your fan base with theirs. 

As always if you have any questions just contact us! 

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