Social Media Management For DJs With Limited Time

December 21, 2020
Written by
Buster Bennett
Social Media Management For DJs With Limited Time

Social Media Management For Those With Limited Time

Social media is a powerful tool for DJs and producers to utilise. It helps them reach out to new fans and grow a following. DJs and products with real followings will find it easier to get their music heard and get gigs. 

The problem is many artists do not have the budget to hire a social media manager or company and many don’t have enough time in the day to be constantly online. 

To help, we've created a list of social media management strategies and advice for those with limited time.

Creating Content In Bulk

If you're lacking available time the best strategy is to create your content in bulk. When creating content including photos, graphics and videos you should make sure that it is something fresh and new. Try to avoid doing the same thing as everyone else. It’s easier to create a bulk of content in one session and stagger the release.

For example, you can do one big photo-shoot every few months and just release an image every couple of days for a few months rather than all at once. Perhaps you’re filming a video. Make sure that you release backstage photos, teaser videos and previews before the release of the video itself. Set the stage for the main piece of content. 

Quality Not Quantity 

Sometimes the less you say the smarter you sound and the same thing can be said for social media posting. Less is certainly more when you’re trying to curate a valuable brand image. Posting endlessly can look like a desperate shout for attention so by limiting your posts you can make them seem more profound and give the appearance of rarity. Rarity breeds value into you and your work. 

Don’t rush you posts and make sure all your posts go through a series of quality control measures as follows: 

Is the image, graphic or video of high quality and of high resolution? 
Is the content engaging and will it encourage conversation? 
Does the content allow you to involve others to increase reach?
Does the content relate to my audience and reinforce your brand message? 
Does your content stand-out or have viral potential? 
Can the same content be used across multiple channels?

Schedule Your Release Times

Now that you’re sure your content meets your own quality guidelines be sure to release it correctly for maximum impact.

Schedule your posts for times when more people are online.
Increase your reach by tagging people involved in the content. 
Increase your engagement by encouraging conversations and comments. 


Become A Channel For Information

If you don’t have time to make your own content but still want to keep your followers engaged you might try and borrow kudos from other brands. Simply become a curator of information in your field and share content from other pages relevant to your audience. They will appreciate you doing all the work to find the content and sharing it from one source. Think of yourself as a curator of information. 

Angry People Click More

It’s a well known fact that angry people click more. Negative news articles spread more virally than good news. Many media companies take advantage of this trait of human nature and actively create or share more controversial content. Artists might too use the strategy to get high-engagement posts although be careful it does not backfire. You don’t want to associate yourself with negative behaviour, attitudes or people. You can however share this kind of content then activate a debate about it, but try and steer it to a more positive outcome! 


With all the negative articles flooding social media it’s nice to have a break. Memes are the perfect antidote and they spread virally. You can share memes but we recommend not sharing them from the original page you saw them but actually downloading the content and then doing a fresh share from your page so you benefit from the shares you initiate. Some people even dit the meme to add their logo although that is quite a cheap strategy! 

Sex Sells 

It’s true, sex sells, and many people will respond more to images of video with people in rather in inanimate objects or graphics. If you want to drive more attention towards your posts, include people. Humans are naturally more curious about what other people are up to so capitalise on how nosey they can be! 

If you would like more help with social media and promotion contact us for one-to-one lessons.

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