The Top Trending Internet Radio Stations in London

March 7, 2024
Written by
Buster Bennett & Ollie Rant
The Top Trending Internet Radio Stations in London

The Top Trending Internet Radio Stations in London

London is an incubus of radio stations and there is a bubbling broth of new and interesting internet radio stations to choose from. There is something whizzing along the internet airwaves for every type of listener! We are amazed by the variety of internet radio stations in London and here are some of our favourite picks. Not only are these stations incredible places to listen to music but they are valuable community hubs.

Top Tip: These stations represent some of the best springboards a DJ can use to launch their career. If you're a budding DJ you might wish to contact these stations about running your own show.

AAJA Radio

AAJA is a full spectrum music bar, record label, live streaming and event space currently located at the AAJA basement, in the heart of Deptford, South East London. AAJA represents an authentic melting pot, dedicated to music and culture. If you're looking for a station that also offers a meeting place and community vibe AAJA is a great choice.

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AAJA - Deptford, SE London

Voices Radio

Voices Radio is an internet radio station based at the Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross, London. They have a unique space in a shopping arcade with windows facing out to a live audience of shoppers and diners. They air a spectrum of DJs and music styles and are especially vocal about inclusion and equality. We love the regular show by our very own deaf DJ Kikazaru!

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Voices Radio - Kings Cross, London

Netil Radio

One of London's community voices broadcasting live from a converted shipping container atop of Netil Market in Hackney, East London. Netil Radio is located within trendy Netil House that also houses many music studios. It's a hotbed of music, DJs and producers and the station reflects that. If you're looking for a station on the cutting-edge of trend-setting Netil Radio is certainly the hipsters choice.

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Netil Radio - Hackney, East London

BMC Radio

BMC Radio (Big Music Community) is a diverse community radio station based in Brixton, South London. They live stream from a studio shed in Brixton across the internet. Regular broadcasting Monday-Friday with some occasional weekend excursions. The music reflects South London's diverse population so that station is much loved amongst music fans in the capital

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BMC Radio - Brixton, South London


Recently acquired by Rinse FM, Bristol based SWU FM is a dance music focused station with local and international talent, some residents include A for Alpha, Felix Joy, Joshua and Sir Hiss.

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SWU FM - London

Kool FM

Kool FM, also known as Kool London, is a former London pirate radio station that now broadcasts on DAB and online, playing jungle, drum and bass, and old skool. Kool is generally regarded as being instrumental in the development of the jungle music scene. It was announced on 30 January, that Rinse FM would be taking over management of the station and re-launching back as Kool FM and with a revised line-up.

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Kool FM - London

Lot Radio

Here's one that is not based in London but is popular with London selectors and DJs. Lot Radio is an independent, non-profit, online radio station live streaming 24/7 from a reclaimed shipping container on an empty lot in NYC. Expect a continuous stream of the best and most varied music New York City has to offer.

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Lot Radio - NYC, USA


NTS Radio (also known as NTS Live or simply NTS) is an online radio station and media platform which launched in Hackney, London. The station was founded in April 2011 by Femi Adeyemi "for an international community of music lovers". NTS broadcasts from its studios in London and Los Angeles, as well as remote worldwide broadcasts from its mix of resident hosts and guests. NTS produces a diverse range of live radio shows, digital media and events.

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NTS - London and LA


The sound of London's underground no frills realness - documenting London's underground music culture since 2014 champion emerging and established artists through radio, video and events production. The Balamii community is a family of passionate individuals who share a deep love for music and value the joy it brings.

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Balamii - London

Patchouli Deep

The newcomer of this list, Patchouli Deep is an internet radio station and community of DJs. They span a spectrum of genres orbiting around a dance music core. London Sound Academy hosts a regular Friday night slot showcasing some of our best DJ course students. Patchouli Deep is a station to watch so keep it on your radar and tune in! Patchouli Deep also have a new networking event series at Folklore in Hoxton, East London.

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Patchouli Deep - London


Select started as a small internet radio station and has recently blossomed into a massive station. Many LSA alumni and graduates have aired shows on Select and we recommend tuning in for top quality presenting. They have a range of shows focussed on dance music. They also have their own app.

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Select - London


London has a wealth of start-up radio stations. Internet broadcasting has made it possible for a community of DJs and selectors to create their own station. These stations act as community hubs and are often where DJs and producers meet. Joining a station offers a DJ a way to network and practice. We recommend that you scour this list and follow all the stations to stay up to date with radio trends. If you're of an entrepreneurial mindset you may wish to consider starting your own station too!

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