Top Five EDM Clubs in London

March 23, 2023
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Buster Bennett
Top Five EDM Clubs in London

Top Five EDM Clubs in London

Are you a music lover that wants to uncover the lively electronic dance music (EDM) scene in London? Don't look any further than this guide to the greatest EDM clubs in the city. If you're an admirer of well-known DJs, innovative below ground happenings, or advanced sound systems, London has something for everyone. From renowned places such as Ministry of Sound and Fabric to underground bolt-holes like Egg and 338, this guide will take you on an excursion of the city's top EDM spots. So slip on your dancing shoes and prepare to feel the energy and excitement of London's electrifying EDM scene.

Top Five EDM Clubs in London

Here is a round up of the top five and best EDM clubs in London. Kick start your London nightlife adventure with a whistle-stop tour of these amazing dance clubs in London. They host regular EDM events for electronic music lovers and rank as some of the top venues in London hosting the best and most famous DJs. Enjoy our EDM club guide!

1. Ministry of Sound

Arguably the most famous club brand on the planet! Ministry of Sound, or MOS for short, is the capitals most famous EDM club. Established in the nineties, Ministry has been at the forefront of EDM in London. Ministry of Sound's own record label and compilations spurned an explosion of DJ and EDM culture taking the rave mainstream!

A visit to London and tour of its EDM venues is simply not complete without checking out Ministry of Sound! We recommend their regular Friday night Future LDN which showcases the best future EDM sounds and DJs.

You can even catch our very own DJ course graduates playing in the Babybox room.

One of our DJ course graduates performing at Ministry of Sound!

2. Fabric

Fabric is another bastion of the underground EDM sound in London. They are renowned as one of the best taste-makers in the EDM business and one of the most famous EDM nightclubs in London. If you're into cutting edge sounds, underground beats and massive sound-systems in cavernous industrial surroundings, Fabric is for you! Be sure to check out LSA tutor Peter Pixzel DJ at Fabric!


A relative newcomer, XOYO is the home of EDM in trendy Shoreditch. They are famous for their mid-week student nights and Sneak is one of our go-to student EDM events! XOYO isn't as big as Ministry of Sound or Fabric but they still boast incredible DJ lineups hosting some of the most famous names in EDM alongside local and upcoming EDM acts. Their music programming is varied and you'll find a range of nights and music genres spanning the week.

4. EGG London

Egg is known as the most famous clubs for underground House music in London. It's a warehouse-styled venue with multiple rooms. Located in Kings Cross it's been the home of many of London's underground record labels, DJs and promoters. It's one of the best supporters of home-grown UK talent. Their lineups regularly invite international EDM DJs and they have an expansive list of famous DJs who have played the club.

Our DJ course graduates performing at Egg London

5. Studio 338

This club is a bit further out from the centre of London but is fast becoming one of the best EDM venues in London. 338 is mainly known for House music events and boasts a large outdoor space alongside an inside arena. This venue has an Ibiza vibe to it and is popular with clubbers from the suburbs of London and inner-city EDM fans alike.

These are just a few of London's best and most famous EDM venues. Depending on your preferred music and vibe, there are many more fantastic venues to check out in the capital! One of the best ways to enjoy these parties is with a group of friends. If you're looking to meet new people in London and join a community of EDM fans be sure to check out our DJ courses here! You could even one day DJ at one of these famous EDM venues!

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