Top Ten House Clubs in London

November 7, 2021
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Ben Smith
Top Ten House Clubs in London

Top Ten House Clubs in London

If you're looking for the top clubs in London for house music look no further! There are hundreds, but to help out visitors to London we have narrowed down the list to ten of the best. Check out these clubs and then look for more underground venues while you explore a world leading electronic music scene in London.

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If you're looking for a full list of clubs in London that play all the different types of music click here (A-Z List of London Clubs)

1. Egg London - Kings Cross

Theres so many great clubs in London for house music, however I am going to start with Egg as it’s one of the biggest clubs that consistently delivers when it comes to house music making it one of the most popular in London. With some of the biggest and best line ups it spans across 4 rooms with a capacity of around 1000. They are now also undergoing major renovation works so look out for an even bigger and better re-opening from them.

London Sound Academy DJ Course Graduates Performing at Egg!

2. Ministry of Sound - Elephant and Castle

It wouldn’t be a list of top house clubs in London without MOS being part of it, one of the most well known clubs in London, and worldwide, with a ridiculously strong brand heritage in the scene. Hosting mega labels such as Defected as well as some of the worlds biggest DJs it’s got to be one to cross off the list of places to visit. Spanning over 4 rooms, it has a capacity of about 1600, with the main room, aka the box, having one the best (if not the best) award winning sound systems worldwide, and you can certainly tell as soon as you walk in the room, *caution….. wear ear protection!!!!!*

London Sound Academy DJ Course Graduate Performing at Ministry of Sound

3. Printworks - Surrey Quays

By far the biggest club on the list with a capacity of about 6000, Printworks is situated on 6 aches of private gated land with 7 different event spaces which are nothing short of amazing. Due to it once being a printing press, it has a very industrial warehouse feel about it with all the old exposed pipework running throughout as it’s been left pretty much in its original state. This is the place to go if you are into your light shows, they are incredible and you wont be able to take your eyes off them.

LSA DJ Course Graduate Ali Story Performing at Printworks London

4. Studio 338 - Greenwich

Situated on the Greenwich peninsula, 338 is very popular place for house music with some of the biggest DJs and record labels in the business running events there. It has 3 rooms or arena’s consisting of the huge main room terrace, the loft and the garden, holding a capacity of around 3000. One of the coolest things about this club which sets it aside from the rest is the see through glass ceiling, making it great for day parties with the sun shining in or a bit of star gazing on a clear night if thats what your into while at the rave.

Studio 338 London

5. Village Underground - Shoreditch

This club is personally one of my favourites, Its got that old school brick built warehouse vibe which is perfect for the more underground style events the club is renowned for. Due to that, and the fact it’s situated right in the heart of Shoreditch, makes for a really cool spot. It has a capacity of around 700, so maybe not the biggest, but in know way does that hold the club back from having a great atmosphere. If you’re into that old school warehouse rave vibe, then look no further, go check it out.

Village Underground

6. XOYO - Shoreditch

Again situated in Shoreditch, with a capacity of about 700, XOYO is another really cool spot. They often hold slightly smaller intimate parties but don’t be mistaken in thinking that means it's any less of a vibe. It has 2 rooms, the first is the bar as you enter, but then theres the basement…. this, for me, is the reason I love this club, the sound system in the basement is second to none and with a decent size crowd it absolutely pumps!! This is one to check out if you want to see events or DJs that often you may not see elsewhere in London as they are very selective when booking brands and DJ’s.

XOYO in Shoreditch

7. Fabric - Farringdon

Ok so this one is like a right of passage for any raver/party goer if you’re into house. With such a rich history, Fabric is one of the most renowned clubs in London. The capacity is around 1600 and there are 3 rooms all equally as good as each other and a smaller space right up the top, theres also an amazing mezzanine floor as well, that looks over the dance floor of room 1 providing an amazing view when the club is packed. Fabric is another one of them clubs that offers a more underground feel, with exposed brickwork and industrial style exposed pipework running throughout the club.

Fabric London

8. The Pickle Factory - Cambridge Heath

So with a capacity of around 200 this is by far the smallest club on the list but it’s here for a reason, it packs a punch, the sound system is amazing for a small space, and the vibe is always on point. This is another club that are very selective with the DJs and brands they invite down and often is a place where you can hear some amazing undiscovered talents, so if it’s the smaller intimate settings that are your thing be sure to go check it out.

The Pickle Factory East London

9. Fire & Lightbox - Vauxhall

So the Fire and Lightbox complex under the arches down in Vauxhall is a great venue for a more underground style, comprising of 6 rooms spread across the 2 venues, and a total capacity of well over 1000, each venue has 3 rooms but if you go on the right night they have it open all the way through both clubs so all 6 rooms can be accessed on the same night. The highlight thought is Lightbox’s main room which lives up to it’s name due to it being completely covered in small LED bulbs (walls and ceilings), which can be customised for some outstanding trippy light visuals.

Lightbox - South London

10. 93 Feet East - Brick Lane

Last on my list is 93 Feet East, A medium size venue with about 700 capacity right in the heart of Shoreditch on the trendy Brick Lane. It has 2 rooms inside and a really nice outside space if you need to chill and take a break for a second. My favourite thing about this venue though is the size of the main room, like a Tardis, you wouldn’t know it at first but as you go through to the main room at the back it opens right out to a really nice size space with a beaut of a sound system to match.

93 Feet East


There are hundreds of amazing venues in London (click here for an A-Z list) Make sure you visit these ten if you're a house music fan but remember to explore more of London's unique house music scene. If you want to take your love of house music further join our DJ Courses.

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