Top Ten Underground Clubs in London

September 19, 2022
Written by
Papa Nugs
Top Ten Underground Clubs in London

Top Ten Underground Clubs in London

LSA tutor Papa Nugs gives us the lowdown on his top ten underground clubs in London. This list of the best underground clubs in London gives you a locals perspective and it's full of some absolute gems! Make sure you check out the links to their Instagram pages for updates on their schedules. Many of our DJ and music production course tutors can be seen gracing the decks at these venues as well as many of our DJ course graduates!

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Low ceilings, dark rooms, loud systems, large smoking area and a legendary Sunday party all contribute towards making FOLD the best underground spot in London, if not the whole of the UK. Usually a place to get your Techno fix, you will also find heaps of electro, trance and more at this incredible space, which also does an incredible job of providing a safe space for its predominantly queer community. This venue is one of the favourites for LSA tutors and you can see many of them performing at this venue.

LSA DJ Course Graduate and Techno DJ Lau.Tastic at FOLD

2. Venue MOT

South London’s best kept secret tucked away in an industrial estate in South Bermondsey. With a state of the art sound system, minimalist lighting, and an extremely eclectic range of underground music nights to choose from including Techno, Jungle and Cloudcore, Venue MOT is a must visit. Dress to sweat for this small but incredibly underground club!

Venue MOT - It used to be a Garage for MOT tests, hence the name!

3. Corsica Studios

Two rooms, both with equally punching sound systems, stripped back interiors, and an unmatchable event curation team make this club located in Elephant and Castle one of the very top underground clubs you can visit and one of the largest on this list. Recent guests include Identified Patient, Radioactive Man (Live), Emerald and Lukas Wigflex.

Corsica Studios is a legendary club supporting a range of underground genres.

4. Ormside Projects

This is a new venue on the block. Ormside Projects has quickly made a name for itself as one of the best clubs in London. With DJ Oneman Describing it as ‘Reminiscent of Plastic People’, combined with talking a look at some of the lineups that have been there recently, you’d be a fool not to check out yet another banging South London Venue.

Ormside Projects

5. The Cause ‘Possibly Maybe’

Born out of the Ashes of the old beloved Ashley Road site, The Cause is finally back with a bang at a brand new site Located in Silvertown, and the new site does not disappoint. With currently an incredible outdoor terrace dance floor and low ceiling industrial space upstairs equipped with incredible chaser lights and a custom DJ booth and sound system, The Cause are once again creating an iconic London party venue.

New venue from The Cause

6. Dalston Den

200 Capacity, circular flowing layout, tiny DJ Booth, great sound system, air conditioned dance floor, the best in underground talent, and located in Dalston. Need I say more! This is a brilliant little venue amd also the perfect venue to start your own party! New promoters take note!

Dalston Den

7. Werkhaus

The only underground music venue in Shoreditch, and arguably the best venue in Shoreditch full stop. Great programming including events from Keep Hush and Materials, with previous guests such as Bakey, K-Lone, Dr Dubplate and Interplanetary Criminal.


8. Electrowerkz

London's longest running alternative venue, a creative hub for the weird and the wonderful from live music, dance nights, art shows to performance art. Located in an old tube carriage and cobblestone courtyard, this location is both visually and sonically satisfying. If you're into alternative fashion this is also a hotspot. Slimelight is one of the most famous goth nights in London and it calls its home Electrowerkz. You will often also see Torture Garden at the venue which is one of the biggest fetish nights in London.

Electrowerkz - Alternative music and fashion combined

9. Phonox

Phonox is home to many legendary residencies such as Sherelle, Calibre, Yung Singh and Oneman, you’ll never be disappointed by a Friday Trip to Phonox in Brixton.

Phonox - Brixton

10. The Pickle Factory

Located in Oval, this is a great place to catch some of the more left field bass music in a stripped back music and sound focused 200 capacity space. The in house events are legendary, and regular guests Kyso Sounds and Ba Dum Tish will also blow your socks off.

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