UKG DJ Talent Search

October 6, 2021
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Buster Bennett
UKG DJ Talent Search

LSA x Garage People UKG DJ Talent Search

We're proud and excited to announce a new DJ competition with Garage People! Join our UK-wide talent search, submit your mixtape and win a set at Garage People at E1 in London.

Garage People is the biggest new UKG event to hit the scene in recent times. The winner of this competition will be warming up for UKG legends and rising stars including Bklava, Champion, Drinks on Me, Gemi, Higgo, MPH, Minista, Oppidan, Pavv, Sammy Virji, Shosh, Soulecta, Tailor Jae, Tuff Culture & SG, Zefer and more!

This is a career-changing opportunity to join the UK's most forward thinking UKG lineup and become part of the future garage scene. You will be warming up and sharing the decks for some huge names and making links with one of the best promoters in an iconic club. On the night you will be performing with industry-standard Pioneer DJ equipment like a pro.

The event takes place on the 5th of November 2021 so make sure you enter your mixtape faster than EZ hitting a hot-cue!

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How to enter!

Copy the artwork UKG Talent Search Artwork here and upload your 20 minute UKG mix to Soundcloud or Mixcloud using the artwork. Share the mix online and encourage your friends to play and share your mix.

Send the link to your mixtape along with any extra info you think supports your bid to win the set. We'd love to see some DJ biographies, EPKs and press photos where available. Those who go the extra mile will get noticed. Email it all to

Go to the Garage People event page on Facebook and click attending and then share the event and tag your UKG fans and followers.

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Follow the Garage People event page on RA and click attending

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The deadline to submit your mix is Friday 29th October and the winner will be announced on Monday the 1st of November.

Rules on entry

To enter this competition you must be 18+

You must be able to DJ on industry-standard Pioneer CDJs and mixers

No laptop DJs allowed

You must be available on the 5th of November 2021 to DJ at E1 in London

You must be represent the brand with the utmost professionalism and help promote the event to your followers

How it's judged

LSA tutor, Garage DJ and producer Ollie Rant will be judging the winning mix along with founder of London Sound Academy, Buster Bennett. We will be listening for track selection alongside fundamental mixing skills including beat-matching and timing. In addition we want to hear advanced mixing skills like cutting and UKG style FX. Get noticed by thinking outside of the box!

LSA UKG Specialist, DJ & Producer Ollie Rant

Help with your Mix

If you'd like help recording a mix or learning some new UKG mixing skills click here to contact us. You can also view our DJ courses by clicking here.

You can always challenge yourself and sign up for the Elite DJ Course, the most advanced DJ course in the UK!

If you're elsewhere in the UK and need help planning and recording your mix contact DJ Gym for studios in Manchester, Birmingham and Oxford.

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