Where To Download House Music Online

July 5, 2020
Written by
Buster Bennett
Where To Download House Music Online

Where to Download House Music Online

One of the biggest things we are asked is where do DJs download house music and any other genre for that matter! Many new DJs are asking themselves ‘where can I download house music?’ The good news is that there are many places you can download house music and here they are in this essential guide! 

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Download House Music For Free

Firstly, I’m sure you’ll want to download some house music for free! There are a few ways of doing this legally, and of course there are illegal websites to download house music also. We’re all about supporting the music industry so we’ll focus on the legal ways to download house music for free and then list the places you can buy house music online. 


Soundcloud remains one of the best places to download free tracks from various artists and genres including house music. You’ll find many house tracks and house remixes for free to download. It’s also a great platform to use because it gives you the ability to directly message the artist and build lasting relationships. Why not ask if you can join their private promo list for future releases? 

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Record Label Promos & Mailing Lists 

Many record labels will have a private mailing list where they send promo tracks to DJs and influential people in the music industry, like music journalists. Ask to see if you can join their house music promo list. You’ll often find this information on their website but it’s also good to call their office and make a stronger impression! 

Music PR Company Promos

Many DJs and record labels will sign up for music promo lists (mailing lists from music PR companies). Smaller lists are easy to join but some of the top music PR companies will only allow established acts, music journalists and radio presenters to receive promos. Promos are often one of the best ways for a DJ to collect music as they are free and you often receive them in advance of the actual release date. This means you can play the tracks before any other DJs get their hands on them. They will also be high quality! If you do download your house music from music PR promo lists make sure you never copy or distribute the tracks. The record label will digitally imprint all the promo copies and they will be able to track down any leak to you and possibly sue you! 

Direct Contacts 

Build your own network, when you find free tracks, make a note of who you got them from and contact them again in the future. You can also reach out to established acts and tell them how you’ve played their track in a club or on the radio. They will love the praise and attention and might consider adding you to their promo list. Either way it’s great practice to network in the music industry with direct messaging! 

Download Gates 

Download gates are where an artist uses a site like Hypeddit to offer free downloads of their music in exchange for you to join their mailing list, follow them on social media and allow your profile to repost their music. It’s more of an exchange than something totally free. Reposts allow their track to become more viral, something very useful if you learn how to produce and are looking for ways to promote your music in the future!

Where To Buy House Music Online

There are many places online where you can buy and download house music. Shop around and find the best price and make sure it’s a reputable seller! 

LSA Records

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The biggest website for DJs to buy and download high quality house music is Beatport. They have a huge range of music to download suitable for DJs. Their collection spans most genres in EDM including house music. You might not find older tracks on there or more commercial genres like pop and RnB but they have still got an amazing collection. Their website is also very easy to use! Established online music retailers like Beatport often have tracks that are exclusive to their platform so watch out for those rare house tracks you can’t find anywhere else. 

iTunes / Apple Music

You can still download house music on iTunes although not many DJs do. Why? Because the sound quality of their downloads is quite low compared to sources like Beatport. They use a special type of compression which is great for fitting lots of files on your phone or iPod but not so great for DJs who want lossless formats they can play in clubs. Make sure when you download you’re always getting a lossless format like WAV or AIFF, failing that an MP3 320kbps is acceptable for smaller gigs. 


You can download MP3s of many genres including house music on Amazon. It’s not our favourite retailer because they do not support the music industry and the interface is difficult to use. 

Juno Records

Juno records is an independent online record store that also hosts individual shops for various smaller record labels. You can buy records as well as digital downloads. It’s a great place to find and download house music online. 


Traxsource is very similar to Beatport and used by DJs all around the world to download house music and other genres for DJing with. 


If you’re interested in really underground music check out independent retailer Boomcat! They have an amazing collection of both vinyl records, CDs and downloads available including lots of house music. 


Bandcamp is a website where artists can upload their own music and sell directly to the public without having a record label or any formal distribution company. This means they control how much they charge and actually get paid properly! For this reason, it’s by far our favourite place to shop for house music on the internet and all other genres. Make sure you use this service and support musicians directly! 

Subscription Streaming Service For DJs

The DJ industry is now moving toward streaming services for DJs. There are some emerging services now offering this, the forerunner being Beatport Link. This new service from Beatport will allow you to pay for access to their vast music library with a monthly subscription fee. This means you don’t have to buy individual tracks and can stream them at your gig. There are a few package options and some of them will allow you to store a limited number of tracks offline. Most clubs and venues do not have good internet or phone signal reception. This is a crucial point because it means you could only DJ with those few tracks you have actually downloaded! Make sure you have some physical downloads to avoid you running out of music at your gig! 

DJ Pools

Like a subscription but you can download the file. DJ pools (formerly record or CD pools) are services that charge a subscription fee so you can have access to their library of music and have the ability to download the digital file. Some of them still send you CDs in the post. The most popular one for DJs currently is DJ City, they offer a huge range of music for a monthly fee. It’s the perfect solution for DJs who have to play for a diverse audience and need a huge music library. 


There are many places to download house music on the internet. Places to download house music for free, places to pay per download and services where you can stream direct to your gig. Whatever way you download your music make sure that you do it legally and thus support the music industry. Look far and wide for those special tracks that set the dance-floor on fire! 

Don’t forget, you’ll need to make sure that your files are high quality downloads. Lossless formats like WAV and AIFF are preferable but many DJs will also use MP3s. They are slightly lower quality but acceptable if they are 320kbps or above. Just perhaps not for big important gigs, large sound systems or festivals! 

Happy hunting! 

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