Where to get a DJ Logo

September 7, 2020
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Buster Bennett
Where to get a DJ Logo

Many of our DJ course students ask us 'Where can I get a DJ logo?'

A DJ logo is one of the most important assets for any DJ. An image speaks a thousand words, and your logo is often the first thing that a fan will encounter! It creates your brand identity, and reflects your professionalism.

It's important to make sure that you invest in getting a professional DJ logo designer who can create something unique, that will stand the test of time. It's also imperative that the design follows industry guide-lines, is high-resolution, and available in the right file format.

A DJ Logo is an Investment

At LSA we believe in working with the best designers available. Image is so important in the music industry; if you try and cut corners on design you'll pay for it in the long run.

However, we know that commissioning a professional design can be expensive. To overcome this we've created a special service at an affordable price with esteemed designer, Alex Sedano!

Alex had been working with LSA for over ten years and has a string of international clients including event companies, night clubs, record labels and famous DJs. Alex knows how to create something iconic that will stand out from the crowd! He's the perfect choice for any DJs or producers who want to make an impact in the DJ industry.

A few examples of Alex's work.

Where do you use a DJ Logo?

DJ logos are the cornerstone of DJ branding and they are used everywhere online and offline! Once you have your DJ logo you should add it to your press kit and use it wherever possible. This press kit will be sent to record labels and music journalists. You will also use your website across your online ecosystem.

Your Press Pack (EPK)
Flyers & Posters
T-shirts & Merchandise
Album Artwork
Your Website
Your Social Media
Staging & Screens
DJ Live-Stream Graphics
Your Tattoo (haha just kidding, unless of course you want to commit!)
To look professional on stage you should have a logo in the correct format

How do I get a DJ logo?

So, now you realise how important a DJ logo is to your DJ career! To help you get the best possible logo for your DJ career we've created a special discounted offer. Our offer will allow you to get your own exclusive DJ logo, and exclusive access to our designer Alex Sedano at affordable prices. This is an exclusive service just for our students, followers and alumni. To get this special offer please contact us, we'll then guide you through the process!

To get this special offer please contact us, we'll then guide you through the process!

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