Where To Go On The First Date

March 31, 2020
Written by
Mark Butcher
Where To Go On The First Date

Choosing to do an activity or class for a first date may sound like a bold move but if its done correctly it can be the perfect choice for those of us who get a little self conscious when we first meet someone.

The pressure we put upon ourselves to give a great first impression is greatly reduced because the activity or class creates just the right amount of distraction in order to take the focus of our every word or action, reducing the chances of you experiencing self-conscious thoughts or anxious behaviours. Helping you to feel calmer, more confident and able to give a great first impression effortlessly, allowing a far greater chance of making a genuine connection with your date.


Not all couples activities and classes are suitable for a first date. Whatever class or activity you choose you must remember that in order for it to be a success it needs to serve just three purposes in a first date scenario. 

"No.1 It needs to be fun. No.2 It must allow interaction, and. No.3 It needs to create just the right amount of distraction to put you both at ease".

It is also important for you to remember that It doesn’t need to be something you are good at, if you are good at it you must avoid the temptation to show off or to take it to seriously. You should choose something that you can both enjoy equally and you should avoid choosing something obvious, mundane or predictable. You don’t want to end up unintentionally sabotaging your changes of connecting with someone very special because you felt the need to show off or came across as a bit of a bore by opting for the safe option.


If are thinking like this selection process is becoming overly laboured please remember that explaining how to make the perfect choice seems far more complicated than actually putting it into action. We have also taken into account the effects different environments and activities have on our emotional responses and our general outlook on things. 

"This has helped us to identify the perfect first date scenario on your behalf". 


No matter how musically challenged you or your date maybe choosing an activity or class involving music is an ideal choice for a first date because music is very effective at helping people feel emotionally connect with each other. You only have to go to any busy live music performance to see evidence of this. Neuroimaging studies have shown that music activates the parts of the brain typically associated with emotions as well as boosting your bodies’ natural production of dopamine and oxytocin. Dopamine is a chemical that’s released naturally in the , improving your mood, feelings of reward and motivation. Oxytocin is referred to in the scientific community as the bonding chemical or the love hormone because of the role it plays at cultivating intimate relationships. These effects are only heightened when we are making music with others; so imagine the possibilities in a first date scenario. When people coordinate the making of music with one another, small neuro-networks throughout the brain and, remarkably, between each other’s brains are formed. This is especially the case when you and your partner make music together that needs to be precisely aligned in time, for example beat matching a record together when DJing. In that moment your brains become one through the power of making music together. This buzz of neurological activity within and between you and your date can be achieved by simply taking a couple DJ lesson together. Imagine that moment where you manage to produce a really sick sound together, that feeling of achieving something special together that you can record and keep. Reminiscent of an old school mix tape. This all makes for a pretty cool first date.


London Sound Academy has used this research to create a couples DJ lesson perfect for any type of dating scenario. YourDateNight.com has featured our Couples DJ Lesson in their recommended choices for Places to go for a first date. We have the perfect musical experience for any couple no matter how musically challenged they may be. Music is for everyone and so to is the creation of music and we believe we have found the perfect way to celebrate this with someone you like. Check out our variety of courses and classes to find something ideal suited for you.

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