Why You Should Learn How to DJ: Exploring the Benefits of DJing

February 18, 2024
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Buster Bennett
Why You Should Learn How to DJ: Exploring the Benefits of DJing

Why You Should Learn How to DJ: Exploring the Benefits of DJing

DJing can be so much more than just mixing from track to track. Learning how to DJ and the practice of DJing can offer a multitude of rewards. DJs and those learning how to DJ benefit immeasurably in many ways. In this blog, we explore the mental health, well-being, mental agility, creative and social benefits of DJing.

Becoming a DJ and launching a DJ career or DJ hobby can be a tonic for the mind, body and soul!

There's never a dull moment in the DJ booth!

Let's explore some of the key benefits:

Mental Health & Well Being

Learning how to DJ and practicing DJing can have numerous mental health benefits. Learning any new skill is rewarding but DJing has many layers and ways in which adopters can enrich their lives. Mental health often stems from interactions with other people and DJing is a great way to meet people and share happy moments.

You can also indulge in creativity on your own or within groups. Even if you're an introverted person you can DJ without ever setting foot in a nightclub.

Consider all of these incredible mental health benefits that DJs can enjoy:

Stress Relief

When you're concentrating on the mix it's hard to think of anything else! Your mind will be transfixed on the music. The ability to 'switch off' in this manner allows DJs to check out of the stresses of everyday life and disconnect while in the mix. Hitting the decks is one of the best ways to unwind!

Mood Enhancement

Engaging in a creative and musical passion can reduce anxiety, elevate your mood and have therapeutic benefits. DJs benefit from a sense of positivity and joy when they are both learning how to DJ and practising. If you have an upcoming DJ performance it gives you something to work toward and the buzz of playing to a crowd of people will release endorphins and an adrenaline boost.


DJing requires focus and concentration. During the learning process you will first learn how to research and prepare playlists. Later on you will conquer the ever evolving landscape of DJ technology and a range of music skills. You'll build a rapport with your mentors and learn how to respect the art form. The process will quieten your mind and provide structure that helps with your mindfullness goals.

Emotional Expression

DJing provides a creative outlet and encourages creative expression. You can play any style of music from chill out beats to hardcore thrash techno! There is a genre of music for every mood. You can express yourself physically in the performance too. DJs can express themselves in the way they dress, perform, curate music and more!

Sense of Accomplishment

Learning how to DJ is a measured achievement and you can work toward certification. There are three levels in our course, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Having a regular report and gratifying progress within lessons will give you a positive sense of accomplishment. The benefits don't stop once you leave the classroom because every time a DJ pulls off an incredible mix it gives them a sense of achievement. You've then got live performances where every show is the culmination of the entire learning and preparation process.

Cathartic Release

The act of DJing can be cathartic. It you're searching for the best way to let off steam every mix, every drop and every fist pump is an energetic release! The natural twist and turns of the music allow the build up and release of energy. Dancing while you DJ is also a great way to improve your circulation and get the body pumping.


Every journey starts with the first step and every DJ path is different. Exploring new styles of music, techniques, technology, people and communities will give you a way to discover new facets of your own personality. You might get hooked to your new passion of DJing or it could be a gate-way to another fork in the road! Who knows where your leap into the unknown will take you. Exploring new possibilities will lead to personal growth, increased self-awareness and fulfilment.

Community Connection

The electronic music and DJ community is one of the best places to make friends and socialise. DJs tend to be passionate about music, inclusivity and partying! It's the perfect way to meet new people and have a sense of connection. There is also creative scope for collaboration and entrepreneurship meaning there is no shortage of camaraderie.

Knowledge & Mental Agility

Learning any new skill will boost your intelligence, wisdom and experience. Social skills like DJing also help with emotional intelligence and people skills. Overall, a creative art form like DJing can offer many ways in which a person can develop their knowledge and mental agility.

General Music Knowledge

DJing all starts with research. The DJs job is scour the planet for the most interesting music and then curate a playlist, much in the same way and art gallery curator presents a gallery exhibition. DJs are the curators of sound and the conductors of electronic music. We pick and choose the right ingredients and cook up a storm on the decks! During the research and curation process DJs will learn about different genres of music, the history of music and of influential musicians, DJs and producers. It's also important to learn about subcultures and the history of music. Overall, learning about music is enriching and gives DJs a sense of intrigue, fascination and a yearn to discover more.

Music Theory

When you learn how to DJ you will be taught the basics of music theory. It's wonderful to know your music on a deeper level and it all starts with music theory. There are hidden structures and formulas that the everyday listener might overlook their entire life! Becoming a DJ can help you uncover the beauty behind music.

Music Technology

DJing involves the use of software and hardware. DJ technology has evolved over the years and DJs enjoy learning how to use the latest DJ software and DJ equipment. Many DJs also enjoy learning about older models or traditional DJ methods like vinyl mixing and turntables. They might even venture into the world of music production or creating electronic music with synths and keyboard. There's a vast range of ways DJs can interact with and utilise technology. As the technology progresses there's always new territory to discover!

Mental Agility

DJing and a collection of skills that converge into one larger art form. Learning the skill of DJing and becoming a DJ can help promote mental agility because complex tasks require practice and understanding. Your brain will flourish when you ask it to juggle these converging complexities and straddle the line between music, technology and performance. DJs have to multitask and often have to perform intricate transitions all within a time limit. Take the challenge of learning how to DJ if you want to increase your mental nimbleness.


You can improve your memory with music. Studies show that musicians have better memories and can recall more information when needed.


When you DJ your brain will be working overtime but your body will be too. Once of the best ways to mental performance is to involve the body. DJs will be pushing their hand eye coordination to skills to the max why listening to subtle nuances in the sound. Your mind will seamless link with your body while you DJ so your whole brain is active in the task.

Concentration and Focus

DJing requires intense focus and repetition. DJs have to think a few steps ahead of the music and have a keen sense of foresight to help them anticipate their next moves. DJs will need to target their cognitive powers to get the desired results. To achieve seamless mixes DJs need to navigate problems and overcome hurdles which challenges our logic. Overall, DJs will have a heightened sense of timing and intuition.

Listening Skills

DJing is primarily an expression of sound so listening is essential. You will learn how to hear small differences that normal people would overlook. Your hearing will become finely attuned. Good listening combined with music knowledge and music theory help DJs unravel the secrets of music.

Life Goals

It's always wise to have life goals to work toward. Working toward a goal can increase feelings of happiness and achievement. Common life-goal themes like education, competitions, social interaction, love life, business, creativity and friendships all fall within the realm of DJing. If you want to enrich your life, discover a new passion and community DJing might offer a multitude of solutions. DJing and learning to DJ has the power to transform lives beyond the confines of the DJ booth.

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