Beginner Music Production

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  • London's Top Music Production School
  • Taught 1-to-1 with your genre
  • Choose your own lesson times 7 days a week
  • Learn with Ableton, Logic or FL
  • Pass in 4 lessons (2 hours each)

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Course Overview

Four Lessons (2 hours each) taught one-to-one. Choose your own schedule and lesson times. Lessons available seven days a week.

Learn with Ableton, Logic or FL Studio. If you're not sure which one to choose just contact us.

The beginner music production course is suitable for most people and expertly designed to teach you how to construct your own track starting from the drums up.

You’ll learn all about the critical parts of beginner music theory and production including creating multi-track song structures, drums, melodies, automated effects and of course, a great hook!

You’ll learn all about the mixing process, EQing and all the tools at your disposal to edit your audio.

On completion of this course, you’ll be confident enough to open the program and start producing your own full-length tracks.

What Will I Learn?

  • Essential understanding of digital audio formats
  • Your chosen program (DAW)
  • About the studio hardware including monitors, sound card and midi keyboards
  • About loops and samples specific to your genre and copyright law
  • How to use audio samples
  • How to use midi instruments
  • How to use samplers
  • How to sequence your drums with audio, midi instruments and samplers
  • How to plan your tracks structure
  • How to create a melody using audio or midi
  • About melodic progression and chord progression generators
  • About harmony and how to produce in a key
  • About gain theory and how to adjust volumes on the mixer
  • How to EQ your tracks to a professional standard
  • How to use basic audio effects and processing
  • Basic midi FX
  • Basic compression skills
  • How to mix-down your track, export and save it


No prior DJing or music production knowledge required.


Logic Pro

Logic Pro

FL Studio

FL Studio


Ableton Live

You have the choice to learn how to produce music at LSA on Ableton Live, Logic Pro or FL Studio. These programs allow you to create your own original music from scratch and are used professionally in the music industry.

Lesson Plan


Audio Formats

Learn all about different audio formats and how to control sound quality.

Know Your DAW

Learn all about your chosen DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) We’ll show you around with an in-depth tour so you can familiarise yourself with your program.


Know Your Studio

Learn all about music studios, common hardware and software. Get personal advice on how to set up your own home studio.


Building A Track

Learn how to sequence Audio and Midi drums and melodies to begin to build your first track. We’ll make sure you know how to correctly follow musical phrasing norms and create a track which will flow on the dancefloor. You’ll also be shown how to use all the audio editing tools at your disposal.


How To Mix Down Your Track

Start learning how to mix down your track using correct gain theory and practical knowledge. We’ll make sure your track follows industry targets and is ready for more advanced mastering.



Learn all about the art of sampling from the Amen Break to the humble 808 Kick. We’ll show you have to source samples correctly and use them creatively to reinvent a sound.


Composing Harmonically

We’ll make sure you are composing your tracks harmonically and show you some tricks of the trade to help you compose melodies in key and plan your harmonic chord progressions.


Working With Vocals

We’ll show you how to produce with vocals to give your tracks a memorable identity.


EQing Your Mix

Learn how to use the EQ to tidy up your sounds and blend them together seamlessly in the mix. We’ll show you how to balance your sounds and fix any noise issues.


Audio FX

Learn how to use all the audio FX you need to spice up your sound and add a cinematic quality to your track. We’ll show you all the complex parameters at your disposal.


Midi FX

Learn how to use the advanced Midi FX. We’ll show you how to speed up your music production and how to experimental with Midi FX to help generate new ideas for your track.



Learn how to use industry standard plugins to give you more sounds than ever to work with.


Improving Your Mix

Now you have tracks with many elements you’ll need to take your mix down to the next level, making sure every sound is properly processed and that your mix follows industry standards.


Checking Your Productions

Work through your productions in detail with your tutor, checking for any errors and improving on your production skills.


Basic Compression Skills

Learn all about the theory of audio compression and how to apply it to your tracks to get the best out of them.


Basic Volume Automation

Learn how to use the basic automation tools to change the volume of your different elements over time.


Mix Down Your Track

Mix down your first track with your tutors help. We’ll show you how to create a professional sound adhering to industry norms.


Constructive Criticism

Get in-depth advice, constructive criticism and advice from your mentor and receive your end of course report.



You'll be taught 1-to-1 by international artists and professionals that are some of the best instructors in London. A full list can be found on our tutors page.

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