Afrobeat DJ Course

March 15, 2021
Written by
Buster Bennett
Afrobeat DJ Course

Afrobeat DJ Course

Do you want to learn how to DJ Afrobeat or any other genres of electronic music? We offer a range of one-to-one DJ courses where you can be taught using your own style of music. Afrobeat is a popular choice, along with House, Techno, EDM, Pop, R&B and more! You can take our DJ course in our London studios, online or at any of our other sites in the UK including ManchesterBirmingham and Oxford. If you want to ask any questions simply click here to contact us.

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What is Afrobeat? 

Afrobeat originates from Highlife, Fuji, Jazz, Soul & Funk, Soca and Dancehall music. It is characterised by the complex intersecting rhythms and percussion in West African music. The BPM of Afrobeat is normally between 95-120 BPM but it can vary.  Afrobeat is often played by open-format DJs who play multiple genres in a set. It’s common to hear Afrobeat mixed with UK Funky, Grime, UKG, Hip-Hop, House and even EDM. As we teach you how to mix all genres at LSA you can learn them all within our DJ courses and DJ lessons.

How to DJ and mix Afrobeat

If you want to learn how to DJ and mix with Afrobeat music you need specialist one-to-one DJ lessons with an expert at LSA. The rhythm and the vocal nature of Afrobeat presents different challenges for the DJs compared to other genres like Techno. Knowing the difference between the genres is critical for performing with Afrobeat in a DJ set. To be a great Afrobeat DJ you also need to know how to mix other genres of music to create an open-format DJ set. Mixing between genres can be one of the hardest skills to learn for new DJs. 

At London Sound Academy we can teach you how to DJ with Afrobeat or any other genre of your liking. What’s more is that we will give you the tools and skills so you will understand how to mix any genre of music together. 

Learn how to Produce Afrobeat

Perhaps you want to learn how to produce Afrobeat to further your DJ career and obtain more bookings. If this is the case you can enrol on our one-to-one music production courses, learn how to produce and start releasing your own Afrobeat music. We even have our own record label which you can release with once you have graduated!

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