Beat Making Course in London

December 10, 2022
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Buster Bennett
Beat Making Course in London

Beat Making Course in London

Join our Beat Making courses at LSA. We offer beat making (music production) courses seven days a week. You can choose your tutor and your lesson times. Our innovate and flexible booking system means you have a choice of music production tutor and you're in control of your own lesson schedule.

Beat making lessons are available seven days a week at the London Sound Academy studios!

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Learn How to Make Your Own Beats at LSA

What is Beat Making?

Beat making is street slang for music production.

Beat making is another term for used for music production. Music production is the process of creating music electronically using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Music producers or 'beat makers' use software programs (DAWs) to compose (produce) electronic music.

At London Sound Academy we can teach you how to make your own beats using the best music production programs available for beat making including Ableton, Logic and FL Studio. These are the three most popular programs for beat makers and music producers.

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When people talk about beat making they don't just mean creating the drum section or beat of a track, they are really referring to the entire music production process. To produce a track from scratch you need to create several layers of music including the beat section, melodies, vocals and basslines. Beat makers or music producers will often create entire songs from scratch or with the help of samples.

You can create beats just using your laptop, some headphones and an audio interface

What do I learn in a beat making course?

If you join our music production courses at LSA you will learn how to create your own beats from scratch. Songs that you can one day release on Spotify and other platforms.

You will learn how to use your chosen DAW (Ableton, Logic or FL Studio) including everything to do with creating your own beats. If you're new to beat making a lot of the curriculum and jargon won't make much sense but we will break down everything in very simple terms. Our beat making lessons are friendly, creative and fun!

Once you complete our music production course you will know how to use your program to create a full length track or beat. You can then release this track yourself and have it on Spotify or you can work with a record label to reach a larger audience.

Here are some of the main areas of tuition on our music production or beat making course. These skills are covered if you take all three levels including Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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  • All the areas of your chosen DAW (Ableton, Logic or FL Studio)
  • Learn about the music studio environment including monitors, soundcards and keyboards
  • How to use loops and samples to make your beats while adhering to copyright law
  • How to use samplers and midi-instruments in the beat making process
  • How to sequence your drums with audio, midi instruments and samplers
  • How to structure your track and create a melody and groove
  • Learn about chords and create multiples layers
  • Learn about keys and how to produce harmonically
  • Learn about gain theory and how to balance your mix
  • Learn how to use EQ to make your sounds fit together
  • How to record vocals or external instruments
  • Advanced use of the audio and midi FX
  • How to use third party plug-ins
  • Learn about synthesis and create original sounds
  • Learn how to remix tracks using stems
  • Advanced understanding of compression
  • Automation
  • Advanced EQ skills & mixdown techniques
  • Harmonic processing including vocal production
  • Using sends, busses and more!
  • Reverse engineering & advanced DAW tools
  • How to finish your track to industry standards

Benefits of our Beat Making Course

Our beat making or music production courses have hundreds of five-star reviews because we teach one-to-one. This means you won't be in a group and your can learn at your own speed.

It's faster to learn one-to-one than in group classes so you'll get the best results!

You can learn how to create any style of music with one-to-one lessons. Our beat making lessons are available seven days a week. Simply click here to book your music production course and then follow the instructions in your email to choose your lesson times.

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There are many benefits to joining our beat making courses at London Sound Academy. Here are just a few!

  • Choose Your Tutor
  • Learn with any style of music
  • Learn with Ableton, Logic or FL Studio
  • Choose Your Lesson Times
  • Learn How To Produce Fast
  • Graduate & Receive Certification

We are rated 5 Stars on all review platforms!

How to Book Your Beat Making Course

If you're a beginner book our Beginner Music Production course. This course will teach you how to make your own beats. It's a fun course taught one-to-one from our state-of-the-art studios in London. You can choose your tutor and your lesson times so the course is very flexible.

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