Become a DJ for the Day

May 19, 2022
Written by
Buster Bennett
Become a DJ for the Day

Become a DJ for the Day

Ever wanted to DJ? If you want to become a DJ for the day we can make it happen! We offer DJ experiences in our state-of-the-art DJ studios in London. Experience what it's like to DJ with expert tuition from real life DJs. Book a two hour experience, four hour day or jump in with an entire DJ course.

Our DJ experience packages make the perfect activity for all ages. Our youngest students are six upward and the eldest (so far) in their sixties! You don't need any experience or musical ability, just a passion to learn something new! The lessons are taught one-to-one so you'll have a dedicated tutor showing you step-by-step how to DJ on the latest DJ equipment. It's fun and inspirational! If you want to become a DJ this is the best way to start!

One-to-one DJ Lesson Experience
All Ages
Choose your lesson times (Seven days a week availability)
Learn with any style of music
Work towards graduation and DJ gigs!
Five Stare Review Rating (Google, Facebook & Trustpilot)

Become a DJ for the Day! Learn how to mix with expert tution!

Gift Voucher & DJ Experience Packages

Our gift vouchers and experiences can be tailor made to suit you. You can buy single two-hour sessions, a four-hour half day experience or even a full DJ course. If you want to try DJing for a day the two or four-hour options are great but if you want to become a DJ make sure you opt for the full DJ course option.

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Two Hour Taster Sessions

If you want to become a DJ for a day and discover a new passion for electronic music this is the perfect taster! In this two-hour session you will be shown how to prep a playlist, how to plan your set harmonically, how to beatmatch and how to mix the tracks together. Everything you need to hit the ground running! You will be amazing at how quick you can learn the ropes with our expert guidance!

Half-Day Experience

Become a DJ for the day with this four-hour experience. Spent more time learning the DJ skills you need to mix correctly. You can break this experience into two sessions or take it as a four-hour day. Don't forget sessions are available seven days a week. This option is perfect if you want to learn enough so that you can go away and practice independently. If you have your own DJ controller you can bring this to the session.

Full DJ Courses

Already hooked on being a DJ? You should start with our Beginner DJ Course, it's teaches you all the fundamental theory and skills on the industry-standard DJ software and DJ equipment. Everything you need to start DJing the right way. Book the Beginner DJ Course by clicking here or buy it as a gift for a loved one by clicking here.

Join our DJ course program and you can learn how to DJ and actually become a DJ by playing live gigs with us! Graduates of our DJ course will get access to our famed alumni community group and be able to DJ with us at Ministry of Sound or in Ibiza! Watch the video to find out more!

Looking for something extra special?

We can tailor-make the ultimate DJ experience that includes the chance to join us in the DJ booth at Ministry of Sound! If you have any special requests get in touch! Click here to contact us.

We have organise birthday party events, group DJ classes and experience, DJ gigs and DJ parties! If you have an idea we'd like to see if we can make it happen!

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