DJ Gifts

November 16, 2022
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Buster Bennett & Antonio Granata Gil
DJ Gifts

DJ Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a DJ? Look no further! Our annual blog of DJ gift ideas is back! Here we list the most awesome gifts for DJs to give you inspiration and help you find the perfect gift for a DJ friend or loved one.

There are some amazing DJ gifts in this years blog from low price to blow-out! You'll find gifts for all types of DJs from beginner to advanced, digital to vinyl enthusiast. Enjoy our list of DJ gifts and be sure to click the blue links to purchase the gifts!

If you would like more help finding the perfect DJ gift don't hesitate to drop us an email. Click here to contact us about DJ Gifts.

DJ Gift #1 - DJ Experiences & DJ Gift Vouchers

Want to gift an experience of a life time? We offer DJ lesson and DJ course gift vouchers suitable for all ages six upward and all ability levels. The lessons can be taken in-person in our LondonManchester or Birmingham studios seven days a week or online!

As the UK's favourite DJ academy we offer some of the most amazing DJ experiences in the UK and we are the only DJ school to help our graduates get real DJ gigs on graduation. We work closely with amazing venues like Ministry of Sound and organise life-changing DJ gigs for our DJ course graduates! This could be the perfect DJ gift you're looking for!

If you know an aspiring DJ, be it total beginner of veteran disc jokey our DJ lesson gift vouchers are the perfect gift!

DJ Lesson Gift Vouchers Make The Perfect Gift!

How DJ Gift Vouchers Work

  1. Buy the voucher (click here for buying page)
  2. Give the voucher to your loved one
  3. They choose their lesson times and if they want in-person or online lessons

DJ Gift Options (Click here for prices)

There are three standard options for DJ gift vouchers at London Sound Academy click here to buy a DJ gift on our buying page.

Here's a breakdown of the DJ gift options. Remember, vouchers are suitable for any age six upward. We even teach people in their seventies!

Want to check out the studio? Click here to follow our DJ academy on Instagram.

Two-hour DJ Taster Session

Ignite a passion for DJing with a fun one-to-one lesson designed to show them them basic DJ skills. Enough to get them started properly! If they already have some DJ experience we can tailor the lesson to suit any ability level or style of music! Lessons are taught one-to-one so students can choose their tutor, lesson times, music and ability level.

Click here to buy the two-hour gift voucher for lessons in London or online

Click here to buy the two-hour gift voucher for lessons in Birmingham or Manchester

DJ Taster Session

Half Day DJ Experience

This DJ gift of half a day at the studio covers the fundamental skills and theory they need to be able to mix or produce confidently on their own equipment at home. This is an amazing opportunity to spend a half day in our beautiful studios learning 1-2-1 from a professional DJ! Students are also welcome to bring their own DJ equipment if they want us to show them how to use it. Sessions are available seven days a week.

Click here to buy the half-day experience (4 hours) in London

Click here to buy the half-day experience in Birmingham or Manchester

Half Day DJ Experience

Full DJ Course

Exchange this voucher for any level of our DJ or production courses including Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Tuition counts toward graduation and graduates get DJ gigs at awesome venues including Ministry of Sound! All our courses are rated five-stars with over 300 reviews.

Click here to buy a full DJ course (8 hours) in London

Click here to buy a full DJ course in Birmingham or Manchester

Graduates DJ at Ministry of Sound!

DJ Gift #2 - DJ Controller

One of the most popular gifts for DJs this Christmas will be the Pioneer DDJ-FLX4. This small DJ controller plugs into a laptop and works with both Rekordbox DJ software and Serato DJ Software. The RRP is £279.

Rekordbox and Serato are two programs that you can learn how to DJ with at LSA on our DJ courses. This DJ setup is also the perfect choice if you want to buy an online DJ lesson with an LSA tutor. Remember, all our gift vouchers can be exchanges for DJ lessons in the studio or online.

This DJ controller has all the features, connectivity and FX that a beginner DJ needs to mix any style of music and makes the perfect DJ gift. It can even connect to your smart phone or tablet and music streaming services! It's an awesome DJ gift that any recipient would be impressed by!

Click here if you're interested in booking online DJ lessons with the DDJ-FLX4.

To get the most of the DDJ-FLX4 you also need some small studio monitors and headphones. Scroll down for those!

The DDJ-FLX4 DJ Controller

DJ Gift #3 - DJ Speakers (Studio Monitors)

We recommend either purchasing the small but budget friendly Pioneer DJM-40 speakers or the larger Pioneer VM-50. They are both really great speakers for beginners and bedroom DJs.

The main difference, apart from price tag, is the size of the speaker itself. This means the larger speaker will naturally go louder and will have higher quality sound output. We recommend going for which ever speaker is within your budget as they are both great! You can choose a speaker that suits the budget for your DJ gift.

Size Comparison for the DM-40 vs VM-50

DJ Gift #4 - Best Headphone Gift For DJs

The choice of DJ headphones can be overwhelming! If you're looking for the perfect headphones to buy a DJ as a gift there is one true classic that all DJs love and they are the Sennheiser HD25s.

This trusty pair of DJ headphones has been the closest thing to an industry-standard for DJs. They are good value for money also with an RRP of £129. They last a long time and you can buy spare parts when needed, meaning you don't have to fork out on a new pair of headphones when a small part wears out.

Recommended DJ Headphones - Sennheiser HD25s

Pioneer HDJ-CUE1 - RRP £59

Pioneer also have a huge range of DJ headphones that make great gifts for beginner DJs. The HDJ-CUE1 headphones are inspired by the professional Pioneer DJ models, but are available at a much more affordable price. The HDJ-CUE1 come in a variety of fresh colours with their brand-new accessory pack.

They are lightweight, easy to wear, and have amazing sound quality! Perfect to start a DJ journey the right way and make an awesome DJ gift!

Pioneer HDJ-CUE1 - RRP £59
Pioneer HDJ-CUE1 - RRP £59 with Orange Accessory Pack (£27)

Accessory Pack for HDJ-CUE1 headphones - £27

Colourful accessory pack for HDJ-CUE1 headphones. Add a personal touch to their headphones with these fresh-looking accessories. Click here to buy the accessory.

DJ Gift #5 - DJ Equipment Customisation

Every DJ setup needs a unique and special touch. With these colourful knobs and faders, DJs can get a serious upgrade on any device in just a few minutes. The bright colours enhance visibility.

When everything is labelled by colour, it’s way easier to tell an EQ from a filter, for example. This means DJs can focus on the music while adding a personal touch to their gear, another perfect gift idea for DJs! There is also a big range in price meaning From £2 to £124!

Add some style to your DJ set up with Chroma Caps

DJ Skins: Professional protection for DJ equipment

For every DJ, taking care of their equipment is a big priority. With these skins, DJs will be able to protect their precious devices, and at the same time have a design that suits them! This will help to protect from scratches and dust so it makes a thoughtful DJ gift! From £23 to £50+

DJ Equipment Skins

DJ Gift #6 - Hearing Protection Earplugs

We only have one set of ears and we live in a noisy world, so protecting our hearing is crucial. DJs are often exposed to high sound intensity levels, for this reason, having a pair of reliable earplugs is a must! Why not give the gift of good ear health for your DJ friend? This might be the most important gift you ever give them!

Combining protection and comfort, Loop Earplugs offer great affordable plugs. Their ears will get the very best protection, in the most comfortable, durable and stylish way. RRP £22.95

Loop Earplugs For DJs & Music Fans

DJ Gift #7 - JBL BOOMBOX 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Having a portable speaker is always a good idea, especially for DJs to listen to their music library when away from the studio! This device delivers a powerful, deep bass and exceptional sound quality. Enjoy music anywhere with the hassle-free Bluetooth connection.

Please note this device will not work with DJ controllers but rather it's just for playing music. RRP £249.99

JBL BOOMBOX 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

DJ Gift #8 - Vinyl DJ Decks & Accessories

Looking for a gift for a vinyl enthusiast? There's a whole range of DJ gifts for vinyl DJs and fans of the vinyl community. Vinyl has had a huge resurgence over the last decade with vinyl sales hitting new highs. Many DJs love the nostalgia of vinyl DJing. Here are some gifts that would be perfect for a vinyl DJ loved one.

Don't forget, if you buy a gift voucher at LSA they can choose if they want to learn on vinyl or digital systems!

Vinyl DJ Turntables For Beginners

If you're looking for an extra special gift for a DJ who wants to learn how to mix on vinyl we recommend the Pioneer PLX-500 turntables. It's an amazing deck and great value for money at RRP £349. It comes in both white and black and makes and exceptional DJ gift! Truly one that would give the wow factor!

You might want to pair with with a 1-2-1 DJ lesson gift voucher for vinyl tuition.

Anti-Static Slipmats (Pair)

This is on for the vinyl DJs in your life. The Acc-Sees Anti-Static Slipmat is the ideal solution for minimising static and removing dust particles from their records! This product will reduce crackling and static noise. It can be placed directly on platter without a rubber mat.  RRP £8.99

Anti-Static Slipmats (Pair)

Vinyl Storage

Etsy is one of the best sources for amazing gifts for DJs. It's the home of custom made crafts and unique products. They have a great range of DJ furniture from deck stands to record storage and displays. Check out Etsy for DJ gifts, especially for vinyl storage options! Prices go from £25 upward.

Vinyl Storage on Etsy

Glorious Record Storage Box

Here's another great vinyl storage box gift for vinyl DJs. This storage box offers quick and easy access to their record collection! The clearly arranged storage solution is made of robust MDF wood and is available with a black or white finish. We use these in our studio in London and they've lasted years! A useful and long-lasting DJ gift. RRP £49

Glorious Vinyl Storage

Vinyl Record Display Frame

Decorate with the music they love! It's time to change the record. This special frame will give them the opportunity to display their favourite vinyl albums and musical art on the wall. Change over the display within seconds, without having to remove the frame from the wall! This is a great gift for a DJ who has some wall space to fill. RRP £19.99

Vinyl Record Frame

Click here for more vinyl DJ gift ideas!

DJ Gift #9 - DJ Stands

Nowadays, having a DJ booth in your house is an extension of your entertainment area. Many living rooms have a DJ table where DJs can mix with their friends, live-stream and show off! There's lots of DJ stands and DJ booths available and they make a great DJ gift! Here's a few options from cheap to blow-out!

Vonyx DJ Stand

This height-adjustable DJ stand is great for any DJ home studio. DJs can easily use this stand to place mixers, CD players, controllers, laptops, and any other equipment. It has a modern design and is super easy to set up. It can also be a great upgrade for any mobile DJ travelling from venue to venue! This stand is often also used by wedding DJs it could be a gift that sparks a new career! RRP £185

Vonyx DJ Stand

Hoerboard DJ Furniture

One of our favourite brands for DJ furniture that would look amazing in any apartment is Hoerboard. Hoerboard is the custom-made brainchild of designer David Kornmann. Each of his DJ workstations can be customised according to your specifications, with mixers, turntables, CDJs, space for your laptop, controller and other DJ devices. This is a blow-out gift but something that will last a lifetime.

Hoerboard DJ Furniture

Idokodo DJ Booths

Many of our DJ course students love to have lessons on our custom-built Idokodo DJ Booth at LSA! It's custom-built and has multiple setup options that can house a variety of DJ setups suitable for our DJ lessons. This is by far the best DJ booth in London! Check out this video of DJ tutor on our custom Idokodo booth! They come highly recommended. Click here for their website.

DJ Gift #10 - DJ Art & Decor

Maybe your DJ friend always has all the gear? If this is the case you might want to give them a DJ gift that will help them express their love for DJing and theme their DJ space or studio. There's a huge range of DJ art and decor that make perfects gifts and that are suitable for small budgets. Here are some DJ art gift ideas for you!

Melted Mirror Balls

We've spied a new design trend. Molten Mirror Balls are a unique art piece that will make any home studio a homage to disco! While there are a few artists now making these in different designs many are extremely expensive, but we've found the best prices one available now for that special gift! We might even get one for the studio! Retail price £53.65 available on Etsy.

Melting Disco Ball

DJ Dog Art Print

Any artwork by Keith Haring is worth admiring. With the classic DJ Dog art print, DJs will set the tone of their room from the walls out! RRP £6.80

Kieth Haring 'DJ' Print

Canvas Print - Sounds Better On Vinyl

Sounds Better On Vinyl! The perfect low-budget gift for vinyl DJs. Get them a gallery-quality look in the comfort of their home. Frameless and versatile, canvas prints can be hung on walls or leaned on a surface for whatever decor style! RRP £58.90

Click here for the product

DJ Rug

Let them express their style all over their home studio with a feature-worthy rug. This rug is made from a woven, polyester chenille for a soft and textured look. Rugs are one of the best, attention-grabbing pieces to start designing a room around and help to absorb acoustic echos in rooms! Pretty, and useful, two gifts in one really! RRP £35.11

Click here for the product

Technics 1210 Turntable Deck Keyring

Miniature, rubber moulded Technics 1210 record player keyring, made to the highest standards. This is a very cute DJ gift perfect as a stocking filler and something they will enjoy everyday! Official Technics merchandise! RRP £9.25

Technics Keyring

Thanks for reading our annual breakdown of the best gifts for DJs! This year there are more options than ever and something for every budget!

Don't forget if you want to ask us any questions to buy a DJ gift voucher click here to contact us.

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