Gift Ideas For Vinyl Fans

November 24, 2020
Written by
Buster Bennett
Gift Ideas For Vinyl Fans

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea for a vinyl enthusiast? Look no further...

Every year we compile the best gift guides for DJs (click here for the DJ guide) and producers (click here for the producer guide) and this year we've added vinyl fans into the mix! Use this guide to help you find the perfect gift for your vinyl enthusiast friend. Any vinyl fan would be over the moon with any of these excellent presents for vinyl nerds!

1. Vinyl DJ Lessons or Course at LSA Founder Buster

Many vinyl fans would love to know how to actually DJ, mix and beat-match their vinyl records. It's a true art form! At London Sound Academy we offer one-to-one vinyl DJ lessons and courses as gift vouchers. You can buy two-hour lessons or longer experiences. They are suitable for any age, ability or experience level. We can also cater for all styles music.

Click here to buy a DJ lesson gift voucher.

LSA Founder Buster (Right)

2. Their Own Vinyl Pressing or Picture Disc

Every DJ or producer dreams about having their music on vinyl or perhaps owning a special custom pressing. You can now get both! Two new innovative companies offer brand new services that make great gifts for vinyl fans. Vinylify offers a unique service where you can press a single track that a DJ or producer has made themselves. Vinyl Art Co offer a service to press any song, theirs or otherwise, onto a single disc and have custom artwork too!

3. Headphones

Every vinyl fan and audio junky needs a good pair of professional headphones. You need a pair that are hard-wearing, good looking and respected in the industry. We have an entire guide about headphones to read. Click here for our headphone guide. One pair we love at the moment are the Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Audio Technica ATH-M50x

4. Record Player or Turntable

Everyone with a vinyl collection needs a good turntable. There are loads of really cheap ones out there but they are rubbish! They are also not suitable for DJing and they are also hard to find replacement needles for. As we are a DJ school and we love our vinyl we recommend that you buy a vinyl turntable that you can play vinyl with but also DJ with. A great entry level turntable is the Pioneer PLX 500. You will need a DJ mixer and speakers to use it, and it would be best to have a pair. Profesional DJs should get the PLX 1000 model or perhaps a second hand pair of Technic 1210 turntables.

A pair of these would make an awesome gift for any vinyl fan!

As a DJ school we work with Pioneer to provide discounts of their products for our students, followers and alumni. If you would like to get some cheaper-than-retail prices on DJ equipment click here to contact us.

5. Record Store Voucher

One of the joys of vinyl is spending an afternoon, coffee in hand, browsing records in a record shop! It's all part of the vinyl fan culture. Help your vinyl fan loved-one pay for their habit with a gift voucher from their favourite record store. It's best to Google record stores in your area that specialise in your friends style of music and ask for a gift voucher. One of our favourite record stores in London is called Phonica and they offer gift vouchers! They also offer online sales too!

Phonica Records Store - London

6. Rare Records

Another massive part of the vinyl fan culture is to collect rare records. Vinyl enthusiasts will often spend hours in charity shops and record stores digging through crates of records to find that hidden gem. Nowadays, there is also a website called Discogs that catalogues the vast world of vinyl and offers a platform for fans to buy and sell records. You can use the platform to find hidden gems in far away lands and have them shipped to your door! A must for all vinyl enthusiasts! Perhaps your vinyl buddy has a wish-list on the website or Click here for Discogs.

7. Band Camp Voucher

Another awesome website offering a huge selection of vinyl is Bandcamp. Bandcamp is the most ethical place to buy music online. Most of the revenue goes direct to the artists and record labels and not to greedy middle-men. It also means that you find some incredible music, merchandise, records, CDs and more! We highly recommend you and your vinyl buddies shop online at Bandcamp! They also offer gift vouchers so it's a win-win. Support the artist's and find and amazing gift idea for your vinyl fan friend! Click here to shop Bandcamp gift cards!

8. Record Bags

Now that your friend is stocked up on vinyl they need a way to carry it around. A record bag makes a great present and useful item! You can go budget and get a simple tote bag big enough for 12 inch records or raise the budget to get something more substantial. There are many options, both for just carrying a few records around or shopping but also for lugging big collections around from gig to gig or even abroad!

We like this Technics bag, not too big not too small!

9. Custom Slipmats

Another amazing customised gift for a vinyl fan is slipmats. Slipmats are used on turntables to protect the records but also to help with sound quality and DJing too! They can be custom-made and come in a range of colours, prints and materials.

Check Out Criminyl Custom Slipmats

10. Record Storage & Racks

There are some really beautifully designed record storage solutions out there that would make any vinyl fans home a showroom! Vinyl fans love to honour their collection with an amazing display. Give them the gift of storage solutions and a way to make their collection shine! Etsy has some amazing vinyl related gifts and lots of options for vinyl storage. We highly recommend searching on Etsy for vinyl storage like this beautiful example!

Search on Etsy for Vinyl Or Record Related Gifts

Thanks for reading our gift guide blog for the best presents for vinyl fans and enthusiasts. We hope you found the perfect present for that vinyl nerd in your life! Please do take some time to read our other blogs and view our available courses! Click here to visit the main page.

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