The Best Gifts For DJs!

November 9, 2020
Written by
Buster Bennett
The Best Gifts For DJs!

Every year we write a blog helping you find the perfect gift for the DJ in your life! If you’re looking for gifts for a DJ or an awesome gift for anyone who wants to get involved in DJing and music then this is the list for you! We hope you enjoy our blog and find the perfect gift for your DJ friend! 

This year we’ve included some great options for all budgets. DJ streaming has been so massive this year so we've added in all the essential streaming gear too! This is your one-stop-shop for gift ideas for DJs this Christmas!

DJ Gift Vouchers & DJ Experience Days

Firstly, as you all know London Sound Academy is the premiere provider of one-to-one DJ and music production tuition and DJ studio hire in London! We offer gift vouchers for all types of lessons, both in the studio and online! Our gift vouchers make the perfect gifts for DJs or anyone who loves music! Lessons are available to book seven days a week and are suitable for any age level. They are highly recommended as the best gifts for DJs! Just read our reviews! 

Once you buy a gift voucher we will email it to you instantly, even on Christmas day itself! The recipient can choose their tutor and lesson times. Lessons are available online or in the studio. We also work with DJ Gym who offer lessons and DJ experiences throughout the UK including in Manchester, Birmingham and Oxford!

Click here for vouchers for those areas. 

Learn to DJ & Join Our Community!
LSA Students DJ in Ibiza
DJ Experience Days
LSA Gift Vouchers For DJs

Taster Gift - 2-Hour Lesson Online or in the Studio!

£100 - Lessons available seven days a week.

Lessons taught one-to-one!

Our ‘Taster’ gift voucher can be exchanged for any two-hour DJ lesson or music production lesson, either in our studios or online. Lessons are taught one-to-one and can be tailor-made to suit any age, ability level or style of music! It’s the perfect present for a newbie DJ or a DJ with some experience looking to up-skill! Super flexible and unforgettable! 

Click here to buy a Taster gift voucher! 

Essentials Gift - 4-Hours of Lessons Online or in the Studio!

£180 - Lessons available seven days a week.

Lessons taught one-to-one!

If you want to give someone a little more time in the studio with their chosen tutor go for the ‘Essentials’ gift voucher. Exchangeable for any type of DJ or production lesson covering any genre, ability level or age. 

Click here to buy the Essentials gift voucher!

Course Voucher Gift - 8-Hours of Lessons Online or in the Studio!

£329 - Lessons available seven days a week.

Lessons taught one-to-one!

Buy a beginner or experienced DJ the perfect gift this Christmas! Our ‘Course Voucher’ gift will enable them to choose any course on offer at LSA and take the lessons either online or in the studio. This voucher can be exchanged for either the Beginner DJ Course, Intermediate DJ Course, Advanced DJ Course, Beginner Music Production Course, Intermediate Music Production Course, Advanced Music Production Course, Vinyl DJ Course or Custom DJ Course!

Click here to buy a DJ course as a gift!

Full Course Package 

Want to buy the ultimate DJ gift in 2020 and save 10%!? If you want to go above and beyond for your beloved DJ you can buy a full course package at LSA. The full course could either cover the LSA Pro DJ Course including Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses or the LSA Pro Producer Course including Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses! Everything they will need to cover to graduate, gain their LSA certification and join the LSA community, get gigs and get signed to our record label! A career changing, if not life changing gift! 

Click here to contact us about buying the ultimate DJ gift!

Ministry of Sound or Ibiza DJ Experience

All graduates of the LSA Pro DJ Course will be invited to join our growing community of over 1000 DJs, producers, promoters and music industry professionals. In addition they will be invited to DJ at Ministry of Sound and on our annual tour in Ibiza! An insane opportunity to play at legendary venues! Gift the ultimate DJ experience to start their DJ journey! 

The Best Gifts For Beginner DJs 

There are tons of amazing gifts for DJs for birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations. We've created this DJ gift guide to help you decide what to buy a DJ as a gift.

The Best Headphones For DJs As A Gift

Headphones are essential for DJs and there is a bewildering range available! Through years of experience both in clubs DJing and teaching we can tell you the best headphones for DJs or all ability levels are the trusty Sennheiser HD25s! They are lightweight, easy to wear, hard wearing and have amazing sound quality! What’s also great, is that you can buy spare parts when needed so it will save a DJ a fortune during their career! 

Click here to buy the Sennheiser HD25s

£129 RRP

DJ Controllers For Beginner DJs

There is a HUGE range of DJ controllers out there for Beginner DJs but the most popular options are the Pioneer DDJ 200 (£139 RRP) or DDJ 400 (£249 RRP.) The DDJ 200 is perfect for kids and DJs on a budget. It has all the essential features to mix from A to B and links with online music streaming services too. It's great for total beginner DJs but you might outgrow it quickly and need to upgrade. A step up is the DDJ 400 which has more features to play with but is still great value for money.

If you want to buy something with even more features like the DDJ800, DDJ1000, XDJRR, XDJRX2, XDJXZ or CDJS contact us for special LSA student pricing!

If you are joining LSA and plan to take all our DJ course please contact us for more free and impartial advice on what DJ equipment to buy.

The Pioneer DDJ-200 DJ Controller and the DDJ-400 DJ Controller Are Great For Beginner DJs

Music Vouchers

DJs need music! The best and most ethical place for DJs to buy music and support artists is Bandcamp. Bandcamp allows musicians, DJs and producers to sell their own music directly to the public and retain most of the income. This supports the music industry and means that Bandcamp has the most interesting music library on the internet. It’s the perfect gift for a DJ but also has the benefit of supporting the artists too! 

Click here to buy a Bandcamp voucher.


Speakers or studio monitors are essential for DJs and producers alike. If your DJ friend is looking for some decent speakers that are affordable but also give great sound for practicing those mixers at home check out the Pioneer DJ range. The best for a small budget are the bluetooth DJM40 BT speakers but if you want some more bass get a speaker from the SDJ range. We love the SDJ50 speakers which come in white and black. 

Click here for the DM40 BT Speakers (£119)

Pioneer Bluetooth DJM40 BT Speakers - Great for Beginner DJs
Pioneer SDJ 50 DJ Speakers - Great For DJs Who Love Bass!

Contact Us To Buy DJ Speakers And DJ Equipment At Student Prices

Laptop Stand

Laptop DJs will need a laptop stand for home and club use. Reloop have just announced their most advanced laptop stand to date which caused quite a lot of excitement online! It's stable, sleek and functional with USB C and USB connectivity! It's quite possibly the trendiest DJ gift this year!

Click Here To Find Out More!

Reloop Stand Hub

Live DJ Mix Recorders / iRig & Evermix

Some DJ controllers allow you to simply record your DJ mix straight to your laptop, others may enable you to plug in a USB and record too. However, when DJs play in clubs they often want to record their sets from the clubs DJ mixer directly. For this, they will need to have an external DJ mix recorder and these make great gifts for DJs! We regularly use both the iRig and the Evermix in the LSA studios and highly recommend both!

iRig DJ Set Recorder

Click Here To Buy The iRig (£35 RRP)

Evermix DJ mix

The Evermix version is more expensive but directly aimed at the DJ market.

Click Here To Buy The Evermix Recorder (£115 RRP)

Camera Tripods For DJ Streaming

The biggest trend for DJs at the moment is DJ live streaming. There are lots of products that are really useful for DJs trying to create the perfect DJ stream. One of the most essential items is a suitable tripod for a camera or phone. Here are some of our favourites.

Hama Flex Camera Tripod For Phone & GoPro RRP £13

This tripod is great value for money and can be used to attach a phone or GoPro. It has bendy flexible legs making it perfect to grab onto something to create the perfect filming angle. It's not good however if you need a stand-alone tripod with height. For that see below.

Click Here To Get The Hame Flex

Hama Flex

Jessops TR125 Hex Tripod RRP £49 (On sale for £29.99 at time of writing)

This tripod will rise to 170cm tall and is great for shooting photos or short videos with a DSLR camera. You can also buy additional attachments for phones and GoPros

Click Here To Buy The Jessops TR125 Hex Tripod

Jessops TR125 Hex Tripod

Green Screen

Another streaming must-have that makes a perfect gift for a live-streaming DJ is a green screen! A Green screen allows you to superimpose any background onto your video, it's commonly used on the weather report! As a DJ you can then choose your background and disguise your bedroom! A fun and practical present for a new DJ! DJs will need a wide green-screen, so this one is ideal!

Click Here To Buy This Green Screen

Green Screen For DJ Live Streaming

LED Light Bar

One of the best lighting effects for a DJ stream is to buy a simple LED light bar. Easy to store, easy to use! They make really useful gifts for DJs, especially mobile DJs and bedroom DJs who love to stream! Also great for a home studio!

Click Here To Buy This Light Bar

LED Light Bar For DJs

The Perfect Gifts For Advanced DJs

Bar the beginner DJ controllers, all the gifts in our guide for beginner DJs are also great for advanced DJs too. In addition, you can also think about these awesome ideas if you want to spend a bit more money!

Cameras For DJing

DJs need content for their social media profiles and love to document their skills. While many phones have excellent cameras they may also need a GoPro or a webcam for DJ streaming and recording DJ sets. They make awesome presents for DJs! We love the GoPro camera range because they are durable and easy to use. They have a wide-angle lens to get your whole DJ booth in shot! You can even wear them! Other useful related gifts would be some accessories for a GoPro camera.

Click Here To Get The GoPro Hero9 At Argos For £379

Click Here To Get The Logictech C922 For £108

GoPro Hero9 Camera

Logitech C922 Camera

Pioneer XDJ Range

Want to spend big on your DJ loved one and buy one of the ultimate DJ all-in-one units? Say hello to the Pioneer XDJ XZ, this years most popular DJ unit! Brand new and packed full of toys this epic DJ set-up will be the most envious present! In the XDJ range of all-in-one DJ units you can also find the smaller XDJ RR and the XDJ RX models, also both excellent!

If you would like to buy DJ equipment at LSA student prices please contact us.

The Pioneer XDJ XZ - This years most popular all-in-one DJ set up.

Pioneer CDJ Range

Okay, want to go even more epic, even more crazy and spend BIG time? Every DJ would be happy with an industry-standard Pioneer DJ club set up like the new flagship model, the Pioneer CDJ3000s!

If you would like to buy DJ equipment at LSA student prices please contact us.

Pioneer CDJ3000 & DJMV10 Club Set Up!

Elite DJ Course 

There is always something new to learn and we've created the ultimate advanced DJ course. Our Elite DJ Course is the most advanced DJ course in Europe, if not the world right now! Only advanced DJs can join this course. It teaches you how to become a live DJ using the most advanced DJ technology available including the Pioneer DJS1000 Sampler, RMX1000 effects unit, multiple deck mixing and live EDM devices! This course can also be tailor-made to include turntablism and scratching!

At the end of the course each graduate is awarded the LSA Elite DJ trophy!

Click here to find out more or contact us to buy this course as a gift.

The Elite DJ Course Trophy

Music Production Course

The natural progression for a DJ is to first learn how to DJ and then learn how to produce. There is no better feeling that playing your own track and watching a crowd of people jump up and down to your beat! It's a life changing DJ experience and probably one of the most thoughtful gifts for a DJ!

We offer a range of music production courses that are taught one-to-one. Any of our gift vouchers can be exchanged for music production lessons on Ableton, Logic or FL studio seven days a week!

Click here for our range of gift vouchers!

Music Production Lessons Make Great Gifts For DJs!

DJ Photoshoot

Every DJ needs a portrait for social media to help them promote themselves. We work with an expert DJ photographer called Thomas Hensher to provide the perfect DJ photoshoot present for our DJs and students! It's an hour-long photoshoot which can be in the studio on the decks or on location! This can be bought as a gift voucher too!

Click here for more information on LSA DJ photoshoots.

LSA DJ Photoshoots Cater For All Styles!

Logo Design

A great DJ logo can make or break a DJs career! It's vital to have a DJ logo that is both iconic and functional. It's also important to have your DJ logo in the right formats for club screens, flyers and artwork. We work with one of the music industries best graphic designers, Alex Sedano. He has a special offer just for LSA followers of £100 for a DJ logo. This is also available as a special DJ gift!

DJ Logo Design by Alex Sedano

Cheap Gifts For DJs / Stocking Presents For DJs

There are amazing gifts for DJs for all budgets! To start our perfect gift guide for DJs here are some cheap DJ gifts and presents that make perfect stocking fillers! 

¼ Inch Jack 

Every DJ needs a stock of these headphone adapters to plug their DJ headphones in at the club! Cheap and extremely useful!


DJs need USB sticks for transferring fils and for DJing on the industry-standard Pioneer CDJs. Reliability is important for DJ USBs and we recommend only Sandisk USBs!

Sandisk Are The Best DJ USBs

DJ Torch 

Some DJ booths are so dark that you struggle as a DJ to find the buttons, plugs and cables. Having a small torch is super useful. They make great DJ presents and stocking fillers.


DJs are always in need of high-quality audio cables. The most common audio cable used by DJs is the RCA (red and white stereo audio cable)


There are many DJ books out there both on the subject of how to DJ but also about DJ culture as a whole. There are some really beautiful coffee table books too. Our latest favourite is this book about Ibiza style!

DJ Book Ibiza

Record Tote Bag

Tote bags are the perfect fit for records! A super useful and reusable bag but also a fashion statement!

Techno Tote Bag

That's it for this years Ultimate Guide To DJ Gifts! We hope you found lots of ideas for DJ gifts and find the present you're looking for! Don't forget to get in touch if you want to buy and DJ equipment or compare prices, get advice or book a DJ course! Click here to contact us!

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