Advanced DJ

Only £349
  • One-to-one tuition
  • Choose your own lesson times 7 days a week
  • Any genre of music
  • Become an LSA graduate
  • Free Vibecast DJ website
  • Guaranteed DJ gigs!

Course Overview

Four DJ lessons (2 hours each) taught one-to-one. You'll never be in a group and you can learn at your own speed with any style of music.

The Advanced DJ Course polishes your DJ skills and prepares you for your first LSA DJ gig. After taking this course you'll have the confidence to beat match on any equipment and perform like a pro for a live audience.

On graduation, you will receive your certificate and join the private LSA Alumni community. You'll have access to all the DJ gigs we organise including Ministry of Sound, Egg LDN, XOYO and the annual LSA Ibiza Tour.

Learn In Person

Lessons are all taught one-on-one from our London studios. You'll never be in a group, and you can learn at your own pace, with your favourite genre.

Taught By The Pros

As a team of seasoned professionals and international artists, we've worked tirelessly to craft a course that quickly elevates your craft and prepares you for your first gig set up by LSA .

Rated #1

London Sound Academy has 300+ 5 star reviews, celebrity alumni and accolades from across the industry.

Flexible Scheduling

There are four two-hour lessons that you can book any day of the week at any of our studios. All equipment is provided and lesson times are 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm or 8pm. Once booked you can reschedule when needed.

What Will I Learn?

  • Advanced knowledge of Rekordbox
  • Advanced deck setups
  • How to pitch-shift (find the tempo and beatmatch by ear alone)
  • Pitch-shifting on CDJs
  • Introduction to Technics 1210 turntables and vinyl mixing
  • DJ booth etiquette and how to work in a real club
  • What to expect at your first DJ gigs
  • Advanced mixing effects and transitions
  • Advanced CDJ tricks and combo FX
  • How to plan your first live set


An in depth understanding of the content in our Beginner and Intermediate DJ courses. If you are joining us at the Advanced level you will still need to complete two more courses at LSA to access DJ gigs. We recommend booking this course, the Elite DJ Course and a production course to qualify.

Equipment & Software

PioneerRekordboxMixed In KeyAllen & HeathTechnics

In this course you will be using Rekordbox DJ software alongside the industry-standard Pioneer DJ setups including the CDJ3000s, 2000Nexus2s, DJM-A9 and DJM-V10 mixers. In addition, we will introduce you to alternative ways to DJ including using vinyl and Technics turntables. There is also a range of legacy models to help you conquer any DJ setup.

Lesson Plan


Your First Gig

Plan for your first gig with LSA. Start by preparing your set on Rekordbox with your tutors advice. Make sure you’re ready for DJ set the dancefloor on fire.

Advanced Testing

Ace the setup test and impress your tutor with all your skills you need to make a flawless transition in the club.


Advanced Beat Matching Challenge

Learn all about the theory of pitch shifting and how to beatmatch by ear with no tempo displayed on the screen.


Introduction to Vinyl

Learn about alternative ways of DJing including vinyl records.


Learn about Turntables

Learn how to use a Technics turntable for vinyl mixing.



Challenge yourself to pitch-shift with vinyl records.


Multi-Deck Setups

Learn how to mix more than two tracks at the same time using multiple decks.


Alternative Mixers

Learn how to use a range of legacy DJ equipment and different mixers.


Master Beatmatching

Advanced your beat-matching skills with careful guidance and mentorship.


Advanced CDJ Tricks & Combo FX

Create stunning routines and memorable moments using advanced creative options.


Advanced Mixes

Create advanced DJ transitions using a range of cutting-edge mixer technology.


What to expect in the DJ Booth

Learn all about DJ booth etiquette and what to expect in the DJ booth.


Advanced Problem Solving

Learn about what to expect at your first DJ gig and how to solve common problems.


Plan Your Sets

Learn how to properly organise and plan for your first DJ gig and how to read the crowd.


Final Checks

We'll prepare you for your first DJ performance with the final checks and tests.


Join The Family

Join the LSA Alumni Facebook Group and apply to all the DJ gigs we organise at various venues including, Ministry of Sound, Edd LDN, 02 Academy Brixton and more including the annual LSA Ibiza Tour.



You'll be taught 1-to-1 by international artists and professionals that are some of the best instructors in London. A full list can be found on our tutors page.

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