Elite DJ

The highest award
  • £599 (effectively £37/hour)
  • Highest Honour at LSA
  • Get the best LSA DJ Gigs
  • Trophy on Completion
  • Limited Availability
  • For Advanced DJs Only


Now you have graduated the LSA DJ Course and completed at least one DJ gig with us you can apply for the Elite DJ Course and take your skills to the extreme.The Elite DJ Course is designed for DJs who want to stand out and become the best in their field. We will equip you will the knowledge and knowhow to perform in style utilising all the latest technology.

After completing this course you will have expert abilities in the use of multiple live DJ techniques including but not limited to Samplers, FX units and Multi-deck sets. Graduates from this course will receive the LSA Elite DJ trophy and be given the best DJ gigs from those that we organise.

Learn In Person

Lessons are all taught one-on-one from our Camden Studio. You'll never be in a group, and you can learn at your own pace, with your favourite genre.

Taught By The Pros

As a team of seasoned professionals and international artists, we've worked tirelessly to craft a course that quickly elevates your craft and prepares you for the music industry.

Rated #1

London Sound Academy has 280+ 5 star reviews, celebrity alumni and accolades from across the industry.

Flexible Scheduling

There are six two-hour lessons and two two-hour studio sessions included in the course and your graduating trophy. All equipment is provided and lesson times are 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm or 8pm. Once booked you can reschedule when needed.

What Will I Learn?

  • Pioneer DJS-1000 Sampler
  • DJS-1000 Software
  • Sample Preparation
  • Step Sequencing
  • Planning Live DJ Sets
  • Pioneer RMX-1000 FX Unit
  • Korg FX Units
  • Allen & Heath Mixers
  • Advanced Vinyl Skills
  • How to Edit Mixes


You must have graduated the full LSA DJ Course including Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced DJ Courses.

Equipment & Software

PioneerRekordboxMixed In KeyAllen & HeathTechnicsTechnics

Lesson Plan


Let's Test Your Skills

We need to make sure you excel at all the points covered in the full LSA DJ course, including Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels. Can you pass the test? Don't worry if you can't because you have practice time included in your course.

Let's Push Your Skills

Once we are confident with your abilities we will push you to the limit by adding multiple decks including Pioneer CDJs, Technic Turntables and multiple deck and mixer set-ups.


Become an FX wizard! All Hail the Pioneer RMX-1000!

Learn how to use the most insane external FX unit on the market. Master it's space-age controls and warp drive your DJ set into new dimensions!


Meet the Pioneer DJS-1000 Sampler

It's time to get your hands on some new toys! Introducing Pioneer's latest device, the DJS-1000 sampler. This gadget will take your sets to a new extreme of creativity. Learn how to prepare your sample packs using the software and how to integrate them into your set with perfect step sequencing.


Let's mash it all up!

Now for more fun! We'll show you how to integrate all these components together with your chosen style of music to formulate one insane live DJ set!


Now you are armed and ready for the big time!

Let's rock 'n' roll! We'll now record your finished live DJ set and then show you how to edit and mix down the final version, making sure it's of pristine quality to show promoters. We'll also mentor you on how to build your DJ profile and get more gigs.


The Highest Honour!

Receive your LSA Elite DJ Course trophy on completion of our most advanced DJ course! As part of a small elite of LSA alumni you will be offered the biggest and best DJ gigs and opportunities we have to offer our students!



You'll be taught 1-to-1 by international artists and professionals that are some of the best instructors in London. A full list can be found on our tutors page.

Student Testimonials

"I recently finished my advanced DJ course a few weeks back and cannot recommend it enough. The support and tips I received on improving my DJ technique were amazing. My tutor really made the whole course enjoyable for me and I loved every minute! Thanks to LSA. I can't wait to get out there and share my music in the clubs! Thanks again for all the help, highly recommend taking this course!"

Jake Foley


"I took the Advanced DJ course with LSA. The tutors were fantastic and quick to assess the stuff I already knew. The techniques they taught me for beat matching on vinyl turned something which was foreign to me to something I could start getting on top of (and it has really refined my CDJ beat matching where previously I was very reliant on BPM counters). Initially I was skeptical about what I'd get from the course, but having done it I can't recommend this course highly enough."

Richard Mundell


"I've had two blocks of lessons with London Sound Academy. On both occasions I have come away with a wealth of knowledge, skills to make me a better DJ & have had a good laugh with the tutors. I also took part in their Ibiza tour doing gigs across the island and saw so many people fulfil there dreams. I would highly recommend LSA for any level of DJ, from beginner to experienced."

Alisdair Randalls


"I think that London Sound Academy is a great place for aspiring DJs/producers to learn the basics in their field and progress. I did the DJ course as I already produce my own stuff. Although, there is always room for improvement so I am considering the production course...
My tutors were all very skilled in their fields, great teachers and super likeable! I totally recommend LSA!"

Albana Abazi


"I have just completed the full 3 part DJ course at London Sound Academy. It was a wonderful experience, the instructors have been patient are very knowledgable (as they are real DJs and producers) and I learnt a lot from them including cross genre mixing and understanding how to mix by ear. Looking forward to playing live with these guys at Egg & Ministry and p.s. they have a radio station called LSA Live that I currently hold a monthly show for. Thanks again LSA. Next I'll be taking the music production course."

Craig Taylor-Pine