DJ Networking in London

March 23, 2024
Written by
Buster Bennett
DJ Networking in London

New to London? Learn how to establish yourself and network in London

London is one of the main focal points of the global electronic music scene. It attracts DJs, producers and electronic music fans from all over the world. Many DJs will move to London and seek to establish themselves in the city's growing music scene. Aspiring artists want to showcase their skills, make meaningful connections and elevate their DJ careers. If you've recently moved to London with dreams of making it behind the decks, here are our tips to establish yourself in this glorious metropolis!

1. Know Your Scene

The first thing you should do when moving to London is visit a range of venues. London boats thousands of venues and a vibrant multicultural night time scene. There are events every day for different styles of music so there's something for everyone in London. Start by clicking the link below for our A-Z list of London clubs. Work your way through the list and you'll start to see how massive the London clubbing and raving scene really is!

Click here for an A-Z list of London's best clubs

2. Attend Events

Make sure you attend all the events the city has to offer, not just club nights. Apart from late night raves, London has a range of networking events including our very own monthly DJ networking event. You will find many industry meet-ups, social groups, community events, music seminars, masterclasses and more. Try and find your tribe by attending a range of events where you can socialise with new people. We love using websites like Eventbrite and Meetup to find networking events.

Click here for London Sound Academy's monthly networking party
LSA's monthly DJ networking event is the first Friday of every month in Camden Town, London

3. Build Your Online Presence

If you're spending a lot of time networking in a new city like London you'll want to make sure you have a business card or an electronic contact card. Your card should link to your online profiles including social media like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, X and more. Try and use a Linktree in your Instagram bio to link to other profiles.

You'll also want to check that your profiles look as good as other artists operating in the London EDM scene. London is a competitive city and the electronic music scene is no exception. You'll need to be top of your game to get noticed and attract attention.

Showcase your skills and personal brand using quality content. One idea is to hire a DJ studio like the ones at LSA to record your content.

Click here to hire Studio One at LSA

4. Reach Out to Promoters

If you wan to get DJ gigs you'll need to reach out directly to promoters. Promoters hire a venue and put on an event. They make money selling tickets and use that money to pay the DJs. Most of the time promoters can be contacted directly via social media like Instagram. However, it's always better to meet the promoter in person. Try going to their event, supporting the event and then chat to them in person. They are far more likely to book you if you've introduced yourself in person rather than online. Try the personal approach.

At LSA, we organise DJ gigs for all our graduates. If you would like more information on our courses and gigs, click here.

5. Collaborate

A great way of establishing yourself in a scene, or creating a new one, is to collaborate with other DJs. When you network at events, seminars, masterclasses, courses and clubs you should aim to make friends who have similar goals. You can then work with them to create your own small events or meet-ups. Working with other artists will allow you to grow your reach and benefit from the social cohesion that collaboration offers.

6. Internet Radio Stations

London has many internet radio stations that are communities in their own right. By joining a station you can showcase your DJ skills, practice and promote yourself. In addition, you will benefit from meeting other people at the station.

Click here for our top London internet radio stations

7. Volunteer

Volunteering at charities or music festivals can be a great way to make a positive impact and meet new people. There are many opportunities to volunteer in London and summer time means music festival season! Try and find a music festival where you can volunteer and once you're part of the team get to know the promoters and the gate keepers behind the scenes.


If you want to establish yourself as a DJ in London the key is to network. Take advantage of the daily offering of events ranging from club nights, raves, brunches, networking, classes, seminars, open mic nights and DJ gigs. When you meet new people try and establish true friendships and nurture your relationships by spending time with people. Stay persistent and realise that it can take time to establish a friend network in a new city. The more events you visit the quicker this will happen. Seize every opportunity that comes your way.

By following these tips and truly immersing yourself in London's EDM scene, you'll be well on your way to getting DJ gigs in London.

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