Limited Edition Elite DJ Course Trophy

March 31, 2020
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Buster Bennett
Limited Edition Elite DJ Course Trophy

Are you good enough to achieve Elite DJ status?

London Sound Academy has launched the most advanced DJ course in the UK. The Elite DJ Course is available to LSA graduates who have completed the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced DJ courses and have completed at least one DJ gig with LSA at our partner venues including Ministry of Sound and Egg LDN. Elite status comes with its own trophy as a symbol of our highest honour, and access to our most sought after graduate benefits. Elite DJ graduates will be given priority for LSA DJ gigs, including our biggest opportunities at festivals, in super-clubs and on our international DJ tours including the LSA Ibiza Tour.

Limited Spaces

We are reserving this course for only the best candidates and spaces are limited. Click here to enrol now or continue reading for more information.

Course Requirements

In order to sign up for the Elite DJ Course, LSA's highest honour you must have graduated from our Pro DJ Course, including Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels AND you must have also completed at least one DJ gig with LSA at our partner venues including Ministry of Sound, Egg and other large venues both in the UK and in Ibiza. Further more you must have a solid grasp of manual beat-matching (pitch-shifting) and be able to beat-match flawlessly with no screen and no sync. If you are lacking in that are we recommend you book a top us lesson, contact us for more information.

What You Will Learn

The Elite DJ Course is tailor-made to your style of music and teaches you how to perform like a pro using all the latest DJ technology. Skills include but are not limited to:

Why Is It Important?

There are so many advantages to learning new DJ skills and advancing your personal development and in an ever more competitive industry you need to stand out from the crowd. Learning how to use live elements like the Pioneer DJS 1000 will set you apart from the masses, make you a memorable performer and of course get your more attention at your DJ gigs. By adding live DJ techniques to your DJ sets you become more valuable to a promoter, and can therefore demand a higher DJ fee when gigging. Of course the main point is that this is an awesome, fun and arguably our most creative course!

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