Learn to DJ in Egg London: London Sound Academy and Egg Join Forces

May 16, 2024
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Buster Bennett
Learn to DJ in Egg London: London Sound Academy and Egg Join Forces

London Sound Academy and Egg London Join Forces to Offer a New DJ Course

Egg London is one of London's most iconic nightclubs famed for their forward-thinking lineups and incredible sound system. Situated in Kings Cross within an iconic Victorian warehouse they boast a 24-hour license and offer some of the best underground dance events in London. Spread across multiple floors, Egg is an expansive space for revellers to immerse themselves into electronic music. It's smoke-filled dance floors are renowned as one of the best places to party in the capital.

As well as being an incredible venue, Egg is an incubus of talent. Their longterm partnership with London Sound Academy has witnessed the launch and growth of many artists careers. To celebrate such a fruitful collaboration, LSA and Egg have teamed up to offer an exclusive DJ course taught within the club itself.

The new Club DJ Course program will facilitate the career advancement of a select group of applicants. Students of this new DJ course will benefit from expert mentorship and experience DJing on one of the best sound systems in London. Graduates will perform in the club with LSA.

LSA tutors will join forces to offer an unparceled experience for attendees of the new course. The curriculum will borrow from LSA’s studio-based courses and cover intermediate and advanced level DJ and performance skills specific to an industry-standard Pioneer DJ setup. Students have the exclusive opportunity to practice and DJ on a crystal-clear soundsystem and experience the thrill of playing music at club volume levels.

The new Club DJ Course is perfect for DJs who are looking to skill-up, join a thriving community and have the career boosting opportunity to perform in Egg itself. 

Learn to DJ at Egg London with London Sound Academy

LSA x Egg Club DJ Course

This new and exciting group DJ course is for intermediate-level DJs who want to improve their basic skills, become more creative and elevate their DJ performance. The lessons are taught inside Egg London in the Terrace and Loft arenas. This course presents a truly unique learning experience, preparing students for large DJ performances. In addition, graduates of this course will perform at Egg London to a live audience.

Course Curriculum

The Club DJ Course spans six three-hour sessions 7pm-9pm for six weeks from Wednesday the 26th of June. During the journey, DJs will learn numerous skills to help them excel at their craft. The main areas of tuition are:

Rekordbox Set Preparation

Learn how to correctly prepare your DJ sets for big performances in Rekordbox.

Professional DJ Setups

Learn how to use a club-standard Pioneer DJ setup, how to overcome mistakes and technical hurdles.

Club Sound System Experience

Learn how to manage a club sound system.

How to Read a Crowd

Learn how to read the crowd and adapt your performance accordingly.

Record and Livestream your DJ Sets

Learn how to record and live stream DJs sets and create DJ gig content.

Creative Mixing Skills

Learn how to utilise all the creative functions of a club-standard DJ setup to maximise your performance. Skills include DJ effects, looping, hot cues, acapella mixing and more.

Combo FX

Learn how to combine effects and DJ skills to create interesting and attention grabbing transitions.

Advanced Beatmatching Skills

Learn how to beatmatch like a pro without the need for the screen or sync.

Final Gig Prep

Learn how to prepare for your big DJ performance and how to avoid common mistakes.

Constructive Feedback

Receive a final report with constructive feedback from your tutors.

Bonus Course Benefits

In addition to the learning process and the social aspect of this group course graduates will receive many benefits including:

Course Materials

Students of this course will receive digital notes to help them progress through the lessons.

Class Forum

A private class forum will be created for students to communicate, ask questions and share their experience.

Real Club Experience

Students will be learning within Egg nightclub itself and be able to practice on their club sound system.

LSA Certification

Graduates of this course will receive an LSA accredited certificate of completion.

DJ Gig at Egg

Graduates of this course will perform at Egg London at the next LSA event.

Access to the LSA Studio Parties

Students of this course can attend LSA's monthly studio party.

Course Requirements

To apply for this course you must be proficient at the following beginner-level DJ skills: basic use of Rekordbox, basic beatmatching skills, a good understanding of harmonic mixing, a good understanding of phrasing and proficient use of EQ and filters for smooth transitions. If you've yet to learn or become fully confident with these skills we recommend taking our Beginner DJ Course first.

Course Dates, Times & Fee

The course fee is £599, use the link below to book this course. Once you have paid please wait up to 24 hours for your booking confirmation.

Click here to book and pay for this course.

Wednesday, 26th June - 7pm-10pm
Wednesday, 3rd July - 7pm-10pm
Wednesday, 10th July - 7pm-10pm
Wednesday, 17th July - 7pm-10pm
Wednesday, 24th July - 7pm-10pm
Wednesday, 31st July - 7pm-10pm

How To Apply

Spaces are limited. We can only offer this course to eight applicants. Once this course is full the booking link will stop. To book a spot on this course use the link below.

Click here to book and pay for this course.

If you have any questions about this or any other DJ course we offer please contact us.

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