Music Production Courses

October 20, 2021
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Buster Bennett
Music Production Courses

Music Production Courses at London Sound Academy 2022

All you need to know about our range of music production courses at London Sound Academy for 2022! Follow this page for all the information you need about our music production courses including how to sign up and when you can start your music production course!

Lessons are available seven days a week so you can choose when to start your production course.

Learn how to produce music on our Music Production Courses

What are music production courses?

A music production course teaches you how to use a software program (DAW) to create electronic music. For example, you could learn music production on Ableton, Logic or FL studio at LSA and make the electronic music of your dreams! In your music production course you will be shown how to use the program to construct each layer of your track, drums, melody, vocals etc. You'll actually be able to produce your own tracks by the end of the course.

You don't need any music production experience or musical ability to learn how to create electronic music using these programs. You don't even need to decide yet on which program to use!

Which music production programs do you teach on the course?

We teach with AbletonLogic and FL Studio. They are the three most popular music production programs (DAWs) for people to learn with. They are do the same thing, allow you to produce amazing electronic music. Ableton is the most popular and works on windows computers and apple computers. Second in line is Logic which works on apple computer. FL studio is a bit cheaper and works on both windows and apple computer.

Don't worry if you're not sure which program to learn with. We will help you decide. Click here to contact us and we'll help you.

Music Production Courses at LSA

We have a range of music production courses on offer at London Sound Academy. Our production courses are totally unique because we teach on a one to one basis. This means, you can choose your tutor and lesson times and have a tailor made music production course. It's so much better to learn one-to-one than in groups because you can work at your speed with your own style of music.

What makes music production courses at LSA so special?

One-To-One Lessons
Choose Your Tutor
Choose Your Lesson Times
Choose your Lesson Days
Choose your Program - Ableton, Logic or FL
Learn at London Sound Academy's Studios
Join the LSA Alumni Community
Receive the LSA Pro Producer Certification
Submit Your Demo To Record Labels

Music Production Course Student Successes

The music production course curriculum at London Sound Academy is renowned in the music industry. As we teach one-to-one our production students learn in far more detail than they would in a college or institution, and at a fraction of the price.

Many of our past students have gone onto great things in the DJ and producer industry. Past alumni have hit the number one spot in the UK charts, Beatport numerous times and have been signed to major record labels including Defected, Island Records, Sony, Spinnin', Toolroom and more. Join LSA and you'll be invited to join our private alumni community group and network with other music production course students and graduates. It's the best way to make progress as a new music producer.

LSA Music Production Course Graduates Have Success In The Music Industry

What is the best Music Production Course to start with?

If you are a beginner at music production you should start with our Beginner Music Production Course. The Beginner Music Production Course is taught one-to-one so you can choose your own lesson times and lesson days. Lessons are available from 10am till 10pm seven days a week. Your lesson schedule is totally flexible and up to you! If you're more experienced click here for our full range of music production courses.

The Beginner Music Production Course is only £329

There are four two-hour lessons in the Beginner Music Production Course and it teaches you all the fundamental theory and skills on either Ableton, Logic or FL Studio. If you're not sure which program to choose and would like some help booking your course email

Four 2-Hour Lessons
Choose Your Lesson Times
Learn the Basics of Ableton, Logic of FL
Learn 1-2-1
Choose Your Tutor

How to book your Beginner Music Production Course

Click the button to book your Beginner Music Production Course at LSA. The link will take you to our course booking page which has more information about the course and a link to sign up. If you have any questions about our music production courses or want help booking please email or call us on 02035904429.

Book a Music Production Course in London
Click To Book Your Production Course!

I have a question, how do I contact you to find out more about your music production courses?

If you have any questions about our music production courses at London Sound Academy you can call anytime on 02035904429 or email or fill in our contact form.


If you have a passion for electronic music and you want to learn how to create your own tracks you should book a music production course. LSA's production courses are special because we teach one-to-one, that means you'll have the best learning experience tailored to your needs and genre of music. As an LSA alumnus you also get the best chances of success in the music industry. At LSA we are a big happy family and we look forward to welcoming you to the studios!

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