Track Feedback Sessions With LSA

September 3, 2020
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Buster Bennett
Track Feedback Sessions With LSA

Track Feedback Sessions With LSA

Are you a producer looking for professional feedback on a track you’ve created?

We can give you in-depth feedback and help you elevate your productions. Stand-out tracks will be invited to release on LSA records.

Many of our music production students have been working hard creating awesome tracks! To help them finish their tracks to a releasable standard we are offering in-depth constructive feedback sessions. We will give you detailed advice on what needs to be changed or improved to bring your tracks in-line with industry and creative standards. We want to help our graduates overcome to the hurdles and get released!

With many students signing to big labels such as ToolroomDefectedSpinnin, Island, Sony and more, we are confident that our experienced advice is going to help you move your production career forward!

In addition, you can book time with our most experienced tutors to help you finish your tracks, or for extensive help and guidance sign up for our Debut Release Course.

What you need to give us:

A private SoundCloud link to your demo (no downloads)
A link to your reference track (an existing track similar to how you want your track to sound)

What you’ll get:

A one-page document offering constructive feedback focusing on the pros and cons of your track. We will give you a plan of action to improve the track, and advice on how to do so. In addition, we will arrange a Zoom conference call to go through your work in more detail,  including LSA records A&R feedback.  


Single Track - £30
Multiple Tracks or EP - £50 (Max Three Songs From Same Release)

Looking for something with even more depth?

If you would like us to look at your actual project file and not just the audio track (WAV/AIFF) please book a two-hour production lesson with our resident expert producer Erin. This will allow us time to go through your project file in detail. The lesson can be in the studio, or online. Contact us to arrange a time.

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to produce so you can one day release on LSA check out the Beginner Music Production Course.

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