Where To Download Free DJ Samples

December 14, 2020
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Buster Bennett
Where To Download Free DJ Samples

Download Free DJ Samples From These Sites!

You can download free DJ samples from many places including the websites listed here!

What are DJ samples?

DJ samples are great to add extra layers to your DJ sets, custom branding and memorable transitions. Any pice of audio could be called a DJ sample but the normally samples fall into these categories.

Acapella’s and quotes
DJ Drops & Jingles
Intros & Outros

DJ Loops

Loops are simply a length of sound that is designed to play on repeat. The most common loop would be a drum beat but they can also be melodic and vocal too. Many DJs want to add a loop on top of a track they are playing to create an instant remix.

Places to download free DJ loops:


DJ Puzzle

DJ Mustard

If you’re interested in using loops in your DJ sets make sure you enrol on our Elite DJ Course and get to grips with the Pioneer DJS1000 sampler or learn how to use Traktor and the F1 controller. Both of these instruments allow DJs to seamless incorporate loops into their DJ sets.

Acapella & Vocal Quotes

Acapella is just the vocal part of a song with no other instrumentation layered on top, it’s pure vocal! Using acapella in any DJ set will add instant flair and allow you to remix on the go. Make sure that you prepare your acapella properly in Rekordbox or your DJ software program before you play it. Pay special attention to the beat grid. If you would like to learn how to beat-grid acapellas contact us for an online lesson over Zoom.

Places to download acapellas:

We’ve already created a blog just about places to download free acapellas! Click here to check it out!

You can download vocal quotes easily from Youtube. Just find a video with something you want to quote, like a film or famous catchphrase and use a YouTube to MP3 converter or audio capture program.

DJ Drops & Jingles

DJ drops and jingles are custom made vocal and FX samples that advertise a DJs name. They are commonly used on the radio and also in mixtapes. Some DJs also use them within their DJ sets and tracks. DJ Khaled is a good example. It’s great branding and makes your name memorable.

There are many places to get DJ drops but you normally have to pay. However, you could easily make your own DJ drop recording your voice or someone else’s and just add a few FX in a music production program like Ableton or Logic. If you would like to learn how to make your own audio edits contact use for an online lesson or come to the studio.

Places to download DJ drops & DJ jingles:

DJ Drops

More DJ Drops

Intros & Outros

Many DJs will create special intros and outs for their mixtapes and sometimes even in their live DJ sets. If you want to make a memorable entrance this is a great idea! Quite often these intros are a sequence of samples and FX that are constructed to crate maximum impact. They often take parts from big Hollywood block-buster films for their cinematic drama! Another common common quote you hear in intros is a news narrator or perhaps clips from old infomercials.

You’’ll need to create one of these yourself that is unique to you. Gather all the samples you want to use and switch them together. You can use any audio editing program to do this. A great place to source the samples from is directly from YouTube or the TV. freesound.org is also a great website to find sound samples to add into the mix. For example, the sound of an explosion could be found on the Freeesound website.


FX are just noises that add something to the mix. A great example of FX used commonly in DJ sets is the horn sample used in Dancehall and also sounds like sirens, breaking glass, gun shots, explosions and more. FX can also be samples of risers and build-ups you can use to create more dramatic drops in your DJ set.

Click here to download free DJ FX samples.

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